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Ex-gay Donnie McClurkin: "God delivered me from homosexuality"???

Now I'm looking at the headline, and see it's the same of old recipe for self-loathing gays! Ex-gay Donnie McClurkin attended Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s gospel concert in South Carolina this weekend, and decided to not only sing, but turn this spiritual gospel tour into a platform for the ex-gay myth and the pray away the gay myth!

CNN Transcript of Donnie McClurkin: “Jesus came for everybody. And God has called us to love everybody. Now don’t believe everybody tries to vilify a folk just to make another man’s campaign look bad. We believe that everybody should have the same rights. But there’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. [to audience] I don’t hear nobody here. We don’t believe in discrimination, we don’t believe in hatred. [to audience] I don’t hear anybody here. And if you do, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s the whole premise of God, that’s the whole premise of Christ–is Love Love Love. But there is a side of Christ that deals in judgement. And ALL sin, is against God. Even hypocrisy in the church, especially hypocrisy in the church.

Hallelujah. Everybody sittin’ here with baited breath wondering where I’m goin’ go next. Well, let’s make this plain. Let’s make this plain. Don’t call me a bigot, or anti-gay, when I have been touched with the same feelings. When I have suffered with the same feelings. Don’t call me a homophobe, when I love everybody. And that means I’m afraid, phobia means I’m afraid, I’m not afraid of anybody. Because greater is He that is in me. Don’t tell me that I stand up and say vile words against the gay community, because I don’t. I don’t speak against the homosexual. I tell you that God delivered me from homosexuality.

And no matter what you read on whatever blog you read it on. No matter what imaginary confession is given. Let me tell you the Bible says, that if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. The old things, the old people, the old ways–passed away. And behold. [to audience] Somebody scream real loud.”

Many pro-tolerance advocates and myself have said we do NOT object to Donnie's choice to to identify as ex-gay and to refrain from homosexual behavior. They object because McClurkin:

1.told The 700 Club — a Christian media outlet — that same-sex-attracted persons are child-killers and vowed to wage “war” — not peace nor Christian outreach — against gay people

2.mischaracterizes his ongoing sexual attraction to men as if it were fully overcome and declines to discuss his lack of significant attraction to women

3.asserts that because a handful of individuals with unstable or fluid sexual attraction claim to change, anyone can do it!

Also, Obama tried to help the situation by having a gay pastor open the concert with a prayer, however it was not a black gay pastor or affirming black pastor, but a white gay pastor! According to CNN’s Political Ticker blog, Sidden appeared only briefly at the concert, before much of the audience had even arrived, and refrained from mentioning sexuality.

South Carolina African-American gay activist Alvin McEwen attended a small protest outside the concert and wrote his observations:

"No matter how many times it was emphasized that none of us care about McClurkin’s personal decisions regarding his orientation, folks have continued to claim that we are angry at McClurkin’s belief that he is “ex-gay” rather than his statements against the lgbt community".

Justice MH's Final Thoughts: Many and so have I that we do NOT have anything against Donnie for his choice to identify as ex-gay, and refrain from homosexual behavior! Now these are my deeper views and a closer look into his testimony. Donnie gave the same ole' "God delivered me from homosexuality" speech! Biblical deliverance is from something demonic controlling a person. Is Donnie saying his attractions and desires are from demons[demonic forces]? Now let me say I do NOT believe in demons, nor do they exist! So why in the year 2007 not 207 A.D, we have blind faithful religious people still believing in ancient fears and superstitious? It's amazing because there is NO proof of demons, but the Catholic Church still believes in this nonsense! Most likely to keep catholics in fear and unnecessary superstitious ways.

Back to Donnie, he told the crowd to not believe the blogs, but believe the bible. I kindy laugh a little at that. Don't ask, I laugh at about everything. Anyway, Donnie must be talking about that unknown ex-lover he had back in the mid 2002-2004! He recently came forward on
clay cane's blog! It appears Donnie has enter his closet, in the dark, and can't find the door knob! Do I believe Donnie about God supposedly delivering him? Ummm, most likely no! I think he's now celibate. Think about it: No wife, kids, or even a girlfriend! He's 49, i think. Damn Donnie, at least fool me about your sexuality. Am I upset about him no-longer acting on his same-sex attraction or maybe in private to become attracted to the opposite? No, I am not upset at all! I respect it, and wish the best. God is love, and it doesn't and shouldn't matter who we love. So Donnie shouldn't turn this concert into a platform to make it known he's ex-gay, and doesn't act on the attractions! All I can do is wish the best for him! I still support Sen. Obama, and he most likely has my vote over Sen.Clinton in the Georgia Primary!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Evening:Updates/Posts Later Today!!!

