Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Orleans: Two years after Katrina

It has been two year since Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans, and displaced thousands of New Orleanians. The French Quarter hasn't been touched, and business is the usual there. However, much of the Gulf Region remain in ruins, and devastation.

Billions of money designated to the effort is not getting to those in need -- 42% of funds set aside for rebuilding and relief has not even been spent. The federal H2B "guestworker" visa program was set up for employers to hire people for the rebuilding effort. Because of the lack of oversight, abuse or workers, kidnapping and even modern-day slavery is occuring on the Gulf Coast.

To get a true sense of what it is like two years later, go to Voices from the Gulf from -- unvarnished video perspectives from the region.

The Institute for Southern Studies has published Blueprint for Gulf Renewal: The

Katrina Crisis and a Community Agenda for Action.

"On September 15, 2005, President Bush pledged that our nation would "do what it takes, and stay as long as it takes," to rebuild the Gulf Coast. Yet over 60,000 people are still in "temporary" FEMA trailers, and houses, hospitals and schools across the region remain shuttered. For thousands of people, the Katrina recovery has failed.

The study, published in collaboration with Oxfam America and the Jewish Funds for Justice, looks at 80 statistical indicators and draws on interviews with more than 40 Gulf Coast leaders to identify roadblocks to recovery, and ways federal leaders can tackle critical needs in the region like housing, jobs and coastal protection.

The study also features "Where did the Katrina money go?" -- an in-depth analysis of federal Katrina spending since 2005. The Institute reveals that, out of the $116 billion in Katrina funds allocated, less than 30% has gone towards long-term rebuilding -- and less than half of that 30% has been spent, much less reached those most in need".

Justice MH: So where's the Katrina money President Bush? Of course he's clueless, as usual! He's planing a tour of New Orleans and the Gulf Region. After that, what's on his mind and his corrupted Administration is to ask and beg the Democratic Congress for 50 Billion dollars for Iraq. Bush you are NOT the President of Iraq. You are President of the United States. I guess since New Orleans is a city with a majority of black and poor people, than their throw under the bus. Mr. President get your priorities straight, because their corrupted and careless!

Hypocritical GOP Sen.Larry Craig denies being gay!!!

I'm back, and it's time to catch up on hypocritical GOP news.

Homophobic Senator Larry Craig (R-ID), who pleaded guilty on August 8 to a disorderly conduct charge after his arrest in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in June. In video he denies being gay, and claim he never was. Oh really?? In a bathroom looking oral sex etc. Sorry Larry, when you're doing that it mean you're not 100% heterosexul.

The Past hunts Sen.Craig back in the 1990s:

"The most serious finding by the Statesman was the report by a professional man with close ties to Republican officials. The 40-year-old man reported having oral sex with Craig at Washington's Union Station, probably in 2004. The Statesman also spoke with a man who said Craig made a sexual advance toward him at the University of Idaho in 1967 and a man who said Craig "cruised" him for sex in 1994 at the REI store in Boise".

I don't get these gay/bi republicans. They never learn! There is still more closet doors to be busted open in this hypocritical GOP party.

Sen. Craig's Future:

"His future in doubt, allies denouncing his behavior and former staffers voicing disbelief at his arrest, Senator Larry Craig, R-Idaho, is expected to hold a press conference this afternoon that may answer questions about his political future.
..."If the accusations are true, then we think that he needs to resign," Bryan Fischer, the executive director of the Idaho Values Alliance told "We believe that character is an important qualification for public service and we believe if these accounts are true, then the Senator conduct has fallen short of what we should expect from public officials."

Justice MH: I'm just loving this. The GOP love to claim their party stands for moral and family values. However, when their pants are caught down [pun intended], then it's just a little boo-boo! When Democrats have a scandal then GOPs come with self-righteous attitude, and finger-pointing. The GOP is going wild, and slowly decaying inside of it's standards. This is the latest GOP to get caught crusing. The same routine is apologize for conduct, moment of shame, and then wait till we all forget and drama is over. Until the next GOP that is! And believe me there is more to come!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Open Thread:Benny Hinn's failed miracles. Also his prophecies on the LGBT Community!

