Thursday, May 31, 2007

AAPA Votes to Oppose Attempts to ‘Cure’ Homosexuality!

The American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) issued a press release today announcing the results of Monday’s vote on a variety of issues. Among these is the matter of conversion therapies, where they voted the following:

"The American Academy of Physician Assistants opposes any psychiatric treatment directed specifically at changing sexual orientation, such as “conversion” or “reparative” therapy which is based upon the assumption that homosexuality per se is a mental disorder or based upon the a priori assumption that the patient should change his/her sexual orientation."

With this decision, the AAPA joins a large number of prestigious professional organizations in the view that homosexuality is not a disorder to be cured, and therapy claiming to do so not something to be endorsed.

Justice MH's Final Thoughts: Another great decision by another medical organization that knows without a doubt that homosexuality is NOT a disorder to be cured, and there is NO need for therapy. There are group out there that do so-called exocrisms to rid so-called homosexual demons. It's like i said here, there is NO such thing as a homosexual demon or spirit. Demons and evil spirits also! People will come u with crazy ideas when they can't explain something. It's a shame to fall back on ancient superstitions, and fear. AAPA made the right decision, and it's something that is a logical decision. AAPA good job! The fact remains, sexual orientation can NOT be change!

Bush's Judge nominee proud racist and homophobe!

President Bush is determine to appoint this nominee who has poor record on civil rights for minorities such as women, african american, LGBT people, and hispanics.Bush has gotten some of the worst judges ever nominated for anything confimed and we'll be suffering the consequences for years to come, not just on the Supreme Court but throughout the judicial system. Bush's previous picks like Charles Pickering and when the Bush Regime moved to replace that dismal nomination with the even more bigoted Michael Wallace it didn't fly to well.The latest nightmare that Bush is trying to force on us is former Mississippi Court of Appeals Judge Leslie Southwick, a racist amd bigoted a**hole every bit as unacceptable.

Southwick's homophobia and racism are becoming known by the public and the fact that he seems proud of both traits. If Bush's nominee doesn't get confirmed fast then Bush will send this controversial nomination on to the full Senate, where he will be able to count on a handful of reactionary Democrats (and a reactionary ex-Democrat) to support Bush's goal of stuffing the courts full of pro-corporate, anti-civil rights judicial activists. The new Democratic Congress can NOT cave on this, especially since now they control both chambers. They cave when in the minority when Bush apointed Alito, and Roberts. As Ralph Neas of People For the American Way said today "regrettably, Southwick also has a troubling record and appears to be cut from the same cloth as [Pickering and Wallace]... Just like Pickering and Wallace before him, Southwick appears ready and willing to turn back the clock on fifty years of social justice progress in our nation. Southwick had an opportunity at his recent hearing to demonstrate a commitment to Americans’ individual rights and freedoms, but he proved that he still doesn’t get it. The Senate Judiciary Committee must reject Southwick’s confirmation.”

Here are Two of the cases that show the danger of confirming a character like Southwick are these examples from the Mississippi Court of Appeals:

• In 1998, while on the Mississippi Court of Appeals, Southwick joined a ruling in an employment case that upheld the reinstatement, without any punishment whatsoever, of a white state employee who was fired for calling an African American co-worker a "good ole nigger." The court's decision effectively ratified a hearing officer's opinion that the slur was only "somewhat derogatory" and "was in effect calling the individual a 'teacher's pet.'" The Mississippi Supreme Court unanimously reversed the decision.

• In 2001, Southwick joined a ruling that upheld a chancellor's decision to take an eight-year-old girl away from her mother and award custody to the father, who had never married the mother, largely because the mother was living with another woman in a "lesbian home." Southwick went even further by joining a gratuitously anti-gay concurrence which extolled Mississippi's right under "the principles of Federalism" to treat "homosexual persons" as second-class citizens. The concurrence suggested that sexual orientation is a choice and stated that an adult is not "relieved of the consequences of his or her choice" -- e.g., losing custody of one's child.

Civil rights and gay activists are concerned by the record of the Bush Administration's nominee to the Fifth Circuit are lobbying Democratic senators. Southwick formerly sat on the Mississippi Court of Appeals from 1995 to 2006. The Fifth Circuit covers Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas and only boasts one black jurist.

Justice MH's final thoughts: What i want to know is why is bush appointing judges who have poor civil rights records? It seems our much hated President is hell-bent on rolling back the clocks on justice and civil rights in our great country. Bush and the GOP seems to want to make it hard for minorities, and that is unacceptable. I'm hoping the Democratic-controlled Senate stop this kkk-racist-homophobic nomination by Bush. Thank God Bush is NOT dictator of this country!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gay Days expected to have over 200,000 in Florida!

Gay days must be something special and a can't miss! I shouldn't made that my summer vacation. Maybe next year. Tuesday marks the start of the 16th annual event and more than 200,000 people are expected to spend millions of dollars this year.

I know the businesses in Florida are ready with over 200,000 people, so here comes the money!Gay Days is underway all across Central Florida. At the Parliament House hotel on Orange Blossom Trail, the decorations are already in place for this weekend's concerts.

"It’s tremendous, 100,000 to 150,000 that come into Orlando, fill hotels. We're already at capacity for the weekend,” said hotel owner Don Granatstein.

The owner of the Parliament House Hotel called Gay Days 10 days of insanity. Local business owners agree, saying the visitors in town this week plan on spending insane amounts of money.

"A lot, we already went shopping, we're going again today,” said Derald Gingerich, who’s visiting from Tampa.

"We came here Wednesday. I've already spent $700," said Daryl Barnes, of Michigan.

Gay Days has been an Orlando tradition since 1991, and tourists say it's a lot more crowded than it was in years past. The dollars stretch from coast to coast, as visitors take in the parks and the beaches.

"I had the opportunity to come, dropped everything, said I’m taking off work. I'm coming,” Barnes said.

Gay Days runs through this weekend.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Poland Investigates Teletubbies, Charges "Homosexual Promotions"

Now you think this insanity and superstitions would die with the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, but unfortunately the homo-hating government of Poland see something that the everyone else doesn't.Poland launches its own investigation into The Teletubbies, claiming the British television show for preschoolers promotes homosexuality. It does? What have i been missing?

"I noticed (Tinky Winky) has a lady's purse, but I didn't realize he's a boy."
"If inappropriate attitudes have been promoted, we need to react," says Ewa Sowinska, the nation's child rights ombudsman."At first I thought the purse would be a burden for this Teletubby ... Later I learned that this may have a homosexual undertone."
"It would be good for a group of psychologists to talk to children about this. We need to examine this." And while you're at it,examine yourself, ok. You look and sound foolish!

Sowinska sound like Falwell's previous crazy-talk around Tinky Winky and the plump purple creature's well-known fashion accessory, a bright-red handbag. Sowinska says this is "a hidden homosexual insinuation." Oh really? Is she gay to know such a thing or just "fishing" for something that makes her look like she missing some brain cells?

However, not everyone is catch the insanity of all of this around the character Tinky-Winky.The deputy speaker of the Polish parliament, Ludwik Dorn, a conservative Catholic, reprimanded Sowinska and advised her to avoid public statements that could make the ombudsman's office look "ridiculous." I have to say ridiculous is not the only word Justice MH is thinking. It makes them look crazy, and a bunch a**es!
When the show first aired in the United States in 1999, Falwell charged Tinky Winky was "modeling the gay lifestyle." Ok someone who is purple,playing, and running around with a purse. Another example of a so-called gay lifestyle.