I will have posts up later in the evening! The main post of today will be on Ex-gay Donnie McClurkin performance at the Obama Gospel tour called "Embrace Change"! I think that's right!

Anyway, I may have a video up until updates and posts come! Someone[no one important] mention Donnie had the last say, I think not! You'll have to see what have to say about Donnie and his little audience, and of course everyday news!

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Taking Monday Off!!!

I'm taking a long weekend, so today will be a rest day. I'll have updates and posts early tomorrow morning!

Friday, October 26, 2007

'The View' on the Ex-gay Donnie McCLurkin situation!!!

The ladies on the View tackled the issue about ex-gay Donnie McClurkin and it's particpation in the gospel tour for Democratic White house hopeful Sen. Barack Obama!

As usual Whoopi is pro-gay, and Sherri always shows her true conservative colors.

However I need to take a closer look at this. The lovely ladies are just misinform about Donnie. They should have done more research, hell google him!

I agree with Jeremy at Goodas and how he puts it:

For it's not that he merely that he identifies as an "ex-gay" or that he says it's a "choice" that is causing controversy. It's instead that for the past few years, he has identified as quite the anti-gay. So shame on the gabby gals for not learning more facts before delving into this arena.

But beyond lack of research as to what McClurkin has actually done, there are two matters for discussion that we see in the vid:

(1) Is Whoopi saying she agrees that being gay is a "choice," or merely that she agrees people should be free to their privacy in terms of their personal life.

(2) Is Sherri seriously using words like "struggle" to talk about homosexuality, and likening that particular characteristic to things like promiscuity?
Now, we're going to give Whoopster the benefit of the doubt because (a) she's always been good on gay rights, and (b) there is room to assume that she was agreeing about one's right to keep their private life private, and not that being gay is a "choice." If her mind is that made up about the ability for one to pick and choose their orientation, then we do take issue with that. But from just this one comment, we can't be sure.

As for Sherri Shepherd, however -- what the hell?!?! We don't "struggle," Sherri. And our "manifestations" are not to be likened to things like promiscuity, which is a concept that exists in both orientations. We are human beings, not a set of trauma-induced traits! So how about instead of just accepting whatever anyone tells you in terms of nature vs. nurture, you look at some research, the evidence around you, and proceed to form your own "view" about the gay men and women who populate your world! Casual acceptance of the idea that "ex-gay" and "gay" claims hold equal merit is what that movement relies on.

You, Sherri, would surely view a claim that you are choosing not to "struggle" with heterosexuality with a (rightfully) skeptical eye. You owe it to your gay brothers and sisters to extend the same courtesy.

Justice MH: I agree with the above statements! Whoopi and sherri should study up stuff before talking about an issue, especially a gay isse. Damn, Oprah almost always gets it! Lastly, I'm have to keep a eye on Ms.Sherri, those conservative leanings do not make her look good.

Take a look at the video, and share thoughts~Justice MH

Thursday, October 25, 2007

NBJC/HRC and Obama: Also Gay Pastor to open Gospel tour Shows!!!

It looks like this ain't over by a long shot. Something has to give! The National Black Justice Coaltion is already trying to set up a talk or meeting with Obama on black LGBTs concerns with inviting reclosted homosexual Donnie McClurkin! HRC has a press release out with HRC's Joe Solmonese on a phone call with Sen.Obama:

“I spoke with Sen. Barack Obama today and expressed to him our community’s disappointment for his decision to continue to remain associated with Rev. McClurkin, an anti-gay preacher who states the need to ‘break the curse of homosexuality.’ There is no gospel in Donnie McClurkin’s message for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and their allies. That’s a message that certainly doesn’t belong on any Presidential candidate’s stage.”