This video had me laughing till tears started to come down my face, this video is too much! Watch the self-proclaimed faith healer" and spewer of failed prophecies Benny Hinn perform his magic, oops my bad, i mean his powers!

Benny Hinny's fail prophecy on the LGBT Community:

"The Lord also tells me to tell you in the mid 90's, about '94-'95, no later than that, God will destroy the homosexual community of America. [audience applauds] But He will not destroy it - with what many minds have thought Him to be, He will destroy it with fire. And many will turn and be saved, and many will rebel and be destroyed."
-- Orlando Christian Center, Dec. 31st, 1989

Justice MH: Um Benny, it seems God is running late on that prophecy of yours. I hate to disappoint you, but we're still here in the flesh like everybody else. Just because you don't like us, just admit it, and leave a loving-God out of it! We're still here and we're not going anywhere. Get over it and get use to it!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Last Sunday's Homo-hating Sermon!!!

Pink is for girls and blue is for boys!

Yeah, where have i heard that from? Listening to this sermon was like taking in cancer! I mean he couldn't found a more enlighten sermon for these Christians. Oh no! Lets talk about those gays with their "agenda"! Boys and girls where pink and blue, he needs to get over it. Color does not make the man. Only insecure men feel that way, but sadly too many feel that way!

He goes on to more non-sense. You can listen to the rest. Updates resume in the noon-time. Leave your thoughts on this non-sense!

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Trouble with Harry!!!

[This is a couple days old, but this really sums up my thoughts about homo-bigots like Bishop Harry Jackson! Enjoy-Justice MH]

By:Dr. Sylvia Rhue

Barak Obama appeared on LOGO and HRC’s presidential debate Thursday August 9. All of the candidates were asked about marriage equality for LGBT people. Although he is for full civil union rights, Obama feels he cannot open the door of equality all the way with full marriage rights for LGBT people. But even his moderate stance gets a berating from Bishop Jackson.

When speaking to a group of black ministers at a forum in Tennessee, Barak stated:

“I specifically pointed out that if there’s any pastor here who can point out a marriage that has been broken up as a consequence of seeing two men or two women holding hands, then we—you should tell me, because I haven’t seen any evidence of it…And there are some folks who, coming out of the church, have, you know, elevated one line in Romans above the Sermon on the Mount.”

Jackson’s response: “He’s dead wrong concerning what the scriptures say, and more importantly, he’s dead wrong in terms of the Scriptures, and in terms of reading culture. The culture has gone in a different direction, and the devaluation of marriage is a major problem, and I believe that he’s a very dangerous man because he sounds reasonable, he sounds engaging, but he’s misinformed.” Jackson goes on to call Obama a “junior or infant Christian.”

He states that “I think what most African- Americans buy is that there should be justice for all, in terms of the outworking of civil law. What they do not buy is that we should not rename sin as something righteous and holy.”

Bishop Jackson is dead wrong. It is Jackson who has an infantile understanding of human sexuality and a wrong headed theology regarding Christ’s message of inclusion. Jackson does not understand, or refuses to understand the concept of sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is morally neutral.

One of the definitions of the word “sin” is “to miss the mark”. Jackson misses the mark of the Love ethic for his gay and lesbian neighbors, which is central to Christian theology. When Bishop Jackson came to NBJC’s Black Church Summit this past Spring, he had the opportunity to look LGBT people in the eye and hear their stories of love, commitment, devotion, honor and duty. He nodded his head acting as if he understood. He acted as if he had learned something. Unfortunately, from his behavior and statements since that day, it was all just an act.

We should defer to an authentic Biblical scholar, Rev. Peter Gomes the Plummer Professor of Christian Morals at Harvard University, who writes: “No credible case against homosexuality or homosexuals can be made from the Bible unless one chooses to read scripture in a way that simply sustains the existing prejudice against homosexuality and homosexuals. The combination of ignorance and prejudice under the guise of morality makes the religious community, and its abuse of scripture in this regard, itself morally culpable.”

If Bishop Jackson ever thought he might be a drum major for justice, he has missed he mark.

Dr. Sylvia Rhue is Director of NBJC Religious Affairs. She can be reached directly at

A GLBT Community Response to 700 Club and Charlene Cothran

A great response video to Charlene Cothran's tale of a testimony.

