Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Florida Primary: The Final Showing heading into Super Tuesday!!!

Most of the polls have closed for the Florida Presidential Primary as I'm writing this. The Sunshine state has become an important state on the GOP side for the nomination. On the Democratic side, some are calling it a "beauty contest".

State Democrats broke party rules, moving it's primary too early, and was strip of all it's delegates. State Republicans broke party rules also, but was strip of only half of it's delegates.

The DNC, in my view, acted to harshly against a large state like Florida that is important, and the DNC is abandoning voters.

However, Sen.Clinton is trying to get some, if not all delegates reinstated. The Clinton campaign argues it's important everyone's voice is heard at the Democratic Convention in August. I agree with the argument. Sen.Clinton will be in Florida tonight for a victory celebration.

Predicited winners: Democratic side: Hillary Clinton. Republican side: Mitt Romney.

I'll update this post throughtout the night!
UPDate: CNN has a projected winner for the Democratic side: Hillary Clinton

Florida Race Status Candidate Votes Vote % Del* Precincts

Edwards:15%-- 142,642

Updates will continue later on. Congrats to Sen.Clinton for her big win.

Late UPDATE: Sen. John McCain has won the GOP Florida Primary with 36% of the vote to Romney's 31%. I know I'm late, but here's the already-known results. I'll try to bring more updates, and new posts.


The Captain said...

McCain for President. Long live Bush!

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Boy Please! Hillary for President! Get with it. DIE BUSH, DIE!

He can't live forever! LMAO!