Monday, February 26, 2007

What is a Gay lifestyle???

I hear this all the time about the " gay lifestyle" this and that.
But just what is the gay lifestlye? You hear politicans and religious
leaders talk about it like they know about it inside and out. It makes
me wonder about them. Lifestyle simply means the matter of the way a
person lives. Now what do gays do that straights just don't do?
Could it be clubbing? no. Could it be sex? well everybody likes to do
that. Could it be smoking? no. Could it be drugs? no. Anyone could fall victim to drugs. Ignorance can have people come up with crazy concepts.

Now just what is a gay lifestyle???

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

America needs Condoms!!!!!

Now i was watching a true representaive of us keith boykin on paula Zahn Now: out in the open. Now how in the hell is giving condoms out encourages sex? I'm not surprise to see the Catholic Church put their 2,000 year old two cents in about condoms encouraging sex. Condoms are there to protect, not to dictate when you have sex. People need to get their heads out of their asses, and listen. Now the abstainence programs are not working according to many studies. The programs are deeply flawed. One woman who had Hiv, said on paula's show "I wish someone would have gave me a condom".
President Bush , and his abstainence programs do not work. Pesident Bush has the Relgious "wrong" in his ear, making him promote their genocidal agenda.
Again condoms are there to protect, and they do not encorage sex for anyone unless they can talk, and pursuade you that is lol. Here are some question to think about:

Do condoms command you to have sex? Do condoms get you sexually excited? Does condoms dictate when you have sex? If not then why are people arguing a sensless argument. Condom are there to do the protecting. Now if you answer yes to anyone of the questions, than tell me? It better be good..........

Devil, Demons, and Evil Spirts.

Now people need to stop with that ancient conspiracy. Especially christians need to stop that. People do not get possessed by demon. There is no legitimate or scientific proof of demonic possession. Just for the record "Captain", gays are not demonic
possess or fill with a evil spirit. You sound foolish, "educate yourself". Ancients thought illness were caused by demons, even during Christ's time. He knew this, by
being a great healer, if he would have tried to explain to such a ignorant society back in that time, he would have been laugh at, or called a lier. Christ was very advance at such a pre-scientific era. However, we still have the Catholic church with priests that do exorcisms, lord when will they come to their own time, and stay out the damn past. The popular myth of the devil is real something. In arbaic the language Christ spoke it really means "adversary", not some entity called the devil. But everyone can believe the way they want. People can't take the responsiblity for themselves, but blame some devil that's sad. People can believe in the devil, but remember who's the real boss[God].

Church: Mandatory or Voluntary

My grandmother is always telling me about how you not promise tomorrow, and that
you need to go to church. Now, when i was living with her, 6:00 a.m on a sunday
morning or earlier than that, and out the door 6:50 a.m. She was like some damn
drill sergent on those morning. All i could think was " im in hell, and this is
hell for the record". I respect people who are committed to being in church, but
don't critize others who are not like you.

Now my grandma is a bible lover, and loves some church, and that's her. But as i say all the time church is voluntary, and certainly not mandatory. Christ never said
you must go to church. Christ teaches was so simplistic, than in my opinion muhammad, and buddah. But they did they thing very well. Some people believe God is going to get angry if you don't go. What God are these people talkin about? People honestly believe they can trap God in some building. God's presence is everywhere.
All i know is that with so many hypocrites in church, i rather go worship God in my room
, or in a field with animals at least they know something about non-judgement, and respect. Church is voluntary, and God knows not mandatory.

Review #2 of Today's Passions

Here is the latest edition of my review of Nbc daytimes soap "Passions".
Let us begin with the review:

Jessica is by warf, wants to tell her sister the truth, and doesn't want to
blame her for their mother's death. All of sudden here comes wanabee pimp spike, to
stop jessica from telling Kay the truth about fox lies to keep her from miguel.
Spike tries his best to stop jessica from telling Kay the truth. Then all of
sudden wants Jessica to start horing for him again to keep her distracted from kay.
While some man is trying to get some from Jess, she screams for help,a upset
simone comes to the rescue. After she rescues Jessica she realizes it's a waste
of time.

Kay is still trying make faking fox better. Miguel tries to speak to kay, but julian
tells him haven't you done enough. Julian is doing everything he can to make sure
his son get kay, and not miguel. You know Passion writers like thier characters to
play dumb. Anyway, miguel has been trying to speak to Kay all day. Kay still
doesn't believe him, and all the evidence points to miguel.Also fox wasn't too
happy finding out about his extended stay in the hospital. Fox, Karma can be a bitch.
Dr. Russel wants fox to go through special "treatments" to make sure his life is
prolonged to be with kay. Julian tries to escape him to switzerland. Lol, Dr.
Russel didn't let him off the hook, and insisted he go though the treatments.
As i said karma can be a bitch. Let's see how fox and julian get out of this.

