Monday, February 4, 2008

Who's the clear choice---Hillary or Obama???

I have been on the fence between Hillary and Obama for months. I know I had prematurely said who I would support, but went back being undecided.The 2008 Election in November is very important and many people of different races, ages, religions, genders, and sexual orientations are more engage than ever!

As a Democrat, and for many others, we never expected to get the chance to vote for the first woman or african-american president of the United States. Now we have that chance, unfortunately at the same time.

Many Families, couples, friends, and etc are divided over who's the better canidate to be President, and to face and defeat the GOP nominee who is supposely Sen.John McCain[more on him later].

After watching the California Democratic debate, and I couldn't even be attentive to the GOP debate, which like many others I nearly fell asleep. As for the Democratic debate last thursday, I loved it, and I watched it twice over the weekend.

A few Points on the debate with issues that concern me and help conclude my decision:

Healthcare: It's been clear to me that Sen.Hillary Clinton owns and masters this issue on Healthcare which is very important for many Americans. Many experts note Sen.Clinton's Healthcare plan is better and superior to Sen.Obama's plan. What I also know, and it was brought up in the debate that Sen.Obama's plan leaves 15million Americans out as follows:

Concord Monitor: ‘Gruber estimated that 15 million people would remain uninsured under Obama’s plan.’ “Jonathan Gruber, a health economist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who worked on the Massachusetts plan, said a mandate means "the difference between universal or near-universal coverage. Obama would have a large expansion, better than anything the Republicans have, but not universal coverage," Gruber said. "You can't get it without a mandate; it's just not possible." Gruber estimated that 15 million people would remain uninsured under Obama's plan.” [Concord Monitor, 12/26/07]

It's been well-documented that Sen.Clinton has been fighting for Universal Healthcare for over ten years, as President she'll have more authority to get it or close to Universal Healthcare. Sen.Obama did well, but is weak on this issue. Score 1 for Sen.Clinton!

Both Sen.Clinton and Sen. Obama are even on the Economy and Immigration so they tie in my view.

When asked a question on if viewing America as a business like Mitt Romney argues, and why should the country vote either as the CEO? Sen.Clinton gave a good answer to a loud applause. I agree as Sen.Clinton said: " America is more than a Buisness, it is a trust, and a complex organization that is not looking for a profit". I agree with that! Both Sen.Clinton and Sen.Obama support path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Score 1 for each!

Iraq War: This issue really made me upset of how Sen.Clinton has been harassed for her vote which was based on Intelligence information and the so-called evidence from the corrupt Bush Adminstration. The same Adminstration that convince the American people and manipulated the then Republican Congress . The Media never mention Sen.Obama wasn't even in the U.S Senate at the time! I agree with Sen.Clinton, Bush abused the authority that was given to him.

Sen.Obama continues to argue he was against it from the start??? I have been questioning this, and doing some research. I found this interesting quote back in 2004 when Sen.Obama was asked about the Iraq War:

"When asked about Senators Kerry and Edwards' votes on the Iraq war, Obama said, "I'm not privy to Senate intelligence reports,’ Mr. Obama said. ‘What would I have done? I don't know. What I know is that from my vantage point the case was not made.’

Ummm, I thought Sen.Obama said he was against it from the start meaning: 2001-2002? Another quote from Chicago Tribune back in 2004, to my surprise, Obama says his position was no different than President Bush:

In a meeting with Chicago Tribune reporters at the Democratic National Convention, Obama said, “On Iraq, on paper, there's not as much difference, I think, between the Bush administration and a Kerry administration as there would have been a year ago. […] There's not much of a difference between my position and George Bush's position at this stage.” [Chicago Tribune, 07/27/04]

Okay, once again, now this is what I thought all along with the media and everything, and I have a question to posed: I though Obama was opposed to the war from the start? That's what Sen.Obama has been saying, in last thursday's debate, and even Obama supporters are spreading this...........should I say lie or as Former President Bill Clinton said "fairy tale"?

Over weekend I have taken a whole 180 degree look at Sen.Obama without the poetic speeches of "change" and "hope"!

So Mr.Clinton was right, and the media made him look like a mad man attacking a black canidate, and why was black people thinking Mr.Clinton was talking about Obama's canidancy for President for the United States??? It seems the media has put on notice anyone who questions Obama, if you're white, then there's racism coming from the person, specificly Mr.Clinton!

I have taken all this in account of who to support and vote for on Super Tuesday, and in November. So I have decided the clear choice is: Sen. Hillary Clinton.

She really won me over in last thursday's debate, as I have noted above. She really showed her true self, who had command and experience on the issues, especially on Policy. She gave detailed responses on the policies, and the things to consider when making decision like: getting out of Iraq in a responsible way, and doing it right.

Sen.Obama likes to use the phrase:" you have to be right on day one"! Well, you can't always be right on day. The phrase is catchy, but when you think about it, it's a deeply flawed phrase!

Sen.Clinton has shown she's ready to lead, and ready on day one.

The media has given Sen.Obama a free ride, and has turn him into a superstar! The media is heavily bias against Sen.Hillary Clinton. Even after the debate on CNN, a conservative Republican said the obvious:" she won the debate". Other pundits tried to dig up reasons why Obama should be declared the winner, but many said he didn't do enough, and I agree.

On the GOP nominee: If it's Sen. John McCain, then Sen. Hillary Clinton, is the democrat to beat McCain. I'll have another post up explaining why Hillary is the one, even though it would close, but she's the democrat to beat McCain with his so-called straight-talk.

Sen.Clinton is prepared with experience to bring change. It's been noted in Chicago on Obama's over 130 present votes in the state's legislature. Well, in the Oval Office, you can't vote present, and not make the tough decisions. Hillary Clinton has made tough decisions, and we need a President who's not going hesitate to make tough decisions.

It pains me to say this: but blogger Captain appears to be right about Obama as not doing much in the state of Illnois. I really don't like agreeing with the man, but he has made some good points about Obama.

However,let me say, I love everything Sen.Obama has accomplished in his bid for the White House, but he is not sqeaky clean like the media wants everyone to believe. For me it's Sen.Hillary Clinton all the way. She's ready to lead, bring solutions, and bring change with her experience.


queerkidofcolor said...

You need to be a politican! Seriously!! And Hillary is the clear choice.

Justice MH said...

@Queerkidofcolor: Thanks Steven!

I have thought about going into political science and public policy!

Hillary is the clear choice. I'm glad you support her!

Anonymous said...

Wow..someone really listens to me, but don't why it has to be painful. I guess truth is not always fun and exciting.