Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season. We are just days before the end of the year 2007. Due to my unexpected illness, I was unable to do any posting or updates.

This was very unexpected, since I was baking and doing a little cooking on Christmas Eve till 1 a.m. At that late hour, it really hit me with possibly a virus going around. I'm a little bit better today though.

I should be back to updating and posting tomorrow. There is some interesting things going on, a possible scandal, 2008 plans, and 2008 primaries coming up.

Speaking of 2008 primaries. I plan on announcing a candidate i plan on supporting and voting for this primary and presidential 2008 election. I plan on posting it by Friday, or Monday day before New Year's day. I will say this it will NOT be any candidate from the GOP clown car, as fellow blender Pam says. So it will not be a republican, it's down to the democrats.

It's going to one or the other? That's right, Hillary or Obama. It's tough, but i may have made my decision. I'm high on women's rights, and equal-footing with men when it comes to Hillary. For Obama, he shows me he has a vision for America, and gives his supporters hope. I'll tell you this, he would be so much better than current President Bush. Bush has 12 months left, don't let the door hit you, i hope it does, and give that old a** a good hit.

Back to Obama, he has what it take, despite all the claims he's inexperience. On gay civil rights, both Hillary and Obama are pretty even. So if one gets in office, and we have a Democratic Congress, which we will, expect the hate crimes bill and EDNA to pass and become law. Both hate crimes bill and EDNA are two important pieces of legislation that needs to be pass and end this nonsense of debate. The only ones arguing against are the ones who need so one to beat on in America. Since women, blacks, and Jews are a no-no. Then the gays, and transgenders are fair game.

On Marriage Equality, both Obama and Hillary are supporting civil unions as equal to marriage, but it's not. It's close to the concept of marriage, but it's not enough for me, so I'll deal with this political strategy for the time being. When it comes to Civil rights, our executive, and legislative branches always stall on social issues as this. So it only takes the U.S Supreme court to get involve, but due to Bush appointing conservative Justices, there's not enough votes, probably just 3 0r 4 the most. So this next election is important, with a Democrat in office you can expect a U.S Justice to get the job through a regular process, instead the last two being supported by major religious right leaders as Godly appointments. Pa-leeze, religion is starting to become a addiction, that really needs some help.

So, I'll make those announcements soon. Updates and Posting should be up tomorrow!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

A Holiday Return for Justice MH!!!

I'm finally back after technical difficulities that unfortunately happen at the begininng of week.
It's time for Christmas already, and I feel like i don't even want gifts. I guess when you get older you get out of:"I want presents".

Anyway, since my busy week is over and I have been absent from my site, which I didn't like one bit, but sacrifices must be made.

So I'll have updates and posts monday morning. I might start as early as tomorrow.

It's good to be back as usual blogging!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Truth Wins Out: - Fighting the "Ex-Gay Fraud"!!!

I'm ending my long hiatus. I found this video with true knowledge of how to confront the "ex-gay fraud" with truth, sound science, and research. Here's a look at the mission and creed of truth wins out:

Mission: Truth Wins is a non-profit organization that counters right wing propaganda, exposes the "ex-gay" myth and educates America about gay life.

Creed: Truth Wins is resolute in its belief that ex-gay programs are a politically motivated fraud designed to exploit vulnerable clients for financial gain and pass anti-gay legislation. Attempts to change sexual orientation are patently offensive, discriminatory by definition, theologically shaky, uniformly unsuccessful and medically unsound. Truth Wins firmly believes that ex-gay programs can damage families, lower self-esteem, generate guilt and shame and sometimes lead to suicide. The organization holds as self-evident that the world would be a better place without ex-gay programs, which are an unnecessary and destructive hindrance to the natural coming out process.

Truth Wins Out.Org aims to end the dangerous practice of ex-gay therapy in all of its injurious forms. The organization will tirelessly advocate against such programs, vigorously disseminate educational material, and doggedly pursue actions that will help undermine the so-called ex-gay myth.

It's damaging to change what is not based the human standard of society and religious dogma!

Watch the video! Enjoy.

[Updates/posts tomorrow and weekend!-Justice MH]

Friday, December 7, 2007

B. Scott Talks About The Gays In The Church (

B.Scott in his latest video talks about gays in the church. This subject is so interesting, and certainly not old.

Gays are everywhere, even in the church. From the preacher to the deacon, to the choir director to the usher, and the church memeber.

Homosexuality just as heterosexuality is present in the church, families, choirs, and many communities. In fact, it's been here as long as humans been here.

The whole Donnie McClurkin situation is old, but still a big issue. I agree with B.Scott, he was gay before his abuse, and that's our view.

Another thing, people always say God can do anything. Yes, I know God can do anything. But God will undo what God has done in the first place. Fact is, sexual orientation has not been proven to be changable, and that's a fact. The whole Ex-gay industry is base on base-less science, and dogmatic religious views.

So like B.Scott said: One a gay, always a gay!!!

The video with B.Scott is everything I would say. Enjoy!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

700 Club:Fundamentalists claim I-35 Can Stop Homosexuality and other things!!!

From the video Author:A report on Pat Robertson's 700 Club describes a supposed prophecy that is being fulfilled through the interstate highway system. A youth-oriented group is allegedly harnessing the power of I-35 to "heal" gays.

Is it just me or is fundamentalist christians and fundamentalist period are getting nutter? Is must be just me. The bible verse is kindy far-fetch if you ask me when refering to I-35.