On next, two blondies in a confrontation. Fancy insist to Luis that sheriden is
behind the murder, and rape charges to Luis. Cranes are so damn sneaky and good
actors. Sheriden insist that she is happy with chris[yeah right], and her little
boy james. Can you say bullshit? Damn people can't see jealous bitch when they see one.
Luis has to look all slow, defend sheriden, and comfort her. Sheriden knows Luis
catches on to damn late.

To think about it looks like it runs in the family. Thersa is still all shock about
the blackmailer. she get a e-mail to go the a alley. Thersa acting like she need
more clues to figure it out. I wish the blackmailer would have said" go to the
fuckin alley shit, slow ass latina" lol. But she finally gets, and is on way to
find out its jared that's been shot. At first she though it was ethan. She call
911, and waits for help.

Well no chad with mystery lover boy. Tabitha flew solo without endora. No ethan
until tomorrow.

Final Thoughs: This edition was good, made Luis, and thersa look slow.
Let's find out what's going on tomorrow. Another edition of the review tomorrrow.

A day of Harassment

Today was a not so a good to me. At school there was a load work as usual
We studied new material, and alg.2 is not so fun. My next class i said screw
that, and took a nap. Hell yeah i did lol. Next class, when went to computer labs,
i did other things, and that was it.

Lastly, i was trying to call my friend, this damn admistrator caught with my
phone, and brought it to the office. I was like damn, i don't need this shit.
But i call mom to pick that up, u know i need my phone hell lol. She came to
pick it up, the usual why was taken from u, and im like i'll tell you later.

In my last period, my teacher question me to death about why i was late, and that was my first time. Im like im here, not get the hell out of my face.
The rest of the period was boring, and i was ready to go. Bell rung and was gone.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Review of Today's "Passions"

Before we get in the review, i want to talk about the future cancel of passions later this year. Why in the hell they take passions off air but leave days of lives. Somebody tell me, tell me. I was just shock, and piss off. But let's enjoy it while we can, let's offically start the review:

Now today we see Thersa choose Jared over Ethan, and this is because of blackmailer's text message about little ethan's true paternity.If Thersa tells ethan then she loses control of the Crane Empire. Now at first i thought the blackmailer was jared, but it's someone else. Everyone was shock to see Thersa choose Jared over Ethan,but i'm not. These damn passion writers always don't want to see Thersa and Ethan live happy together, damn them. Now Jared is hot, but i think Ethan has him beat. Thersa know who has her heart, but someone or something always gets in the way. This looks like history is repeating itself. Ethan is finding himself in his father Sam's shoes with Ivy. Well we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Now on to Luis and fancy. If Luis or Fancy haven't figure out Sheriden has something to do with all this, then the writers have them playing dumb for now. Luis goes to Ethan for updates, and help for his case. Ethan will not lie to him, because all the evidence of the rape to Fancy,and murder to raye point to Luis. Fancy is back in a confontation with Sheriden. I thought i would never say this about Sheriden, but she has become one jealous bitch. While her baby daddy chris is at home all alone, she all in Fancy face about Luis, and now she becoming a sneaky blond Crane. She gives Fancy a bear hug from behind, tells her to leave Luis alone, leave harmony, and go to europe. Fancy finally figures out Sheriden is not only a jealous sneaky bitch, but the one behind what's going one with the rape, and murder. I hope she knows for sure.

Here's a juicy storyline, chad is on the downlow. I was kindy shock to see this storyline, but happy at the same time. Now Chad is getting back dress as usual, and tell his mystery lover that this is about sex, it's over,and he loves whitney. Now what he says next piss me off, but them damn writers wrote the script, and he said it. Chad goes on to tell him two men and two women can't love like a man and woman. Well to think about it not exactly the same, but they can love. Love does not play gender favorites, it runs freely, and chooses whomever. Now back to the review. He begins to leave, says no more threats, or sending champagne to him in front of whitney. After he leaves our mystery man was recording downlow chad when he said his final words, and leaving out the door. This is going to get very interesting, i hope it will.

On to Raye being in her casket with Simone crying her eyes out. Simone says she can't live or go on with out her. Then we see Raye, but it's really her spirit to tell her she must go, and live happy. Raye gives her farewell. When whitney was there Chad tell her two women can't love like a man and women. I hope the readers can see why he was pissing me off.