“I did thank him for announcing he would be adding an openly gay minister as part of the tour and for his willingness to call on religious leaders to open a dialogue about homophobia. We hope that Sen. Obama will move forward and facilitate face to face meetings with religious leaders, like Rev. McClurkin, and the GLBT community to confront the issue of homophobia.”
“We also call on all of the Presidential campaigns to look within their ranks of supporters and make the same commitment to engage in a dialogue among differing views around issues of equality and fairness for our community.”
Rev. McClurkin, an “ex-gay” gospel singer and minister who has called homosexuality a “curse”, has repeatedly stated his opposition to homosexuality as being against “the intention of God.”
On August 9, Sen. Obama joined the leading Democratic presidential candidates in addressing issues important to the GLBT community at the Logo/HRC Foundation presidential forum in Los Angeles. During his interview with panelists Joe Solmonese, singer/activist Melissa Etheridge, and journalists Margaret Carlson and Jonathan Capehart, Sen. Obama addressed and the issue of homophobia in the black church

Justice MH: Now let me say: I don't believe in curses especially gays ones, or demons especially gay demons or spirits.

[Update]: Obama's team has their gay pastor to open his gospel shows. To be honest here I don't know anything about this man, here's his church bio:

A native of Winston-Salem, N.C., the Rev. Andy Sidden was called in March 2003 to serve as pastor of Garden of Grace United Church of Christ (formerly MCC Columbia). Ironically, his pastorate in South Carolina's Midlands began on his birthday!
Pastor Andy worked as a reporter and copy editor for newspapers in the Carolinas and Florida before entering the professional ministry. He worked more than eight years in Rock Hill, SC, where his son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren live.

As a child, he joined Mock's United Methodist Church in Advance, NC. He attended Methodist Churches in the Carolinas and, shortly before returning to South Carolina, he served as an administrative assistant at Harvester United Methodist Church in Land O' Lakes, FL.

Pastor Andy entered the professional ministry in 1991 after serving in lay ministries at Metropolitan Community Churches in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC, and in Tampa, FL. He served as assistant to the pastor and later as associate pastor of MCC Tampa.

From 1994 to 2002, he served as pastor of Spirit of Life MCC in New Port Richey, FL, which grew during his leadership by more than 500 percent to become the 25th largest MCC in the world. During his pastorate, Spirit of Life completed a $350,000 building program and started a satellite mission in Spring Hill, FL. In 2002, he was MCC's first-ever nominee for regional elder.

He and his life partner of more than 20 years, Dr. Kevin Dove, share their home with three cats, a beagle, tropical fish, and a greenhouse filled with plants. Avid gardeners, they love to watch living things grow!

Under his leadership, Garden of Grace has nearly tripled in size and has build a $500,000 worship center.

Justice MH: This might help, but then again it could be a failure. Obama should have a more modern advance staff that knows about gay issues. I also like to point out is there no one on his staff that couldn't yahoo search or google supposely deliver Donnie McClurkin? This is a no win-win situation for Obama. I can look and get pass this if only Donnie just sings, and just sing. I agree with blender Pam : "For those of us who are black and gay, we're watching to see who has our back. Too often, it's no one". I agree that this was a mistake on Obama's team, so to LGBTs: don't be so quick to judge!

Ex-Gay Randy Thomas oppose Non-Discrimination Act!!!

Professsional Ex-gay Randy Thomas is [no surprise] opposing potential laws like ENDA to help stop bias in the work place. Also many conservative used Professional ex-gays like Randy thomas to prove gays can change their sexual orientation, but there is no proof for that, and randy is NO walking miracle.

Randy of course contradicts himself, he says we[gays] deserve dignity, and respect, but no right to keep our job just for being gay. I and many other have challenge many conservatives and right-wing groups/people to give three good reason why it shouldn't be law. There is already a exception for religion, so what are their three good reasons? I haven't seen any yet. All i've seen were silly statments falling out their mouth. Again, they can't even come up with good reasons.

Now how could I forget homobigot Bishop Harry Jackson. As you seen above, he's hosting the conference. Now the thing that strikes me odd about him being there is he said the National Black Justice Coaltion's Church Summit that he want to protect marraige. Like Larry King said: " how can you protect marriage from people who want to get married"?

Anyway, the reason I brought this up is he's now opposing EDNA and hate crime legislation. He gives incorrect reasons like his white conservative counterparts do. Like I said I'm surprise to see him. Bishop Jackson's hate crusade is now clearly seen by many black LGBTs and just LGBTs period.

The Religious right knows very well that the more pro-gay laws pass will not be good for their war on gays, and it will eventually no one else to pick on, and hate on. They know this. So they lie, and bear false witness. This all the more reason why EDNA and the recently pass hate crimes measure from Congress must become law. They already feel like we're so powerful, and their the victims? Yeah, right! So this all the more reason why sooner than later EDNA and the Matthew Shepard Act will become law! Bush will not be there to save them always! They know this. These new laws are coming, you ready?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Barack Obama teams with Ex-gay Donnie McClurkin: More homophobes on tour, and responses from Donnie and Obama!!!

