Saturday, June 29, 2013


Intro: Welcome to Polit-news, an online weekly series on your weekly Politics fix and news. My name is Matt Harris. I will be your host for this weekly series. This podcast will feature a series that focus on your weekly news, facts on your government, and facts on your political leaders.

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Content: Today on Polit-news, we will focus on some hot news items. The Supreme court decisions on the Voting rights act and same-sex marriage. This week the Supreme Court found section 5 of the voting right act unconstitutional. The 15 states that had to pre-approve will now be free to create their re-redistricting lines without having to get pre-cleared by the Justice department.  The Second Supreme Court decision is the court ruling the Defense of Marriage of Act unconstitutional, section 5 of the law is unconstitutional. What that means is? The Government must now extend benefits to same-sex couples that are married in states that approve same-sex marriage. However, states with bans on same-sex marriage can still deny those benefits. I have to say these two decision give a win to both liberals and conservatives, but both lost as well. The voting rights case gives Republican southern states free reign to make voting lines and laws without getting approval from the federal governemnt, and that is a major win for them. The same-sex marriage decision is a win for the gay rights movement and Democrats. The quest for equal rights is winning, slowly, but in a speedy pace.


Closing:  Join us next week for more Poli-news with your daily fix and news. Next week I will focus on culture topics such as abortion, and much more. Thank you for listening. See you next week.



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