Justice MH's Final thoughts: Now to be honest, growing up i hated the Teletubbies, and i don't recommend it. I rather the young ones in my family watch barney, Arthur, dragon tales, and sesame street. I never understood the Teletubbies, and really could care less about the show. Now the charges against it are stupid, and ridiculous! What's next are they gonna come with? Well when it comes to gay issues, people come with the most silly ideas, concepts, and even charges when it comes to gay issues. So all i can say to these people continue to make yourselves look like a**es. The Poland government needs to get their act together quick!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Tim Hardaway Naked In The Locker Room -videos are still on you tube!

Now I know everybody remember the infamous Tim Hardaway. You know the Tim Hardaway who says "he hates gay people".So i thought i would let everyone know these videos are still there, and speaks for themselves.
Take a look at the comments of what the people are saying:

"Oops!!Alot of typo's.I don't care if he is a big homo-phobic.I love to break that ass in.The guy in White cap is studying him real hard".

"oh and fyi gay people dont oggle people in fact they try twice as hard not to oggle you so its more likely a straight person will oggle you then a gay".

"if your gonna walk around the locker room naked in a public place then you deserve to be oggled at if your changing in a stall and someone looks over the top and checks you out than thats an invasion of privacy and obviously no one there cares about privacy cuz they are all naked anyways, gosh your so stupid".

"Guys that make statements like Tim are usually 99% of the time GAY"!

"somebody been hitting tim's ass, look how the guy next to is checking him out..its some dL in that locker room and tim is showing them the booty".

"DAYUM!! DAMN!! DAMN! is all I can say bout that bootyfull ass of Tim's. Got me droolin here! lol"

" The dude in the baseball cap is really checking Tim out.,I think its a couple of DL on that team and Tim is one.,but he has a nice ass.,somebody been hittin that ass fo sho"

"lmao, apparently he learned his lesson about fuckin witht the gays".

"HA! Looks like some gay dude got his ass GOOD"!

"He definitely been touched...If u know what I mean"

"Wow, that "big ass" of his serves as the perfect compliment to his personality. Good luck paying your in arrears mortgage now Big Mouth"!

"truth be told, tim is on the low....and that ass taste so good"

"Damn nice ass Tim, damn nice"!

"Months before the "I Hate Gay People" bit, Tim was voted as most likely to be gay in the NBA".

"He needs to be in a Hip Hop video wit all that ASS!!!!

"I see why he hates gay men. They would attack his fat booty,lol"

"looks like to me he wants those in the locker room to see that butterball turkey ass. no wonder he don't us in there, he wants it all for himself".

Justice MH's Final thoughts: LOL! As you can see, it seems that most enjoy this entertainment of Tim. I'm wondering like everyone else what took him so long to dress? He just walking around buck-ass naked like he wanted everyone to see! The man in the white cap could not keep his eyes off of Tim's body, and especially his ass. I see we have some dl men or evidently gay men there, and Tim is loving it! He just enjoyed showing his body, and ass to the whole locker room.
Anyway, this was funny as hell, and the videos are still there, hmmm!

Gallop Poll: almost a third of Amercians believe bible is literal word of God!

A Gallop found:

"About one-third of the American adult population believes the Bible is the actual word of God and is to be taken literally word for word, a new Gallup poll reveals. This percentage is only slightly lower than several decades ago.
Gallup reports that the majority of those "who don't believe that the Bible is literally true believe that it is the inspired word of God but that not everything it in should be taken literally." Finally, about one in five Americans believe the Bible is merely an ancient book of "fables, legends, history, and moral precepts recorded by man."

"There is also a strong relationship between education and belief in a literal Bible, Gallup explains, with such belief becoming much less prevalent as schooling continues".

I agree with fellow blogger Pam over at Pam's House Blend:"Help me understand this low-witted thinking -- how can anyone take the Bible literally when it's been translated, mistranslated, altered, edited, etc. in many languages (including over 50 modern English versions), never mind the issue of idioms".

She continues: I mean, what do these people think of The Good News Bible, which has been endorsed by the Catholic Church as well as Billy Graham and the Southern Baptist Convention? It's "written in a simple, everyday language." I'm sure that the folks in the King-James-Only movement would be quite unhappy.

Justice MH's Final thoughts: I'm with Pam on this, and I'm trying to understand why they think about this book in that way. I don't know what group I'm in, but some of these people haven't studied the book careful or any other holy book. That's all i have to say.

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Remember our troops who are sacrificing their lives for this country, and a war that's unjustified. The fact still remains that we have brave men and women willing to die for this country. There are families who have been through alot with their love ones in a civil war in Iraq. So let's not only remember our troop, but their families as well!

A little bit later, i will only post two posts for today. I want address something i was kindy silent on, and the other LGBT black bloggers talked about, but i was pretty silent. The next post will about something that's still floating around the internet. So stay tune, it may be a slow day today, but I'll have it up in early part of this evening. Enjoy your Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ex-Gay's 30 year journey out of Ex-gay "Hell"!

For thirty years, Victoria Lavin thought reading Scripture would make her straight. When the miracle "cure" did not work, she numbed her pain with drugs and alcohol.

In recovery for substance abuse, Victoria finally realized she was fine, just as she was. She came out to her pastor and he condemned her. Thankfully, Victoria's daughter was there for support in her moment of need. As a result, Victoria reconnected with God and entered seminary.

Today, she is out and proud, living in the Midwest with her life partner.

Coming Out was the "cure" she needed all along to find true happiness and be at peace with her spirituality!

Justice MH's Thoughts: Another example with a ex-gay finding the truth that was there all along. This has nothing anything to do with a so-called flesh win or whatever. Victoria had to discover over 30 years that God loves her, and just the way God made her! Using God, the bible, and even twisting Jesus's message will not change sexual orientation!
As TWO's Wayne Besen says, "this just goes to show that people can change behavior or live in denial - but they don't change their sexual orientation. The truth is: You can't pray away the gay."

Friday, May 25, 2007

Romney: I am not intolerant of gays!

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Thursday that his opposition to same-sex marriage should not be interpreted as intolerance of gays, who served in his administration when he was Massachusetts governor.

In a brief interview with The Associated Press, Romney elaborated on comments he made during a campaign event dubbed "Ask Mitt Anything" in which an audience member questioned whether pastors should preach that homosexuality is a sin. Romney said the government shouldn't tell pastors what they can say.

Flip-flop factor:

Romney's record on gay rights has drawn scrutiny - and criticism that he changes with the political winds. In a 1994 bid against Sen. Edward Kennedy, Romney argued that he would be a better champion of gay rights than the Democrat. In 2003, after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that same-sex couples could wed in the state, Romney pushed for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

He noted that one of his Cabinet members was gay and that he appointed gays to positions of responsibility in his administration.

I oppose discrimination against gay people," Romney said. "I am not anti-gay. I know there are some Republicans, or some people in the country who are looking for someone who is anti-gay and that's not me."

He said he is opposed to gay marriage because it's not in the best interest of children.

Justice MH's final thoughts: Romney is going have to come up with a better argument than the tired old "children" argument. Romney save it, trying to roll back civil rights doesn't sound like open arms of tolerance and love to me. Romney has ask Congress to pass a federal marriage amendment, and urge that other LGBT legislation be defeated. Mitt just stop bull sh*tting us! No Deal! Thanks for nothing!
This shows he's only out to get votes from the religious "wrong" and conservatives. Good Luck with the hypocrites, y'all deserve one another!

A Beautiful Day: When Bush was sh*t on!