I'm running real late on this story. I have been hearing about it all day, and I felt i need to add my two cents. So it's already been confirm that Democratic White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama has decided to have a gospel tour with reclosted homosexual Donnie McClurkin.

Here's the release:All three of the dates of the “Embrace the Change” tour are in South Carolina, where Mr. Obama is locked in battle with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for black voters.

Gospel acts including Mary Mary, Donnie McClurkin and Hezekiah Walker, Byron Cage and the Mighty Clouds of Joy are scheduled to appear.

“This is another example of how Barack Obama is defying conventional wisdom about how politics is done and giving new meaning to meeting people at the grassroots level,” Joshua DuBois, the campaign’s religious affairs director, said in a release. “This concert tour is going to bring new people into the political process and engage people of faith in an unprecedented way.”

Donnie is on record for saying sexual orientation is choice, also says you can pray the gay away. Donnie goes even lower with comparing gays to liars!

Heres a few quotes:McClurkin explains, "There are certain things like, you know, anybody who has a lying problem; they get to the point where they hate being so, having such a lack of character that they make a change."

In the same interview, McClurkin argues again that homosexuality is simply a lifestyle choice. "There's a group that says, 'God made us this way,' but then there's another group that knows God didn't make them that way," he says. Notice the circularity in his rhetoric. The people who say that God made them gay don't know what they're talking about because the people who say God did not make them gay are right. Well how do they know if someone was born gay or not if they are not gay themselves? It's insulting and presumptuous of others to tell gays and lesbians that they're not smart enough even to know who they are.

Just for the record Donnie is still unmarried, and he has church called Perfecting Faith Church in New York. Donnie is a Bush supporter. Many have said since Donnie performed and support Republican like President Bush, why is he performing for a Democrat? That's a answer only Donnie can give you. Donnie argues that us the gays who say that God made us with our sexual orientation is liars. I can only say that Donnie doesn't know what he's talking about at all! He claims to be deliver, but still single, and unmarried. I wonder why? Surely if you're deliver, then you should be able to function as a heterosexual, right?

There are more homophobes on this tour like gospel group Mary Mary (Erica and Tina Atkins), their confirm for the tour. Here's their quotes on how they feel about gays with comparing us to murderers and prostitutes, a Clay Cane interview:

Clay: I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but you have an extremely large gay following -- how do you feel about homosexuality and having a massive gay following?

Erica: We are aware. Ummm... how do I feel about homosexuality? I feel how God feels about it, but I still love them. I don’t agree with the lifestyle, but I love them. They can come to the concert; I’m going to hug them just like I hug everybody else. They have issues and need someone to encourage them like everybody else -- just like the murderer, just like the one full of pride, just like the prostitute -- everybody needs God. What your struggle is may not be what my struggle is, but we all need Him. So, that's what our music is about giving and God, not to condone the lifestyle or to say, Oh it's okay, but not to bash -- but just to give them God. I mean, I’m appreciative of all of our supporters and fans. Hopefully what their hearing in our music is my love for God.

Tina: You know, I think the fact that our music is very upbeat and works well in clubs -- you know, I think that's something that makes more people gravitate to it. Like Erica said, we don’t necessarily agree with the lifestyle, but we don’t pride ourselves on bashing. Everyone has things in their life that they need to correct, everybody has struggles, everybody has things that, maybe I should’ve done it this way, maybe I should’ve made this choice, you know, or whatever. Even though that's the way we feel, we don’t bash, we don’t do that kind of thing and we embrace everybody who enjoys our music. Hopefully our music is impacting them in a way that if they see there's some things in their life that's not quite right and doesn’t align themselves with what the Bible says -- hopefully our music impacts them in a way that makes them want to change it.

So they feel how God feels right? As my friend Jerry said: The bible is NOT God! Too many contradictions to be on God's level!

Donnie McClurkin responds with some back-tracking on his beliefs: Gospel music superstar Donnie McClurkin says he was surprised to wake up Tuesday morning to a media firestorm.

... McClurkin told The Associated Press on Monday that "sexuality, everything is a matter of choice." But on Tuesday he told the Tribune that his ideals, and most importantly his ministry, were severely misconstrued.
"I don't believe that even from a religious point of view that Jesus ever discriminated toward anyone, nor do I," McClurkin said in an exclusive interview with the Tribune. "Most of the things that were said were totally out of context and then other things weren't true."