Remember the woman who said she's attracted to the spirit of Christ. As I like to put it spirits and ghosts. In my personal view she allow guilt and shame to allow herswlf to be told who and what she is, and what's her purpose.

She offered no concrete proof of a so-called change. So Charlene really needs stop this new person she plays for the righ-wing fools.

Watch the video, and leave your thoughts in the comments section. Updates will most likely be slow today!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Regular updates picks up in the afternoon!!!

This has started out to be a busy week for me, and just writing this is taking up my time. I'm going to keep it short. Updates/posts will start at 4pm for this blog. Senior year just started for me, and i'm trying to adjust to being back in there. However, I'm very happy it's my last year, so everyday is a happy day for me.

Posts to come:

Religious homphobia/black

Pew Polls on least favorite institution

Review on double standards in the gay debates.

GOP Sex Scandals [very hypocritical]

Updates at 4pm-Justice MH]

Monday, August 13, 2007

"You And I Both Know": America's Black Homophobia Problem

[ A intelligent post about the double-standard of homophobia in regards to the black community, and the question towards Barack Obama! Enjoy. Justice MH]

By:Charlton Copeland

"You and I both know that there is a homophobia problem in the black community." So began Washington Post editor Jonathan Capehart's question to Barack Obama during the HRC/Logo gay-issues debate last night. This question of Obama appears to both assume the universality of homophobia within the black community, and require Obama to situate himself in relation to it. Capehart's question continued with a discussion of Obama's willingness to speak difficult truths to the black community regarding other sensitive topics that might, from another mouth, look like a claim of black dysfunction. Capehart's "you and I both know"-- an attempt to play on their shared blackness, I guess -- easily morphs into "we all know"/"everybody knows" that the black community is homophobic; "we all know" that black ministers (all black ministers) are homophobic. More than the problem of Capehart's question, however, was the way in which Obama's answer simply accepted the premise. His answer never challenged the assumption behind what "we" have come to so easily accept about "black homophobia". Obama gave examples of the courage that he has shown by speaking to presumably hostile straight audiences at Howard University and in black churches in the South, without ever acknowledging the fact that these communities are not uniform on issues of same-sex equality. Capehart's and Obama's statements were made without regard to the consistent record of support that the Congressional Black Caucus has given to equality issues within the LGBT community. Such statements also fail to recognize the diversity of thought within black religious communities, including Jeremiah Wright, Obama's own pastor, who has been a leading light on issues of same-sex inclusion.

Perhaps more problematic (and heartening) was a question by the event's host, who asked Obama -- and only Obama -- to compare the black struggle for civil rights with the gay struggle for civil rights. Obama, I think, answered this question with as much honesty and intelligence as it could be answered, and then challenged the questioner to ask the question of the other candidates, not simply the black candidate. Unfortunately, no other candidate was asked the question. Again, this leads to the conclusion that Obama is being handled differently because we have concluded that there is such a species of dysfunction known as "black homophobia," wholly separate from, and more pernicious than, ordinary homophobia. It would be foolish and insensitive to deny that the black community's response to homosexuality does not have culturally particularized elements. Yet to listen to Capehart, one would think that homophobia is a uniquely black dysfunction, against which Obama had better be prepared to situate himself. Do we speak of Methodist homophobia with Hillary Clinton? Or Catholic homophobia with Biden? Do we force any other candidate, even Bill Richardson, to situate himself in relation to homophobia in the Hispanic community? Not that I have seen.

Finally, the obsession with this characterization of black homophobia, I suspect, is rooted in a desire to locate for the record the limits of the black community's commitment to an egalitarian social-political order. Evidence of the qualified nature of the black community's commitment to equality allows others to justify their equivocation on the issue of equality, not simply the equality of gays and lesbians, but about other marginalized communities as well. Like so much in this presidential campaign, Obama serves as a convenient canvas upon which to further depict the dysfunctions of black folk. There is a homophobia problem in the black community, but there is a homophobia problem in the Congress, and on the Supreme Court, and in the White House. Indeed, America has a homophobia problem. It is against this homophobia problem that any candidate deserving of the LGBT community's support should aim his or her attention.