"An outdoor news conference in perfect spring weather, with birds chirping loudly in the magnolia trees, is not without its hazards.
As President Bush took a question Thursday in the White House Rose Garden about scandals involving his Attorney General, he remarked, "I've got confidence in Al Gonzales doin' the job."

Simultaneously, a sparrow flew overhead and left a splash on the President's sleeve, which Bush tried several times to wipe off.

Justice MH's Thoughts: I really don't know what's more funnier, ABC news using the word "poop" or Bush getting sh*t on! George don't wipe it off, you look good, you look good, LOL! I love birds! Don't you just love them? I think God was sending Bush a message of how God feels about Bush. Well I'll translate! The message is that George is a hot mess that just was sh*t on! God works in mysterious ways!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ex-gays cruise mall = No cure and Fraud!!!

Truth Wins Out has a video promo out featuring Shawn O'Donnell, who wasted ten years of his life and nearly $50,000 on therapy and “ex-gay” ministries. It didn't work! While at New Hope, an Affiliate of Exodus International, Shawn would join several so-called “ex-gays” on Sundays to cruise the local mall for attractive men. I can't say i blame them for that!

As TWO's Wayne Besen says, "this just goes to show that people can change behavior or live in denial - but they don't change their sexual orientation. The truth is: You can't pray away the gay." As Jesus Christ said " the truth will set you free"!

It's like i been saying, people can misuse God, the bible, and even Jesus, it doesn't change sexual orientation! I'm glad to see people are seeing that is just the way God made them, and know God loves them, and always did, as they went through this "cult" like program. The truth always win out!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's a boy for new moms Mary Cheney and Heather Poe!!!

"Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter Mary delivered an 8-pound, 6-ounce baby boy on Wednesday, the first child for her and her female partner of 15 years, Heather Poe.
Samuel David Cheney was born at 9:46 a.m. at Sibley Hospital in Washington, the vice president's office announced. Vice President Cheney and his wife, Lynne, paid a visit to their new ? and sixth ? grandchild a few hours later.
Mary Cheney announced in December that she and Poe had decided to start a family. Her decision to become pregnant and raise a child with Poe was criticized in some conservative circles. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, asserted that children need to be reared by heterosexual married couples, for instance."

Justice MH's Final Thoughts: It's interesting to note, Mary and Heather are not in a official photo as parents. Awww, isn't that sweet? I really wish the Vice President would tell James Dobson and other conservatives to kiss his a**! Mr. Cheney should put his family, and should sell them out to kiss the a** of the religious "wrong"! Anyway, I want to send warm congrats and love to the new baby boy Samuel David Cheney, and to the proud parents Mary Cheney and Heather Poe! A word of advice please don't make George the "godfather", he's not role model material, and there's proof for that! God loves you in this joyful time, and will always love you! God Bless you three!

Anti-Gay Pastor Encourages Blacks to Oppose Federal Hate Crimes Law!

The Bigotry, hate, and exclusion that is being promoted by Bishop Harry Jackson is reprehensible, and unacceptable. Now he's rearing his ugly head again to promote religious-base bigotry. The type of religious-base bigotry used against African Americans in the 1960s. Now that the Bishop has his rights, he wants to shut the door of equality on the next equality movement, the gay rights movement.

The black right-wing pastor now is encouraging the African-American community to oppose the proposed federal hate crimes bill that recently passed the U.S House.

As Rod 2.0 says: Like most black religious conservatives, the senior minister of the Hope Christian Church, one of the largest black mega-churches in Maryland, shrouds his anti-gay message in the history of the civil rights struggle:

"Approximately 50 years ago, my father was threatened at gunpoint by a misguided state trooper for his involvement in civil rights activities. This death threat and the lynching and torture of several young black men in his state led to my family’s migration to the north.

My father engaged in political activism until his death by natural causes over twenty years later. He instilled in me a love for America—her vision and her promise. He also alerted me to the fact the American liberty is a prize for which blacks must continue to fight. ...

Today we are engaged in yet another battle, one that I believe threatens our religious expression. I encourage all African Americans to voice our fervent opposition to the “Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007”. This bill could greatly affect our religious liberty.

Under the guise of extending existing legislation to protect “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” the hard-fought liberty of religious freedom could be stripped from the most consistent defender of African-American liberty—the black church."

Justice MH says:Once again Bishop Jackson has fallen in the religious' right ideology of bigotry and hate. The hate crimes bill does NOT threaten religious speech or expression. Once again the bill clearly says: "Nothing in this act, or the amendments made by this Act, shall be construed to prohibit any expressive conduct protected from legal prohibition by, or any activities protected by the free speech or free exercise clauses the First Amendment to the Constitution" the hate crime bill says. Unlike like countries like Sweden, or Canada, America has strict language on freedom of speech. As Rod 2.0 says: If Jackson doesn't like gays and doesn't want the government to prosecute gay-bashers more aggressively, okay, just say that. I'm telling you, just speak your true feelings, or is placing your hatred under the guise of religion is so much easier, right? It's like what Coretta Scott king said " you don't shut one group out from equal rights after the other group has gain equal rights". Unfortunately that's what Bishop Jackson is doing. It's sad that he chooses to stand on the side of bigotry, injustice and hate. While other such as Coretta Scott King, Yolanda King, NAACP Chairman Julian Bond, and Martin Luther King III choose to stand on the side of the dream, equality,and justice!

Traditional Values Coalition's Pursuasive Edna Comic of the year!

It seems Lou Sheldon and the Traditional Values Coalition has sink to a level beyond my belief about the ENDNA bill in congress. They have really reach a level of Christian insanity that show how desperate, and serious in a crazy way about the bill. Take a look at their "gifted talent":?

"Good As You's Jeremy responds and notes:

"How does one even respond? Do you say that yes, in fact, under ENDA, one could still freely tell the blonde above that she must tone down her wardrobe and makeup to fit the company dress code? Or do you question why "homosexual" and "pansexual" are grouped with the available gender options, as if one's sexual orientation or proclivity is the same thing as their gender identity? Do you ask who, exactly, would use the "not sure" bathroom and question why even in the fearmongery, offensive world of TVC's making would such an option be necessary? Or should you point out that in the transgender community, she-male is considered highly offensive (much along the lines of "faggot," which we hope TVC would not feel it okay to use)"?

Justice MH's Final thoughts: Oh no they wouldn't go that far to use derogatory words, oh no they wouldn't! I agree with Jeremy of "Goods As You" on this, and shows the insanity of the debate as i said. They are willing to give it their best to stop this bill, and as you can see they ain't playing with this bill! Religious extremist will stop at nothing to deny other the right to at least have a job, and to do your best at it. I said this before, Americans have right to free speech, and other civil liberties. But they don't have the right to DENY other Americans to equal rights that are guaranteed by the U.S Constitution!

Falwell Follower Arrested On bomb Charges!!!

A student at the late Rev. Falwell's Liberty University was charge with death bombs.
He said he wanted to stop anti-falwell protest, and counter with his own protest.
Awww, how "christian" of you with your lil bombs?

[ABC]:Even in death, the Rev. Jerry Falwell rouses the most volatile of emotions.

A small group of protesters gathered near the funeral services to criticize the man who mobilized Christian evangelicals and made them a major force in American politics -- often by playing on social prejudices.

A group of students from Falwell's Liberty University staged a counterprotest.

And Campbell County authorities arrested a Liberty University student for having several homemade bombs in his car.

The student, 19-year-old Mark D. Uhl of Amissville, Va., reportedly told authorities that he was making the bombs to stop protesters from disrupting the funeral service. The devices were made of a combination of gasoline and detergent, a law enforcement official told ABC News' Pierre Thomas. They were "slow burn," according to the official, and would not have been very destructive.

