Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Election Results: Hillary Clinton wins TX, OH, RI !!!!

What a night for Sen.Hillary Clinton!!! Here's what her husband said before last night's big night took place!!!

"If she wins in Texas and Ohio, she'll be the nominee. If she doesn't, I don't think she can be. It's all on you." - former President Bill Clinton

Here's last night's results:

CNN and Fox call Texas for Sen.Hillary Clinton. This was close by she pull it off with a narrow 4 point win. I was hoping Texas to look like California, but this win is good with some bragging-rights, also possibly with a few more delegates than Obama. Huge win for her.

Sen.John McCain wins Texas GOP Primary to win GOP nomination, congrats to him.

CNN and Fox call Ohio for Sen.Hillary Clinton. Another "no surprise". Hillary Clinton has a her base back. However, I heard Republicans was crossing over to over for Obama, so the margin should be wider. She wins 55% to his 44%. A big win for her.

CNN and Fox call Vermont for Sen.Barack Obama. This is no surprise. Vermont is very liberal, and the war in Iraq is at the top of list, but Obama's argument is deeply flawed. That's for another post. He won with 60% to her 38% of the vote.

Sen.John McCain win the GOP Primary in Vermont also. No surprise at all.

CNN and Fox call Rhode Island for Sen.Hillary Clinton. No surprise here. Rhode Island is a little state with a big voice, and they choose Hillary Clinton. The state is also close to the state of New York. She won 58% to his 40% of the vote.

Final Thoughts: Hillary Clinton had a amazing comeback last night, just like would. Last night was a test not just for Hillary, but Obama as well. Obama has too prove he could finally beat her in a diverse big state like Texas, and a major swing state like Ohio. Unfortunately, Sen.Obama failed the test BIG TIME! The Obama camp along with media can spin all they want, he hasn't won one big state other than his home state Illinois.

He's winning states that are red with caucuses, along a purple, and a couple of blue states. Hillary Clinton has passed the test. She continues to do better in the major swing state like Ohio, even with Republican cross-over, he still couldn't beat her. In Texas, I thought he had a chance, but suffered a disappointing loss by almost 5 points. Hillary won my birth state, I admit i was nervous, but she pulled it off. What's interesting, she's winning the states a Democrat needs to capture the White House. Obama hasn't proven he can take on John McCain.

In New Jersey, a Democratic state, in a head-head between Obama and McCain, he is very competitive with Obama than Hillary. In meaning, McCain could make a traditional blue state go red, and that's NOT good. It's a Known fact far-left liberal Democrats don't win General elections, only moderate [centrists] like Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton can win a General Election.

The Democratic party and Super-delegates can afford to roll the dice with Obama, or give him the ball, McCain could possibly win by a landslide in November against Obama. The Democratic party can't afford to suspend belief from reality, and just plain wishful thinking. Democratic leader can't afford to ignore Hillary Clinton's hard experience, toughness, base of support, and centrist appeal. There is NO time for gambling or experimenting!!!

P.S- There is still more to come today!!


ponoono said...

so you support putting Bill the wanker back in the white house?? the only president impeached in the last 200 years?

the problem with the Hill is you get a twofer.. her and her moral leper of a husband.

even a lot of white women won't vote for her because she failed to kick Bill's ass OUT... and its sad she got elected to the Senate only because her husband caught a blowjob from an intern.

Justice MH said...

@ponoono: Wow!! So many theories and opinons Mr. Ponoono!!

Ummm, I support Hillary Clinton, this isn't about Bill Clinton.

I rather the bargain with Hillary along with Bill. It's better than the oops "i push the wrong button" barack obama.

Exuse me?? WOman have and will vote for Hillary.

In Texas, she won 55% percent of the woman vote, and in Ohio, she won 67% percent of the vote.

It's really sad when Obama's worshippers, i mean supporters, have to dig in the past of what Bill did, and drag Hillary done with it. Stick to the present and issues at hand.

That's just sad, unfortunate, and pathetic.

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