Justice MH: What was said above i agree with most of it. Homophobia exists in every community, and society. The world is homophobic. After full equality for LGBT people is achieved, like racism, homophobia will still be there, just NOT out in the open as much. A Presidential Hopeful should focus on homophobia as a American problem, not as a one section of our country's problem! I like many right-thinking Americans should question homophobia, racism, sexism, and religious intolerance. Change is possible!

[More-updates-5pm-Justice MH]

Draft??? Hell NO!!!

One of President Bush Lt. officers says:In order to maintain current troop levels in Iraq, "it makes sense to certainly consider" a military draft, says Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute.

The draft “has always been an option on the table, but ultimately, this is a policy matter between meeting the demands for the nation’s security by one means or another," the general says, noting this is "a national policy decision point that we have not yet reached," Lute added.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards criticized the suggestion. "Instead of ending this war and doing what is right for our troops, their families and the nation," he said. "President Bush is floating the idea of a draft that would send more young Americans to Iraq."

President Bush insists that it's NOT on his agenda. Well, we'll see! I love my country, but this is BUSH's WAR! I will NOT fight it. It's time like this, it feels good to be gay. Yes, because Don't ask Don't tell policy is still kicking, but it's senseless, and needs to be repeal. If they want a straight army, then fine have it that way! However, there are LGBT people fighting this unjust, senseless, abnomniable and godless war! Like Hillary Clinton said: You don't have to be straight to shoot straight!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Jesus set me Free from Heterosexuality!!!


Jesus is so good. Praise him!

Watch this amazing testimony of deliverance from heterosexuality! Enjoy!

[More-updates to come-Justice MH]

Thursday, August 9, 2007

HRC's Joe Solmonese discusses the HRC/Logo Presidential Forum

The video above talks with HRC President Joe Solmonese about LOGO/PREZ debate on gay issues tonight.

Times is changing for the better of LGBT people, and America. A majority supports adoption, hate crimes laws, and repeal of DADT! However there is still a struggle of support for marrage equality. Almost 40% of the country supports it, but a slim majority still oppose it. Young Voters over 62% support marriage equality. So the future looks great, but there is still ways to go!

The LOGO/Prez debate is on LOGO tonight 9pm ET/8pm CT.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

B. Scott On "Reformed Homosexuals"

B.Scott is a regular on youtube with his great commentary! My fellow blogger Darian at posted this, and i just had post/pass this video blog of B.Soctt around.

B.Scott once again keeps it real with so-called "reformed homosexuals". One thing B.Scott and Justice MH agree is sexual orientation is innate. If you're heterosexual than you can't change that. If you're a homosexual, than you can't change that! It doesn't work how you want it to!

There are groups like Exdous groups that promote pray-away-the-gay materials and methods to cause so-called change!

Many ex-ex-gays have shown how these groups are harmful, and just a waste of time, God-given life, and true sexual orientation. I'm loving this boy videos blogs!

Thanks Darian! Enjoy the video love muffins lol!

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Mega Church Pastor Edition

[ Once again Jasymne Cannick gives great commentary on these mega-church money grabbing pastors. These type of pastors are back in the news with their extravagant lifestyle. Enjoy the post!-Justice MH]

by: Jasmyne Cannick-

One of our favorite mega-church pastors is in the news…again.

The Dr. Reverend Fred K.C. Price has announced a lawsuit against ABC, Walt Disney Co., and others for a “20/20” report that made him look like he lives an extravagant lifestyle. Yes, this is for real.

You may remember previous postings on Price that included his decision in 2005 to host a gathering of one hundred Black pastors at his Crenshaw Christian Center with the conservative Traditional Values Coalition’s Lou Sheldon. During that meeting, Price who for the most of his career has steered clear of politics, urged the pastors to have their congregations lobby African-American legislators to vote against marriage rights for same-gender loving couples.

Then there was the time we all went down to City Hall in Los Angeles to speak against making taxpayers, which include lesbians and gays, pay for a street sign dedicated in his honor. While we won that battle, the sign went up anyway, it just wasn’t paid for out of our pockets.