"There were indications that there were others involved in the manufacturing of these devices and we are still investigating these individuals with the assistance of ATF [Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms], Virginia State Police and FBI. At this time it is not believed that these devices were going to be used to interrupt the funeral services at Liberty University," the Campbell County Sheriff's Office said in a release.

Three other suspects are being sought, one of whom is a soldier from Fort Benning, Ga., and another is a high school student. No information was available on the third suspect.

Authorities were alerted to the potential bomb plot after relative of Uhl called to say that he had homemade bombs in his possession. Officials searched Uhl's car where they found five incendiary devices in the trunk.

Uhl is currently being held under no bond at the Campbell County Adult Detention Cente.

Justice MH's Final thoughts: i'm not really surprise with this story about a student at Falwell's university. It's like i said hate breeds hate, and that's what Falwell promoted. So i guess this young man has been nuture to go to extreme measures of violence. Is this the type of fine young american men Falwell's liberty university is breeding?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Video:Jesus Set Me Free from Homosexuality???. Question: Why must "ex-gays recruit?

This video is a damn shame to be broadcasting on the internet. This woman claims Jesus freed her from homosexuality. Yeah, where have i heard that before? It seems these people buy into the myth of praying the gay away. LOL! It doesn't work that way. I mean she put on a good performance. i already nominated Exdous President Alan Chambers for best actress, and now i'm nominating this woman for best suppporting actress. she tries to group homosexuality with drugs, alcohol, and etc. Bad comparison. She needs to prove her claims, but i highly suspect this is a fraud, and this is their recruitment period. They love to sell the myth gays recruit children. No backup for that anyway. To the woman in the video, girl you are still gay! Get over it!

Video Fred Phelps Sermon:Jerry Falwell Split Hell Wide Open

OK. Unlike Phelps, i send my prays and support doing this hard time for the Falwell family. Phelps twists the love thy neighbor guideline from Christ. Another thing Phelps sure love him them red shirts. Hmmm, i wonder why? Anyway, my question is, when is this man gonna DIE?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Gay Flamingos Play ‘Mom’ and Dad at Slimbridge As Chick Is Hatched

SLIMBRIDGE, May 21, 2007 – Carlos and Fernanado, the famous gay flamingos at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at Slimbridge in Gloucestershire are in luck.

Usually they have to steal an egg to become parents. So they could hardly believe their luck last week when staff at the Trust’s centre literally handed them an egg!

Desperate to have chicks of their own, unlikely couple Carlos and Fernando’s egg stealing antics first hit the headlines last year.

And their chick-rearing skills impressed staff at WWT Slimbridge so much that when one of the nests in the Greater Flamingo colony was abandoned last week, they hatched a plan to save the life of the baby flamingo and make Carlos and Fernando parents again.

Staff, however, had to devise a bit of subterfuge.

The abandoned egg was whisked off to an incubator where it was warmed-up and monitored. Hours later a chick hatched safe and well, but there was a problem.

Parents usually ‘first bond’ with their chicks as they’re hatching – and calling from inside the egg.

So to help Carlos and Fernando bond with their new chick, WWT staff took an old eggshell, carefully popped the newborn chick inside, taped it up and returned it to Carlos and Fernando’s empty nest.

The pair were soon seen ‘talking’ to the chick inside the egg and a little while later the chick hatched for a second time – but this time to be greeted by its loving gay foster parents.

Now the chick has joined the ‘crèche’ of some 15 Greater Flamingo chicks at Slimbridge and has been accepted into the flock under the watchful gaze of dad and dad, Carlos and Fernando.

Gay flamingos are not unusual, a spokesperson at Slimbridge said. And they enjoy a somewhat prominent status with their choice of partner.

This story comes just as news broke that a major colony of wild Greater Flamingos on Fangassier Island in the Camargue of southern France have failed to hatch eggs this year.

Up to 20,000 flamingos usually breed on Fangassier Island each year, so no chicks from this famous colony will further highlight the importance of protecting a dwindling number of breeding sites in the wild.

Despite there being almost five million flamingos in the world today, the total number of regular breeding sites is fewer than 30.

WWT believes there is a real need for the production of conservation action plans for the six different species of flamingos so all the important breeding and feeding sites of the world can be identified and protected.

WWT maintains breeding populations at its centres and supplies reputable zoological collections with flamingos to reduce the demand for wild-caught birds, whilst continuing its work in the conservation of flamingos in the wild.

■ The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at Slimbridge, opened in 1946 by Sir Peter Scott, is open to the public. Its award-winning visitor centre overlooks 325 hectares of nationally and internationally protected wetlands including a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), a Ramsar Site and Special Protection Area (SPA).

Slimbridge is situated just off the A38 between Bristol and Gloucester. Nearest motorway junctions are 13 or 14 on the M5 - just follow the 'brown duck' signs. The visitor centre is open seven days a week from 9.30am to 5pm (5.30pm in summer). Full details on the “Slimbridge” web of the WWT website.

■ A few years ago, Silo and Roy, a pair of gay chinstrap penguins hatched an egg in New York’s Central Park Zoo. The offspring, a female, was called Tango. Silo and Roy subsequently split up, Silo taking a shine for Scrappy, a female from California (San Diego Sea World) to become the first recorded “ex-gay” penguin. Tango, of course, had the obligatory book, And Tango Makes Three, which was a controversial best seller in the USA. Last heard of Tango was making eyes at Tazuni, a female penguin.

Justice Mh's Thoughts: I think this is just nice in the nature animal knigdom with gay parents raising young ones. It's also in the human race as well! Keep it up!

Jimmy Carter Criticizes Bush Administration!!!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former President Jimmy Carter blasted George W. Bush's presidency as "the worst in history" in international relations and denounced British Prime Minister Tony Blair's loyal relationship with Bush in interviews released on Saturday.

"I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history," Carter, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, said in a telephone interview with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette from the Carter Center in Atlanta.

"The overt reversal of America's basic values as expressed by previous administrations, including (those of) George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon and others, has been the most disturbing to me," Carter told the newspaper.

In an interview on Britain's BBC radio, Carter slammed Blair, who leaves office next month, for his tight relations with Bush, particularly concerning the Iraq war.

"Abominable. Loyal, blind, apparently subservient," Carter said when asked how he would characterize Blair's relationship with Bush.

"I think that the almost undeviating support by Great Britain for the ill-advised policies of President Bush in Iraq have been a major tragedy for the world," Carter said.

Carter, who was president from 1977-1981 and won the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize for his charitable work, was an outspoken opponent of the invasion of Iraq before it was launched in 2003.

In the newspaper interview, Carter said Bush had taken a "radical departure from all previous administration policies" with the Iraq war.

"We now have endorsed the concept of pre-emptive war where we go to war with another nation militarily, even though our own security is not directly threatened, if we want to change the regime there or if we fear that some time in the future our security might be endangered," Carter said.


The White House declined to comment on his statements, but the Republican National Committee struck back at Carter.

"Most Americans will probably take his criticisms with a grain of salt considering he also challenged Ronald Reagan's strategy for the Cold War, and history has since proven him wrong," said RNC spokeswoman Amber Wilkerson.

Carter told the BBC that if Blair had opposed the invasion he could have reduced the ensuing harm by making it tougher for Washington to shrug off critics, even if the British prime minister had not been able to stop the war.

"It would certainly have assuaged the problems that have (arisen) lately," Carter said.