Well, I-35 refers to (supposedly) to Isaiah, Chapter 35. Verse 8 states: 8

And a highway will be there;
it will be called the Way of Holiness.
The unclean will not journey on it;
it will be for those who walk in that Way;
wicked fools will not go about on it.

Now the verse above isn't clear that it refers to I-35, it's simply not a clear interpretation. Another example on how many christians take bible verses out of context, especial historical and cultural context!

It's no surprise their harassing gays outside a gay bar, and claiming in the video that all of sudden just because they touch somebody their no longer gay? Sounds something like Ted Haggard story to me.

If the laying on hands work, well what about the other gays there, or did the power all of sudden dry up from only person? Stories like this always sound like full of holes, and just bizarre!

Pat Robertson enjoyed every minute of it and said he loves stories. I love stories, and I really mean stories!

Anyway, check out the video! Enjoy.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

2007's World HIV/AIDS Day!!!

I know I'm late talking about World Aids Day 2007, but I wanted to write something before the weekend of World AIDS day is over. This disease is a world crisis that affects everyone from straight to gay, young to old, babies to children, and many races.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic began early in 1981. The month July of that year, the New York Times reported an outbreak of a rare form of cancer among gay men in New York and California. This "gay cancer" as it was called at the time was later identified as Kaposi's Sarcoma, a disease that later became the face of AIDS. But as you will see everything is not as it seems.

When the Centers for Disease Control reported the new outbreak they called it "GRID" (gay-related immune deficiency), stigmatizing the gay community as carriers of this deadly disease. Then there were cases that started to be seen in heterosexuals, drug addicts, and people who received blood transfusions, proving the virus/disease knew no boundaries. Now, it's no longer a so=called "GRID", the disease doesn't have any boundaries, or favorite group of people it attacks with illness.

HIV/AIDS here longer than 25 years???

HIV/AIDS is being said to be 25 years old, but it has been reported to be here longer than that.It is believed that the syndrome[AIDS] has been around far longer. In 1959, a man residing in Africa died of a mysterious illness. Only decades later, after examining some blood samples taken from that man, was it confirmed that he actually died from complications related to an HIV infection.

Now the question is how it enter in America? The fact is gays have already been here in America, so that base-less assumption is ridiculous and bizarre! Some researchers say a immigrant from another country may have brought it into the country?

So where did HIV/AIDS come from and it's origins? Experts have concluded that HIV has it origins in the jungles of Africa among wild chimps. Experts go on to report that evidence suggests that the simian form of HIV (SIV) entered the human species and became HIV by way of monkey bites or ingesting monkey meat and brains. While the origins of HIV are more clear,the thing is pointing fingers at the gay community, and saying that community is the source, has no research or evidence to back that hypothesis up. It is NO theory! Which brings me to address a certain blogger: The Captain


Justice MH: Well, why would anyone embrace the lifestyle of a heterosexual, drug addict, or get a blood transfusion that can give HIV/AIDS? You see, your ignorance is no longer amusing, but pathetic , and just plain sad. Do you ask heterosexual this question? Oh yeah, you keep pointing fingers at the gay community. Well its thinking like that which enables the disease to spread if everyone is NOT making sure their behaviors are safe. Since putting the information in the early eighties that it was a white gay male disease: heterosexuals both black and white, also black gays believe this, and didn't take caution in their own behaviors. Like Queer kid of Color says: Responsibility is prevention of HIV/AIDS.

He gave another comment without a comment forum, what a coward:

It is amazing how homosexuals glamorize the gay lifestyle as something wonderful and grand when in reality, HIV/AIDS is the core of the gay community. I hear various gay activists trying to shift the focus of HIV/AIDS away from the gay community so they won't look like the culprits, but unfortunately people know the real truth. Now, the epidemic have spreaded in our heterosexual community, all to the thanks of the gay community.

If God really created and blessed homosexuality as an orientation that is acceptable and worthwhile then we wouldn't have sorrow and death. I don't care how many ways you try to slice and dice to justify homosexuality is right, if it was, then HIV/AIDS would not be killing our men and women off due to an filthy and perverse sexual choice, which is the largest driver of this infection growth. If sorrow comes with it, God never blessed it!

Justice MH: This whole comment is simply bias, ignorant, and full of mean-spirited as usual! No one that I know of is trying to shift the focus of HIV/AIDS, but it's not a gay thing. Culprits??? We have nothing to hide, and we're blame-less, so say what you want. What real truth is this? A bull-shitted truth. The heterosexual community started their own infection rate, unless their sleeping with gay males. It takes two to tangle, not a population of people with a different sexual orientation. God created homosexuality and it's blessed, no-matter how much you and other use narrow bible interpretations, a book that known to have errors, contradictions, and inconsistencies. Homosexuality has always been right, it's just those like you and sects of religions that try to prove it's wrong, and trying to use a imperfect holy books as a mouth piece for God. It's your only tool to make your opinions and views as facts. Which their not. Heterosexuals already have high rate base around the world, so is that a perverse sexual choice? Using HIV/AIDS as your argument is very poor in reason. It's your view that God never bless it, and it's bless regardless of what you say. So in the word of my friend and a woman I admire: Kiss off!

Remember everyone be responsible, and safe in this epidemic.

Note: For more on The Captain's gay self-loathing, and commentary on gay-related issues, click here

[ News and posting updates will be on Monday!!!-Justice MH]