Price’s lawsuit is the product of “20/20” broadcast headlined “Enough,” where the supposedly extravagant lifestyles of wealthy ministers — based upon them secretly spending their congregation’s donations on themselves, a topic we love here at

And for the record, Price does live in the ritzy neighborhood Palos Verdes, miles away from his church which is situated on the heart of South Los Angeles. Add to that his two Bentley’s. The lawsuit reads that Price’s salary, which church officials declined to disclose, is “commensurate with his duties.” Yeah, you can believe that if you want too. While your parishioners are scrapping together their coins for blessings from you, you’re living at the top of hill bringing home anywhere from six to seven figures. Go figure?

I think that the same rule that applies to politicians should be extended to pastors, live where your church is. My folks from Los Angeles know that Palos Verdes is no where near his church and that the number of Blacks living in PV are far and few between, primarily because homes there start in the millions and quite frankly most of ain’t rolling like that.

In question is an excerpt that aired in the “20/20” broadcast that featured a sermon where talks about living in a “25-room mansion, I have my own $6 million yacht, I have my own private jet and I have my own helicopter and I have seven luxury automobiles.” Price is supposedly using all those things as an example and not speaking on his own life.

The “20/20” piece aired on ABC back in May and since then Price has been working overtime to do damage control, even putting a video on questioning the ABC piece. ABC has issued two retractions but that isn’t good enough for Price, he wants money, or should I say more of it.

Price isn’t alone. He’s one of many Black pastors that do what I call “pimp the pulpit.”

It is my assumption that ABC’s piece drastically affected Price’s weekly intake at his church thus throwing him into a tizzy causing him too sue for the money he’s losing. And for that, well, we’ll just have to wait and see what the outcome of the lawsuit is.

There will be no sympathy from me for Price or any other pastor that lives like royalty while their parishioners are barely making ends meet.

Justice MH: Amen Jasmyne! Mega-Church pastors are really making that cash. I'm really NO fan of this Rev. Price! He looks greedy, and a wolf in sheep clothing. It's NOT right to use hard-earn money to buy yourself big expensive cars, and rich looking house! All I can say is they use their bully-pit as i like to call it as their instrument for money, fame, and condemnation! As Jasmyne said it's nothing but a job to " pimp the pulpit"!

Is This Really A Win For Gay Rights?

[For the first time Jerry Maneker is debuting with a intelligent commentary on the debate of the repeal of "Don't ask Don't tell policy"!-Justice MH]

By: Jerry Maneker-

I like Deb Price, but her current commentary entitled, "Pentagon thaws on banning open gays," strikes me as her, and so many other LGBT people and allies, as rejoicing for winning a tragic "victory." By repealing DADT, it is viewed that Congress, and the American people in general, are becoming more accepting of gay and lesbian people. I certainly don't see it that way!
In a time of an unjust war that has helped fuel largely world-wide contempt for us and our military policies; when the military is stretched so thin that it is at a breaking point; when a Draft is not politically possible, given the fact that the Administration fully knows that if there was a Draft there would be hundreds of thousands, if not more, very angry people marching on Washington demanding an end to this unjust war; given the fact that ex-felons have been necessary recruits to shore up a weakened military stretched to a breaking point, given its involvement in the war in Iraq, as well as the military involvement we have in other parts of the world, now Gay people are being considered to be further potential cannon fodder to the political-military machine. So, the priority of Congress and the Military has been to favor convicted criminals to join the military rather than allow openly Gay people to join, and make the military a career, if they so chose.

As Deb Price wrote in her commentary: "On July 31, the Republican Collins, hinting she's open to repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, framed her question during Mullen's confirmation hearing in terms of a military so 'strained' that deployments are longer, convicted criminals are recruited, and linguists are in short supply."

So, the message really is the following: "We need more bodies. We can't institute a Draft because there will then be such mass revulsion directed against us that we will be forced to leave Iraq, as we did with Viet Nam, with our tails between our legs; those who voted to support this war (which is virtually every politician) will be voted out of office; it doesn't look good for us to recruit convicted criminals into our military, and by so doing, decent young people won't want to join, and we desperately need more bodies, so let's allow the Gays to join. Then, when the war is over (whenever that is), and we really don't need them anymore, we can then do our best to drum them out of the military."