Ok, Donnie do you know what you said in the past? Like here:McClurkin has devoted his life to saving children from the cult-like snares of the homosexual recruiters. "The gloves are off," he told the 700 Club. "And if there's going to be a war, there's going to be a war."

What about comparing us [gays] to liars: McClurkin explains, "There are certain things like, you know, anybody who has a lying problem; they get to the point where they hate being so, having such a lack of character that they make a change."

Donnie seems to have forgotten his quotes of the past. Obama issued his thoughts early this evening:

About 6:40 pm today, the Obama campaign issued a written statement from the candidate saying that he "strongly disagree(s)" with McClurkin's views. Still, a spokesman said McClurkin would remain part of the concert line-up.

"I have clearly stated my belief that gays and lesbians are our brothers and sisters and should be provided the respect, dignity, and rights of all other citizens. I have consistently spoken directly to African-American religious leaders about the need to overcome the homophobia that persists in some parts our community so that we can confront issues like HIV/AIDS and broaden the reach of equal rights in this country," Obama said in the written statement.

"I strongly believe that African Americans and the LGBT community must stand together in the fight for equal rights. And so I strongly disagree with Reverend McClurkin's views and will continue to fight for these rights as President of the United States to ensure that America is a country that spreads tolerance instead of division," the statement added.

Justice MH: I feel that Obama should have been smarter with who he wanted on this gospel tour in South Carolina. Who ever is on his campaign staff needs to be fired. This is forgivable, but i have to admit, it has push me some towards Hillary Clinton. I bet she having a ball watching this happen to obama. Obama still has me on the fence, I just hope next time think who before you invited those who inaccurate views on your supporters. Obama has what it takes to be President, and yes Captain, Obama will be President some day in the future. I hope this comes out in best interest of Obama's chances of becoming the Democratic nominee!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


From Video Author: This clip was taken from the HBO documentary, Middle Sexes- Redefining He and She.

Just my two-cents worth, but this study goes along perfectly and supports what most gay men have known for centuries, that, most homophobes are actually closet homosexuals fighting against the religious and societal pressures and prejudices inside themselves they grew up with. This knowledge has not come to us homosexuals through studies or even "gaydar" but from countless sexual experiences with closeted gays and homophobes. Some of us do talk after sex. :0)

Again, I say MOST, not ALL.

The beauty of this documentary is that it gives insight into the hearts and minds of those who express moral outrage at homosexuality, their secret participation in same-gender sex, and their denial of their tendencies.

The point of posting this video is to get homophobes and those outraged by homosexuality to stop and think about what they may be in fact projecting when they go gay bashing, whether it be in word or deed.

Justice MH's Final Thoughts: I truly feel that with religion and majority of society demonizing same-sex attractions/desires makes people hate, fear and possibly leads to other destructive/outrageous behaviors to hide their same-sex tendencies. This leads to denial, rage, hate, fear, and the need to suppress openly gays to keep their same-gender attractions and desires lock up. Take for example Sen.Larry Craig, he engage in bathroom sex cruising, and voted against the hate crimes[matthew Shepard Act]. These type of sexually conflicted people you see are by-products of dogma from religion, and bias attitudes from society!

This video gives insight of the very things I always say about self-loathing gays/bi-sexuals: For what they do, they love and hate it at the same time!

[Updates/Posts to come in late evening!-Justice MH!]

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tonight on ABC: Boston Legal Tackles "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

The Emmy Award-winning drama Boston Legal tackles discrimination, homophobia and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” tonight on ABC.

Tonight’s episode, titled Do Tell, involves the case of law partner Denny Crane’s Army buddy, General “Fitz” Fitzgerald. Fitz shows up at the law firm of Crane Poole & Schmidt to tell Denny that he is gay . . . and he’s being discharged under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” While Denny grapples with the surprising news about his friend’s sexual orientation, Shirley Schmidt (played by Emmy winner Candice Bergen) takes up Fitz’s case, suing the Army and challenging “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in court.

Boston Legal airs tonight at 10pm EST on ABC. Don't miss it!!!

USA Survey/New Book: Cafeteria Evangelical Christians running Youth away from Christianity!!!