"One of the defenses of the Bush administration in America and worldwide ... has been: 'Okay, we must be more correct in our actions than the world thinks because Great Britain is backing us,"' Carter said.

"I think the combination of Bush and Blair giving their support to this tragedy in Iraq has strengthened the effort and has made opposition less effective and has prolonged the war and increased the tragedy that has resulted," he told the BBC.

Blair, who made an unannounced visit to Iraq on Saturday, has said he will step down in June. His Labour Party has named his long-serving finance minister, Gordon Brown, to succeed him.

Brown was a member of the Cabinet that voted in favor of the war, but has said mistakes were made in Iraq and he will review policy there.

In the newspaper interview, Carter, who brokered the Camp David accords between Egypt and Israel, also criticized Bush's Middle East policies.

"For the first time since Israel was founded, we've had zero peace talks to try to bring a resolution of differences in the Middle East. That's a radical departure from the past," Carter said.

Justice MH's Final Thoughts: Thank God for Jimmy Carter! I'm glad someone other than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has some grape fruit to tell Bush and his administration about themselves. I fully agree this adminstration is the worst in history. As for Bush, i refuse to call him a leader, because he lacks leadership.
I guess it's no secret i'm anti-bush on certain issues. I can't wait for the beginni ng of 2009! Bush hit the road jack, and don't come back no more no more no more, please don't come back!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Gallop: American Public Favors Expansion of Hate Crime Law to Include Sexual Orientation!!!

H.R. 1592, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007 passed by the U.S. House in early May and now being considered by the Senate, has become quite controversial in some circles. The bill would expand existing federal hate crime legislation to include crimes committed on the basis of the victim's gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

The Senate version of the bill is called the Matthew Shepard Act, named after the Wyoming college student whose brutal murder in 1998 has been used as a dramatic example of hate crimes based on sexual orientation. Gay and lesbian groups have widely supported the bill as a measure to help prevent future crimes of the same nature.

On the other hand, conservative and religious groups have mounted extensive opposition campaigns to the bill. These operations include the "National Hate Crimes Petition Day," organized by Repent America, during which religious Americans were asked to signal their opposition to the legislation. The opposition is based on the argument that the new law would curtail the ability of religious Americans to speak out in opposition of homosexuality. As Christian right leader and founder of Focus on the Family Dr. James Dobson said, "The Hate Crimes Act will be the first step to criminalize our rights as Christians to believe that some behaviors are sinful. Pastors preaching from Scripture on homosexuality could be threatened with persecution and prosecution." These religious groups have support from the White House, which issued a Statement of Administration Policy saying that, "If H.R. 1592 were presented to the president, his senior advisors would recommend that he veto the bill."

Justice MH says: Now that is a flat LIE! The behavior part too. The bill clearly says" Nothing in this act, or the amendments made by this Act, shall be construed to prohibit any expressive conduct protected from legal prohibition by, or any actitivies protected by the free speech or free exercise clauses the First Amendment to the Constitution" the hate crime bill says. Now whoever is Bush's senior advisors needs to be fired. With this bill, who knows what President Bush will do!

Favor Oppose No opinion 2007 May 10-13
68% 27% 5%

Although many Americans may be unfamiliar with the pending new law, there appears to be little hesitation to offer an opinion. Only 5% of Americans say they don't have an opinion about the expansion of the law.

Views of Republicans, Conservatives, Religious Americans

Much of the organized opposition to the expansion of the hate crime law has come from conservative religious groups, while the nation's top Republican leader, President George W. Bush, has suggested he will veto the legislation if it reaches his desk. But there is little evidence from these data to suggest that a majority of Republicans, conservatives, or more religious Americans are opposed to the new law.

There is a proposal to expand federal hate crime laws to include crimes committed on the basis of the victim's gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Would you favor or oppose expanding the federal hate crime laws in this way?

Americans who identify themselves as Republicans, conservatives, Protestants and other non-Catholic Christians, and those who attend church weekly are slightly less likely than other groups to favor the expansion of the hate crimes legislation to cover gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity. And while the difference between conservatives and liberals, for example, is 25 percentage points in support level (57% for conservatives, 82% for liberals), no group identifiable in Gallup's standard categories used for subgroup analysis expresses less than majority support for the type of action passed by the U.S. House in H.R. 1592.

Bottom Line

The religious and conservative leaders who are mounting a campaign against H.R. 1592 have their work cut out for them. The data reviewed in this analysis indicate that there is strong majority support for the expansion of hate crime legislation to include sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity among the general American population. Specifically, there is majority support among identifiable groups of Christians, frequent church attenders, conservatives, and Republicans for expansion of the legislation.

Those opposed to the law may argue that many Americans are not aware of the implications of the law. That may be the case. It is a reasonable assumption (although not one provable by currently available data) that many Americans were unaware of this legislation before it was explained to them in the context of the May 10-13, 2007, Gallup Poll survey.

The challenge for opponents is that the fundamental idea of the new law seems acceptable to every identifiable subgroup of the Americans population. More conservative and religious subgroups of the population may be amenable to arguments about the hidden or unanticipated consequences of the legislation if presented to them through targeted media in the weeks to come, but convincing them of these facts would appear to be an uphill battle.

Justice MH Thoughts: The message here is that everyone know what this bill is about, and feels that hate is wrong! The American people know the bill talks about hate crimes against violent acts, not thoughts! What the hell is up with that? The Religious right will say anything to stop LGBT people from being federally protected. The same right they enjoyed under religion. What is this a special club? It seems like that to me. Another thing, You have to wonder why the GOP see them as a powerful force? I don't know why GOP lawmakers kiss the ass of the Religious right. Well, whatever! The Majority of the American people have spoken, let's see if the President will listen to the people who he claims to represent. The Hate Crimes bill will pass, one way, or another!

Adoption Campaign Seeks Gay Parents!!!

San Francisco, California) The City of San Francisco and a Bay Area adoption agency Thursday launched a campaign to urge members of the LGBT community to become adoptive parents.

The campaign's goal is to recruit individuals and couples to adopt older children who are currently in the foster care system.

These older children can be difficult to place, as most prospective parents prefer younger children, said adoption agency Family Builders which designed the campaign.

Older children are many times left to grow up without permanent families and have to face the world without the kind of family support that most of us take for granted the agency said.

The campaign will be focus on Bay Area transit, billboards, websites, and in print publications, using controversial political buzzwords to challenge perceptions about what it means to be a family.

The terms "Family Planning" and "Intelligent Design" are used to describe the experience of being an adoptive family to an older child. In addition to LGBT people, African Americans and single parents are depicted in the project.

"There are so many people in the LGBT and African American communities who would make fantastic parents for children and youth in foster care," said Jill Jacobs, Family Builders Executive Director.

"We need them to know that they have what it takes to create extraordinary families, and we're here to help them."

The campaign is being funded by City's Human Services Agency.

"This effort is a win-win," said HSA director Trent Rhorer.

"Children growing up without parents get what they need most, parents who will love and care for them. LGBT parents have an opportunity to build their families in a welcoming and affirming environment."

"LGBT families understand how important it is to have loving and supportive parents," said San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty.

"Many of us didn't have that in our own lives, so we have a special interest in seeing that children in foster care are loved and provided for."

© 2007

Justice MH's Thoughts: I think this is a good thing to give a kids home, with love , and good parents. This campaign should be a success!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cartoon: Jerry Falwell welcome or dismiss???

This cartoon is just too funny! The way Jerry Falwell treated minorities was a shame for him, especially claiming to be a Christian. In some people's religious views and beliefs say Falwell is in hell, and being rape by Satan.LOL! Some are in pure joy, and bringing out the champagne. Anyway, this cartoon was just to funny to pass up! Take a look:

Black preacher's inclusive approach draws gays!!!