For Gay people to be allowed to join the Armed Services and serve openly, during these times of war when bodies are desperately needed, and when linguists are desperately needed, I don't consider it a victory for DADT to be repealed, now allowing, out of political and military desperation, openly Gay people to become candidates for becoming cannon fodder, absent full and equal civil rights being accorded to LGBT people.

If repealing DADT were merely one part of a Civil Rights package that fully granted civil rights to Gay people, that would be one thing. However, just to repeal DADT absent the granting of full and equal civil rights to Gay people, strikes me as just being a cruel joke masked as a "victory" for Gay people.

Justice MH: I think this is a victory for LGBT Americans. For one, 79% of America wants DADT to be repeal, and allow openly gay Americans to serve. In Congress the support is in the majority, and steadily growing! This opens will dialogue on many LGBT issues to advance equality for LGBT people. This debate on DADT will help show that these troops are human who just happen to be gay! This will be without a doubt a victory!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Top Ten Reasons Gay Marriage Will Ruin American Society

This video is great, and makes it point quite clear. It shows how the debate on Marriage equality is silly! Everyone is already equal, we just need a bill to make it equal. The debate still continues.

Watch the video! Enjoy!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Openly Gay Bishop Gene Robinson endorses Barak Obama!

America's first openly gay Episcopal bishop, New Hampshire's Gene Robinson, yesterday endorsed presidential hopeful Sen.Barack Obama.

Robinson says he was lured to Obama's campaign because of the Illinois Democrat's experience with racism and discrimination.
Robinson says he hopes to persuade Obama to embrace marriage for gay and lesbian couples.
Obama supports civil unions and rights for gay couples, but stops short of supporting gay marriage.
Robinson has drawn worldwide criticism from conservatives since his consecration as bishop in 2003.

Bishop Gene Robinson made pretty good choice in Obama. Anybody's better than Bush, even Rudy Giuliani. I already knew the GOP lacks gay support. GOP is already hypocritical with sex scandal, lies, and cheating. I haven't made my choice yet. It's either, Hillary, Obama, or Edwards on the Dems side. On the GOP just Rudy Giuliani. My Choice will be made known in 2008!

WBC Says: God Hates the USA!

Is it any surprise how the Westboro Baptist Church acknowledge the Minnesota bridge disaster? Well take a look at this Press Release:

The Phelps Family really think they know God. The sad thing about their perception about God is it comes from the Old Testament. The Hebrew Bible perception of God is up for a new perception, which there are many perceptions of God. So, how can the Phelps interpret the Minnesota Bridge disaster as God hating America? For Cafeteria Christian they love to use derogatory names to describe gays, that sure isn't Christ-like! They honestly believe they are giving people God's Word. I find that laughable! It's no secret that Man has always use God and hide behind God to express their evil thinking/feelings. Jesus said you would know them by their fruit. The Phelps Family happens to produce rotten fruit. God doesn't hate. The Phelps Family hates the USA, Canada, Sweden, and the World! Man hates, NOT God!

Alan Chambers Pt.1: The Opposite of Homosexuality!

According to Alan Chambers the opposite of homosexuality isn't heterosexuality. I know that's what I thought. However, Alan says it's holiness. OK, now I've heard everything. Here's how he tells his audience what to expect of so-called "change":

And I’m going to shatter your world here: heterosexuality shouldn't’t be your number one goal. Whether that’s for yourself or for your kid or for your loved one or your friend or your family member. Heterosexuality shouldn't’t have been my number one goal. The opposite of homosexuality isn’t heterosexuality. It’s holiness.

And I think we in the church often get that wrong. We think, okay, the best thing for this person who’s involved with homosexuality or involve with lesbianism is that they come out of that lifestyle and go into heterosexuality. If that’s all we think is necessary, we’re setting people up for a terrible fall. The opposite of homosexuality isn’t heterosexuality. It’s holiness.