Since I'm part of the next generation, it's no surprise to see my generation question the dogma churches try to feed youth today. This study was done by Barna Study Group, and the group is widely quoted by conservative christian groups, groups like AFA to news sources like OneNewsNow. Young people are taking a good look at Christianity, and groups like AFA make this great faith look bad. Young people see it as i do, judgmental, hypocritical, and anti-gay! Take a look at a summary of the report:

A new study by The Barna Group conducted among 16- to 29-year-olds shows that a new generation is more skeptical of and resistant to Christianity than were people of the same age just a decade ago.

...Half of young churchgoers said they perceive Christianity to be judgmental, hypocritical, and too political. One-third said it was old-fashioned and out of touch with reality.

Interestingly, the study discovered a new image that has steadily grown in prominence over the last decade. Today, the most common perception is that present-day Christianity is "anti-homosexual." Overall, 91% of young non-Christians and 80% of young churchgoers say this phrase describes Christianity. As the research probed this perception, non-Christians and Christians explained that beyond their recognition that Christians oppose homosexuality, they believe that Christians show excessive contempt and unloving attitudes towards gays and lesbians. One of the most frequent criticisms of young Christians was that they believe the church has made homosexuality a "bigger sin" than anything else. Moreover, they claim that the church has not helped them apply the biblical teaching on homosexuality to their friendships with gays and lesbians.

Justice MH: Young People are using their intellect and reason to question the dogma that brainwashes them to have negative attitudes towards gays, and they also see how judgmental and hypocritical so-called Christians make Christianity look! Christ talks alot about this, but groups like AFA feel like their hate-crusade is approve by Jesus Christ himself, which I highly doubt! Cafeteria Christians throw out ridiculous phrases like "love the sinner, but hate sin". It's time for them to repent of their sins, shape up, or ship out!It's phrases like this, that give these Christians affirmation for their negative thoughts and feelings toward their fellow man. Today's young people are smarter, it's like I said, and the christian "wrong" fear this. My generation is gonna change America, for the better!

Running Late on Posts!!!

I'm starting the week off bad, but i have some posts in mind to put on the site, so i'll have some up in the late evening!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Ex-Gay= Ex-Wife --- The Survivors Speak out!!!

This Truth Wins Out video tells the story of four courageous women who married closeted gay men. They had no idea that their husbands were "ex-gay" and the experience was traumatizing.

In this exclusive National Coming Out Day video, these survivors warn about the harm done by ex-gay programs that promote marriage as a cure for homosexuality - whether explicitly or implicitly. Not only do these marriages almost always fail, but they hurt the innocent spouses and children and treat them as props or collateral damage. While ex-gay organizations, such as Exodus and Focus on the Family, love to show the wedding pictures, they never show you the divorce papers. This video is a powerful reality check and a warning for those who would marry thinking that it will help them go from gay to straight.

If You Are A Spouse Dealing With This Issue, Please Visit:

Justice MH: I always say praying away the gay does not work. Sexual orientation is innate! Truth is truth!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Movie Trailer:For The Bible Tells Me So!!!

From the video Author:This is a trailer for the film For The Bible Tells Me So, a provocative documentary that reconciles homosexuality and Biblical scripture. Through the experiences of five families, we discover how insightful people of faith handle the realization of having a gay child. Informed by such respected voices as Bishop Desmond Tutu, Orthodox Rabbi Steve Greenberg and Reverend Jimmy Creech, FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO offers healing and understanding to anyone caught in the crosshairs of scripture and sexual identity.

This movie will give a closer look at those six passages used to demonize gays. For centuries many in Christianity have used any verse in the bible to affirm their bias negative attitudes.

In my view the phrase "For the bible tell me so" seems dangerous. Religion has created many religious freaks and dogmatic groups.

However, the movie above seems interesting, and i'll have to check out here in Atlanta!

Enjoy the trailer.

Running Late on Posts!!!

Unfortunately, something came up, and I have to delay on posts. However, i will update in the evening of today. Until then......

Question: If you're a Christian how do you reconcile scientific findings and what the bible says? Do you ignore scientific proof and research to sustain your faith? Do you balance it out with reason?

The reason why I'm asking these question is how The View co-host Sherri Shepard answer the question of whether the earth was flat or round. Scientific research confirm it's round, and the church and the bible just got it wrong. So answer the questions above honestly!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Justice MH's Hiatus is Over!!!

My Hiatus is over. It's been as of now a week since I updated the site. Later in the evening I will post my first "Random Thoughts" for the week. Randoms thoughts covering why I haven't posted for a week, thoughts on whats in the news, and things I just feel the need to touch up on before the weekend starts. That Post is for later in the evening! Thanks!