This article is very inspirational for a preacher to see how diverse God's creation is, and loves his/her's creation! This article also shows how we can learn about our differences, love one another, and have greater understanding!

By: Deb Price

Wanting to be like his great-grandfather, grandfather and father, Carlton Pearson set his young heart on becoming a Pentecostal preacher.

By 5, the African-American boy was preaching to other kids in his poor southern California neighborhood. He grew into an unusually gifted preacher and gospel singer at storefront churches, the kind with colored plastic lining on their windows because they can't afford stained glass.

Pearson's talent widened his world: He went on to study at Oral Roberts University, serve on the evangelical school's board of regents, move in the most elite white evangelical circles, chat with Republican presidents and host his own gospel TV show.

He preached that AIDS was God's punishment for homosexuality, spoke in tongues and laid hands on homosexuals to -- as he saw it -- cast out their demons.

But a few years ago, Pearson lost the trappings of success -- including his mega church, where collection plates overflowed with $60,000 a week. He found a more emotionally rewarding way of relating to God and people.


He stopped believing in Hell. He was no longer willing to preach that a loving God would doom most of humanity to a "customized torture chamber." Deciding that "if Jesus is the savior of the world, then the world is saved," Pearson started spreading "a Gospel of inclusion" -- proclaiming that everyone is saved, not just Christians.

Branded a heretic, shunned by other mega-church evangelists, Pearson felt shattered. But Jews reached out to him and so did gay students at Oral Roberts University, who asked if his inclusive gospel included them. Yes, he replied. Soon, he was invited to preach at a gay San Francisco church. Afterward, everyone hugged him.

"I hadn't been loved like that in months by anybody, especially Christians," Pearson recalls.

And then the lesbian pastor washed his feet. "Oh my God, it was one of the holiest moments in my whole Christian life. That female gay woman with all these gay people weeping and singing and loving this (so-called) heretic and washing his feet. The people I had once denied and denounced were now my only friends," he recalls.

Pearson committed himself to being a loving brother to those of us who're gay. This spring, he led several hundred religious leaders in lobbying Congress to protect gay and transgender people from hate crimes and job discrimination.

"I am not telling people they have to love gays. I am telling people they get to love gays. All people want is permission," Pearson says.

He's helping the National Black Justice Coalition launch its "Faithful Call to Justice." Black and racially mixed churches are being asked to have gay-friendly sermons or messages in their bulletins on the first weekend in June.

Pearson says, "We have always had gays in the church, and some of the best music in the African-American church was written by gays. We've sung their songs and cursed their souls."

Pearson's faith in a God too loving to shun anyone opened new doors in his heart. And now he's working to help the black church and the rest of the nation walk through them.

Reach Deb Price at

Justice MH's Thoughts: I agree with much of what the article talked about. It seems that black pastors are slowly, but surely starting to see that gay men and women have always been part of every part of society. They're starting to see gay men and women love God just has much as them, or more! With experiences like these help people to see that differences are good thing, not a bad thing. I hope more black pastors gain understanding and experience to know that we're all are made of God's image, and that our sexual orientation is part of us!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No-Surprise: Phelps Group to Pitcket Falwell's Funeral!!!

These guys see everyone as their enemy! I guess since Falwell never liked them, their going to use religion to get some sort of revenge! It's a fact, religion makes some of the most craziest people in the world! Check out this news release by WBC:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Breaking News:Televangelist Jerry Falwell Dies at age 73.

Breaking news from CNN:
The Reverend Jerry Falwell has died at age 73 due to heart failure.

A Liberty University officials found him unconscious at 10:45am this morning and he had been taken to a local hospital.

According to CNN, Falwell has missed morning appointments.

Here's some of Falwell's most infamous allegations on 9/11:

In 2001, Falwell had to apologize after televised comments in which he described the September 11, 2001, terrorists attacks as a judgment on America for "throwing God out of the public square."

"I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America," he said. "I point the finger in their face and say 'You helped this happen.' "

A day later, he told CNN that he would "never blame any human being except the terrorists, and if I left that impression with gays or lesbians or anyone else, I apologize."

Now it's comments like these that really don't have backup, but he was entitle to his opinion.Falwell claim that God was punishing America, which was his personal view, but it was surely not Justice MH's. The way i see it, that claim was ridiculous, and just plain stupid. Falwell's charge against those he clearly didn't like was uncalled for, but he later saw the error in his ways.

No matter how i feel about Jerry Falwell, my heart and prays go out to the Falwell family.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Does God Exist?:Christians and Atheists start a calmer dialogue!!!

Wednesday night on ABC-TV, two televangelists took on nonbelievers from the Rational Response Squad in a bid to prove the existence of God.The TV polemics come in the wake of a rash of bestselling books by atheists challenging religion. Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens, among others, go beyond questioning God to charge that religion is a plague that needs to be eliminated. Their vehemence, some suggest, is in response to Chris?tian attacks on evolution and stem-cell research. Some atheists compare believing in God to the tooth fairy, and Santa clause, and deny the existence of the holy spirit. Well they do need proof! Christians say their holy book they speak from what they know is true, and they care about giving them the Gospel that can change the heart of anyone. Well everyone does have diverse and many beliefs! Here's what one atheist said about this debate/war:

"It's Christian militancy that has evoked a backlash of atheist militancy," says Michael Bleiweiss, a physicist and atheist from Methuen, Mass.

Amid the rising heat of this latest culture clash, though, a few people on both sides are finding calmer ways to engage, seeking to build bridges and even learn from one another. Some Christians, concerned that millions of Americans never cross the threshold of a church, want to understand why, as well as learn what it is in evangelistic efforts that turns people off. Some atheists, worried that polls show they are the least accepted social group in the country, want to break down stereotypes and change people's attitudes.

So both are willing to sit down together in different venues, discuss their divergent perspectives, and, in some cases, jointly visit church services across the United States. As a result, they are sparking a growing Christian-atheist dialogue on the Web. At a conference in Salem, Mass., last Saturday, for example, Christians from several states listened to atheists and neopagans talk about who they are, the origin of their ethics and beliefs, and what challenges they encounter in a society that is predominantly Christian.

Justice MH's Thoughts: I personally like atheists! I think they act more christian than the ones who profess to be a christian. I think the reason some religions like Christianity turns them off is the dogma, rules, and falliable books! I also think silly concepts turn them off like the once believe "limbo" by catholics. They are the type in the world that need proof, and believe in reason! Now the debate they had was good. One side said they can prove scientifically that God exist, and the other said they couldn't! The dialogue has started, but it's getting very interesting! What you think? Does God exist or why doesn't God exist? Explain your response.

Ex-gay Country Singer slams Hate Crimes Bill???

Well it seems the Hate Crimes Bill has another confused critic, a ex-gay country singer named Dennis Jernigan. Here jernigan states the same argrument that is a LIE:

"I was able to come to a level of freedom the homosexual community never told me was possible. Yet, through faith in God, I successfully walked out of that way of thinking and have met thousands of other men and women who have done the same. What about our civil liberties? To pass such a bill as H.R. 1592 is to invoke fear that I could be prosecuted for my religious beliefs and speech."