Ok! What i don't get is, isn't that the purpose of some people's so-called unwanted same-sex desires? I mean if isn't heterosexuality, then it's holiness. Justice MH, and other gay bloggers know when he says holiness, he's implying that some-how in his struggling[still gay] brain that homosexuality is wicked. It also reinforces a larger theme of the conference, that homosexuality is incompatible with Christianity. Which it isn't, of course some think and feel that way. So casting homosexuality on the same side of the spectrum as wickedness is a terribly damaging way to characterize the lives of gays and lesbians everywhere. Besides, heterosexuality is not, in and of itself, holy either.

According to Alan, same sex attractions may not necessarily diminish no matter how hard one tries or how many prayers are said. Instead, the “change” that takes place is not a change in sexual orientation; it’s a change in faith. The “conversion” is not sexual orientation conversion, it’s a religious one. Alan, those like him, may feel holy, but it doesn't change sexual orientation. I'm just using Alan's words and logic. If the opposite of homosexuality is NOT heterosexuality. Then how can you say you're a heterosexual? Alan says he identify as "straight". Alan is so contradicting and inconsistent with himself and his audience. So according Alan, do we have a new minority coming up called the holies?

This reminds me of what Ex-gay Charlene Cothran said when interviewed with blogger Clay Cane:Are you physically attracted to men?
Charlene: [pauses] I am physically attracted to the spirit of Christ right now. You're trying to take me down a road that I won't go down right now.

Ok, some of these reclosted gays make me laugh at the nonsense they talk. Whoever said Charlene's story was inspiring is a backwards thinking Cafeteria wannabe christian fool! How you doing Pat Robinson and The Captain? Both Alan and Charlene make it seem like a new minority is coming. One thinks their holy now, and the other thinks their attractive to spirits and ghosts! The Opposite of homosexuality for both Alan and Charlene is confusing according to their tale of a testimony!

It's like I said sexual orientation does NOT change, but your religion can! You certainly can't pray the gay away!

[This is a mini-series on Ex-gays. Part 2 later today! More updates coming-Justice MH!]

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The "View"Video: Elizabeth Hasselbeck on who's really destroying marriage

Now I really don't have a problem with Elizabeth Hasslebeck, but to be honest when she first started, she was kindy boring. After her recent confrontation with former View co-host Rosie, hasselbeck started to get interesting to watch.

Now Hasselbeck is a conservative, but after her response on Marriage Equality, she says who's really destroying marriage was refreshing, and the very thing I have been saying on this blog throughout the year!

I'm sure Rosie would be proud, and other conservatives are losing their so-called moral minds after hearing this. Hasselbeck really hits the mark.

Watch the video on who is most likely destroying marriage! [more updates later-Justice MH]

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Again:Bush likely to prevent aides' testimony to Congress

I have been watching this go on these past months, and wonder what's to hide if you're innocent? What has those who voted for Bush as their Dear Leader is hiding from Congress and the people? Bush's administration is so corrupt it's ashamed, and on the level of treason!


Thursday is the deadline for Karl Rove, Bush's top political adviser, to provide testimony and documents related to the firings, under a subpoena from the Senate Judiciary Committee. Also subpoenaed was White House political aide J. Scott Jennings. The Justice Department included both men on e-mails about the firings and the administration's response to the congressional investigation.
White House Counsel Fred Fielding has consistently said that top presidential aides — present and past — are immune from subpoenas and has declared the documents sought off-limits under executive privilege.

Ok! This whole executive privilege is a joke. He comes up with this: executive privilege, to get away with his sneaky ways. Bush has gotten away with alot in these last 7 years. I don't why Congress just doesn't impeach him. One reason is that Cheney would be worse. The GOP's joke of a impeach trail on Bill Clinton was insane over a blow-job. This President has lied about the war, commute Liby, and among other things. America has 18-months until he finally leaves for good.

Democratic Congress Vs. President Bush

On spending matters, the Democrats and Bush appeared to get nowhere in their breakfast meeting.
Bush has threatened vetoes or signaled veto threats against most of the 12 annual spending bills for the budget year beginning Oct. 1. The differences between Bush and Congress involve $23 billion in funding — a gap that the Democrats call small, and the White House portrays as wasteful.

Pelosi said the president was firm on his stand, but she added, "I'm not one to take no for an


Justice MH: For a woman Nancy Pelosi doesn't back down. This political war between Congress and Bush won't end until Bush is gone. Which is when America can finally get back on track!