Lastly the whole fox, kay,and miguel saga. I can't recall seeing much of them. But i think it's the same ole stuff. Miguel loves kay, but kay think he ran over fox. Fox is one lying bastard, but a good-looking one. He is doing everything he can to keep kay to himself and away from miguel. The bad Julian has been back, working with fox to keep kay from miguel, and the bad Crane men are back.

Final Thoughts: The show was good. I still made at Chad's comments, but I'm over it almost. Now has Fancy figure out about how Jealous bitchy Sheriden has been? Can Thersa save her brothers at the expense of her happiness? Will Ethan forgive when the truth comes out? How will Chad react to Mystery man home video? What will the Cranes have in store for their enemies? We will find out throughout the week, and weeks to come. Another review is tomorrow.

Bush wants to screw Osama Bin Laden

When I read that on, i always knew there was something about Georgey.
Bush, republicans, and others are obsess with gay sex to me. Do you think we should call this Georgey's manly side? Hmmm to some people no. I wonder if Laura has seen this side of Georgey? Well with the increase of anal sex among hetersexuals, i think she has. The way Bush said it sounds like our leader speaks with experience.

Let's read that again shall we, Bush said " I will screw him in the ass". Wow such strong words coming from the Religious Right's supposely God-sent leader. I don't think so.

Anyway we have heard Georgey curse, and now this to add to his profile.I can say im not surprise, but i wish i was. But I agree with,i tink osama would be the one screwing Georgey lol. If this was to come on showtime or hbo,believe me alot americans, and people around the world would tune in. But if they were to put it on pay-per-view, I beleive people would buy, tape it, tv vio it, or whatever to see Bush finally get screw like he has been doing America.

Let's make Love????

How the hell do you make love lol?I hear that on tv shows, movies, and especially my soaps. I have to laugh sometimes,but that's the way people put it. My mom and i love to joke about when people say "let's make love". Then you have to wonder what are the ingredients lol?

I think when some say it like that it true and real in a relationship.
But seriously how do you make love lol???

I Love Charles Barkley

Finally a black man that can show Mr. Hardaway how to be a real man. Charles recently set the record straight about Hardaway's hate speech so to speak. Charles said " I played with gay guys. I got gay friends. Only God can judge other people. I don't care if a person is gau or not. Any jock who thinks he's never played with a gay guy is sadly mistaken. Any team you've been on at some point in your life you have played with a gay guy.

Now I've always notice when a straight guy doesn't kow you're gay then their cool and comfortable but when they know all the insecurities come out. You have to wonder if you didn't know, nothing unusual happen, then what's the problem? I don't get some people, but i guess their reality has been turn upside down to something their not use to.

On Marriage Equality Charles reportly by Rod 2.o, he supports it. Charles says" God bless them.
Charles also is suppose to be running for political office in Alabama. If i lived there he would have my vote. However, I wish him the best, and hopefully a future politican.
This is just another reason to love Charles Barkley.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Response to Tim Hardaway.

I wish i could say im shock, or surprise. But sad to say im not. This is real sad to hear, and see.
Tim should know better than that, but insecurties of oneself, and confidence is too obvious.
Tim also sounded uneducated, mean-spirited, and downright hateful. Tim needs some help
in pronouncing his words better too lol. Tim's words were uncalled for.

He should know gay men in nba is no surprise, but John Amaechi had the courage to admit to the world, and that to me is a good thing. Tim is no role model for children, but some are praising him. And im like this is the real world here. I was happy reading the comments, but people justifing hate is ancient. I'm not surprise to see people using their bibles, and i will later discuss about the bible. But this leads to words, threats, and then violence on a minorty.

Back to tim, He says he would feel uncomfortable in the lockroom with a gay man. But he should realize they were in there while he was still playing on the heat. Come on Flordia lol. Some like mr. tim get nervous when they know someone is different, and not like them. Tim if you're straight, you will still be straight. Unless all those men undressing around you get you nervous, and squimish.

Another thing, no gay man would probably want tim anyway. So tim think his love for women will slip away like sand in the presence of gay man, if it's there lol, but that's what it sound like it to me. Unless in the presence of a gay man, those wierd feeling are coming to surface. All i know is tim sounds not so sure about tim.

Tim has free speech, but your words can start violence. Tim you can't say what's been put by God to go away. Everyone has their God-given right on this planet even the hateful ones.
Tim you have issues to work out, and they get work out soon for your sake.

Welcome all!!!!!

Welcome everyone to my blog. I been visiting aloting of blog for awhile , and i decided just awhile it's time for me to share my knowledge, and my insights. Iam Sgl black teen. I can't wait get in this, and meet good bloggers along the way of my blog journey.