LOL! I don't know what freedom you claim to have, but that's you. The bill says specificly and clearly says: " Nothing in this act, or the amendments made by this Act, shall be construed to prohibit any expressive conduct protected from legal prohibition by, or any actitivies protected by the free speech or free exercise clauses the First Amendment to the Constitution" the hate crime bill says. Are some of these people lacking comprehension skills? No, couldn't be, right? Well the hidden message their message their trying to send is it's ok to hate on this group of Americans! The argrument is weak, and people should be ashamed for using that one.
Mr.Jernigan even goes far to say his "reclosted gay friends" would be discriminated against.

He says:If this bill passes, Congress is telling me that I and countless others who have discovered they don't have to be homosexual are of less value now than when we were living as homosexuals. If we look down the road of this slippery slope, this legislation would actually pave the way to make it a criminal offense to think differently than someone else or to have religious convictions that are opposed to this politically correct ideology. Do we really want such thoughts to be illegal?

Thoughts? WTF? I already stated how the thought argrument is weak is not TRUE! Well, Mr.Jernigan, you, and your "relosted gay friends" like Alan Chambers should not worry, because your rights are still there! Now I'm going to say Alan Chambers, Mr.Jernigan, and other reclosted gay friends, well you're still gay! GET OVER IT!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!! Remember your Mothers!!!

Today is Mother's Day, moms need to be treated extra special today!

I also feel that Mother's Day is everyday for mothers!

For gay sons and lesbian daughters, we should really make this day for our mothers

extra special who love us unconditionally and support us! A mother always know when

something is going on with their child, and for us it help us be more open with who we are, and to share our true thoughts,and feelings!

So make this day really special for your Mother, today, and everyday!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

NY. Gov.Eliot Spitzer trying to redefine social institution???

NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer has submitted a Marriage Equality bill in the state Assembly and senate. The Democratic New york Gov. had this to say on the bill:

"Granting legal recognition to these relationships can only strengthen New York's families, by extending the ability to participate in this crucial social institution to all New Yorkers"

Focus on the Family's Jenny Tyree responded with this right-field response:

"Homosexual marriage proponents want marriage to do something for which it was not intended — affirm homosexual relationships," ..."Marriage is not a legal institution for equality; it's a social institution with children at its heart."

"Governor Spitzer does not have to redefine marriage to demonstrate his concern for the citizens of New York."

Umm Marriage is not a "legal institution for equality," but rather a "social institution with children at its heart"? This argrument is so poor and tiresome from anti-gay groups like Focus on the Family! Hetersexuals sometimes don't want children, or can't have them. So if heteros can't have or don't want children then their marriage is NOT part of this social instituion called Marriage? It sounds like a contradiction to me!

Anyway, is NY.Gov Eliot Spitzer trying to redefine this social legal instution? Well,
the definition that we as a society seem to now understand to be part of the word marriage is something i agree with!

Employee fired after playing anti-gay message at airport

Airport officials have fired a luggage attendant who admitted playing a Bible verse that offended a gay couple over an airport speaker system.

Jethro Monestime acknowledged that he played the message twice just after midnight on May 1st. He told investigators Sunday that it was a prank.

Monestime said he used his cell phone to play a recording that said: "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, they should be put to death." The announcement came from Leviticus 20:13.

Broward County Mayor Josephus Eggelletion Junior says the sheriff's office will turn the case over to the state attorney's office to determine whether criminal charges should be filed.

A co-owner of Superior Aircraft Services says Monestime was fired yesterday, and the company has issued an apology to the offended couple.

Justice MH's thoughts: This message sent through a airport was the worst joke i ever heard, and it was NOT funny! The verse he quoted i discussed already, and has no weight whatsoever base on someone's sexual orientation! He was fired for that, and he deserved that! Something like that is NOT funny! Justice served!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Anti-gay pastor pied by Teen!

A teenager faces possible criminal charges after throwing a cream pie at the pastor of a breakaway Episcopal parish as the cleric was leading Sunday worship.

The pastor of Grace Church and St. Stephen's Parish, the Rev. Donald Armstrong, was reading a Church of England sermon called "Of Christian Love and Charity" at the time. He ducked and the pie missed him.

The man, Marcus Hyde, 18, tried to escape, but parishioners chased and caught him. Tim Chambers, a parishioner who witnessed the May 5th incident, described it on his blog,, saying, "This act was hateful. It was an invasion of sacred space."

According to a police report, the suspect said he was passing judgment on Armstrong. Hyde declined to comment when reached by phone, saying he needed to talk to a lawyer first.

The Episcopal Diocese of Colorado late last year had moved to suspend Armstrong while it investigated allegations against him of financial misconduct. Armstrong has denied wrongdoing.

The pastor returned to the theologically conservative parish in March, when church leaders voted to leave the liberal-leaning Episcopal Church. The U.S. denomination caused an uproar in 2003 when it consecrated the first openly gay Episcopal bishop.

Hyde faces potential misdemeanor charges of harassment, trespassing, criminal mischief and disrupting a lawful assembly, police Sgt. Vince Niski said.

© 2007

Justice MH's Thoughts: I feel that the teen who threw the pie in the pastor's face was not the thing to do in a Church. I know he had good reasons, but that is not the way to handle a situation. We all need to learn respect for each other no matter how much we disagree or don't like one another! Then again, karma can be a b*tch sometimes!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Faith Under Fire: Gay to Straight???

Once again recloseted wannabe "former" homosexual Alan Chamber is spreading his ex-gay agenda. Which Justice MH does not recommend! Also fellow blogger and ex-gay survivor Peterson Toscano is on the program to show how the ex-gay mehtods are out-dated, and reckless! Peterson spent over $30,000 in ex-gay ministries! Hell, he could have donate that money to me, LOL! Anyway im sure everyone remembers Alan Chambers, the man who took 9-months to consumate his marriage! Hmmm, i wander what went wrong all the time? That is not 100% hetersexual male behavior.

Alan also says he found "freedom" in Christ. Never heard of that, and not interested! I know someone who might be? Anyway, Alan is not convincing America that his organzation can do what it says. Even Straight Americans can see how deep in denial he is! Back to Peterson, he also treated to exocrisms for the so-called homosexual demon or spirit. Let me say this, DO NOT believe such nonsense, there is NO such thing as a homosexual demon or spirit!

Now Check out Alan and peterson share their stories on their journey of faith and their sexual orientation. Again, i do not endorse or recommend Ex-gay mehthods, program, or materials etc.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mike Gravel: Love between a man and a man is beautiful!

Now that is how a real President hopeful answers a question on Marriage Equality in a straightforward way. Gravel is a democrat who answered a question in way, i'm willng to bet Sen. Hilliary Clinton or Sen. Barak Obama couldn't even get out of their mouths!When a young woman, Katelyn Lemay, asked him about marriage equality at a WMUR TV town hall-style forum in New Hampshire.

Here's how he answer the question: Top this Hillary,obama, Rudy, MCcain, Romney.

"If a couple of lesbians or gay men want to get married, and they love each other, they should have the right to do that and enjoy all the legalities in our society that go along with that. I have no problem with that at all. I think that people who create these problems of homophobia and the likes of that do us a disservice. We are all human beings and one of the things that should motivate us, most of all, is love.
...Love between a man and a woman is beautiful, love between a woman and a woman is beautiful, love between a man and a man is beautiful too. What this world need is a lot more than what we presently have."

Now that's real talk! No stuttering, no half answers, and no bull-sh*tting your supporters! When asked about morality and the goverment. Mr. Gravel said " you can't legislate morality"! Now that's a real talking Presidential hopeful!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Nothing but the Truth about The Hate Crimes Bill!!!

Victory!!! The House has passed the Local Law Enforcement Prevention Bill! Votes: 237 to 180!! wooo!

This debate about the hate crimes bill shouldn't even be a debate! The ones who oppose the bill, their agrument is weak, and the their true reason become so clear! Here are the most common argruments:

The agruement: Only homosexuals are protected.

The truth: Well the bill was made to protect gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders! Sexual orientation also includes straights! When the AFA sent their corrupted version of sexual orientations, all on the list ae not identified by major biologists, psychologists, or any mainstream health groups. When i showed that to my psychology teacher who has a major and other degrees in that area, she laughed her ass off, and said she was never taught about those twisted so-called sexual orientations for her major, that all them crazy make-up sexual orientations are not real sexual orientations! Now the republican agrue that the bill doesn't protect members of the military and senior citizens. Well Chairmen John Conyers said " ok we'll add them", but the republican who oppose stop the democrats from doing it. Now what was the point in bringing it up, if you really didn't care about these people? Busted, they are all about hatred for LGBT americans and usng us for votes! Sad, using it to stop the bill from passing. They stopped it because they know when democrats would have added members of the military and senior citizens, and with them oppossing this bill would have them look bad, and cruel in the eyes of the people!

The argruement: It limits freedom of speech based on someone's religious or personal beliefs.

The truth: This agrument here is another flat out Lie, and just shows how people don't know their guranteed rights! The bill says specificly and clearly says: " Nothing in this act, or the amendments made by this Act, shall be construed to prohibit any expressive conduct protected from legal prohibition by, or any actitivies protected by the free speech or free exercise clauses the First Amendment to the Constitution" the hate crime bill says. Now do we need to send this part of the bill to James Dobson of Focus on the Family, Tony Perkins of the Family Reserch Council, and certain bloggers! Well,they probably would still oppose the bill. So may say why? Easy, with all this evidence, they clearly have a deep seated of hatred for LGBT americans! They have the right to free speech and protection, but NOT THE RIGHT to make it a private Special right club, and limit for those they deep down don't like or agree with! The fact is they are protected under religion, and has been for decades!

The first Black Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison asked a really good question:" My question is this, why do you want to protect thugs and hate mongers? Why don't you want to stand with civilized community and say hate is wrong and we must stop?

Good question Congressman Ellison! As i said before the ones who oppose this bill is already protected, and right to free speech is there, and will always be there!

Justice MH's Final Thoughts: Now with that all said, Why do they still oppose with all the evidence there? I think every supporter and right thinking American know why. Why don't they just say why they really so viciously oppose this bill? Their argruments don't even have a leg to stand, and not even to move! I think we can see who has special staus and rights! All of the above is nothing but the truth!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Today- House Votes on Hate Crimes Bill

The video above was created by the Human Rights Campaign to show how lies are being force to be true! The religious wrong groups are shaken up because they know this bill has a high chance of passing! They are so desperate they say this really a thought crime bill. Now nowhere does it say that in the bill. Do they need to read it? They rreally don't care to read it, their only occupy with making sure LGBT americans are not procted under the law. They are already protected under religion. For decades this has been a fact. Now that is special status! Later in the day, i plan to examine these lies in a review. Now the Local Law Enforcement Act bill has strong bi-partisan support in the House! It is expected to pass!Help pass the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (H.R. 1592). To take action, call the Capitol Hill switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Representative's office.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Georgia cautious with Bible classess

I know where i stand on these classes here in Georgia. I personally do not support it! This to me is sending the message that America is a one religion country, which is not true!

The state school board approved curriculum in March for teaching the Bible in Georgia's high schools, but there hasn't been a rush of schools to start up the classes. Only a handful of the state's 180 school districts have agreed to offer the elective classes so far.

Jusitice MH says: The lawmakers here in Georgia are showing their bias toward other religions here in Amrerica, and not every child is a Jew or Christian.

It's important to understand religion; it's something we've gotten too far away from," said Jan Pease, whose 15-year-old daughter attends Northside High School in Columbus.

Justice MH says: Yes it is important to understand these religions with their fallible books! However, not one religion, but the religions that all students represent. Yes we have gotten to far away from relgion, it just depend on how close and cozy you want to get with this religion or any other religion!

Georgia has set teachers up for failure," said Charles Haynes, of the First Amendment Center, a Washington D.C.-based civil liberties group. "The chances of it being unconstitutional are pretty big and the pitfalls are huge."

His group supports religious discussions and study of the Bible in public schools, but Haynes says Georgia's law fails to give enough guidance to teachers on the difference between academic study and spiritual teaching.

"People are going to sue," he said. "That's why the Legislature should have been more responsible about putting school boards in situations where they might have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, split their communities and end up in a courtroom."

The First Amendment Center and Georgia's branch of the American Civil Liberties Union both say they plan to monitor how the classes are taught.

Concern about violating the separation of church and state is a reason why some of Georgia's largest districts have steered clear of the classes so far.

Pease, a Christian, said she'd support schools teaching comparative religion classes, including those that studied the holy books of other major faiths like Islam's Quran.

Justice MH says: I agree with Pease, that all religions should be represented! Now to me is special status for religion now. I'm not really for this, but i will be keeping an eye on this closely here in Georgia!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy Failure Day:Mission "not" accomplish For George W.Bush

It was four-years today, President Bush stood underneath a gigantic “Mission Accomplished” banner and announced, “Major combat operations have ended.President Bush said, "In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.”
Justice MH says: " George it's about five years, and there is nothing you have accomplish in Iraq!

Four years and 3300 deaths of American servicemen- and women later, obviously, that mission has not been accomplished.

Bush on Monday repeated his intention to veto the $124.2 billion measure, citing the withdrawal language as well as funding for nonmilitary projects. Although he said he wanted to work with Democrats, he made clear he wasn't giving in on the question of setting a timetable for withdrawal

Justice MH says: This "leader" refuses to even listen, and see how his reckless policies have fail!

"If the president wonders why the American people have lost patience, it is because the news out of Iraq grows worse by the day," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said.

Justice MH says: I agree with the Majority Leader, Iraq grows worse day by day! George is being stubborn, and thinks he can win this civil war in Iraq! Memo to Bush: That goal by the President is genocial and sucidal on his part! I have a feeling this will come to bite the Rupublican party in the ass, real hard! Anyone who supports this part is silly, the way i see it!

Update: President Bush has vetoe the Iraq funding bill! His reason are:"This is a prescription for chaos and confusion and we must not impose it on our troops," Bush said in a nationally broadcast statement from the White House. He said the bill would "mandate a rigid and artificial deadline" for troop pullouts, and "it makes no sense to tell the enemy when you plan to start withdrawing."

Justice MH says: He continue to use the fear tactic with the enemy being aware of troops being withdrawl. The American people and myself is not buying it! Sorry George, You have already given a prescription of chaos and confusion for our troops! George speak for yourself!

"The president wants a blank check," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (news, bio, voting record), D-Calif., moments after Bush's appearance. "The Congress is not going to give it to him." She said lawmakers would work with him to find common ground but added that there was "great distance" between them on Iraq.

Justice MH says: I agree with the House speaker on this, George wants a blank check! It's not going to happen, not without a fight! The American people with a 69% majority support the Democratic Congress to change the course of this war!

Our troops and their families deserve better, and their elected leaders can do better," Bush said.

Justice MH says: Umm George we been saying that about you seen you set foot in that white house! Hyocrite thy republican!

Justice MH's final Thoughts: The President is not willing to see his failures and mistakes! This leader, if you want to call him that, he has put America and the people in a big hot mess! As i said the American people 69% majority support the Democratic Congress to change the course of this unjustified war!