Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Message to Ex-gay activist Alan Chambers Stop telling Bald Faced Lies!!!

From Video Author: Recently, on Fox's Mike and Juliet Show, ex-gay... (more)

Recently, on Fox's Mike and Juliet Show, ex-gay activist Alan Chambers called homosexuality "empty" and said that he "left homosexuality" because it was for the young - and that one day he'd be too old and bald to live open and honestly.

The truth is, the only thing "empty" is Mr. Chambers' shallow rhetoric. His organization, Exodus, often resorts to scare tactics and flat out lies to recruit new victims. This Truth Wins Out video challenges Alan Chambers and sets the record straight[no pun intended].

Justice MH: Let me add my 1.00 worth of wisdom and commentary. It's really sad Alan thinks age will make you fear and go straight. How desperate can you be to get new recruitments? And they accuse gays of recruiting? Speak for yourself! The ex-gay myth will be around for awhile, but it really has little to back up it's arguments of so-called change. Anyway, watch this video of Alan telling his latest ex-gay lie!



Anthony Venn-Brown said...

have you noticed that all the ex-gays had tragic lives......they still haven't realised that heterosexuals also have tragic lives sometimes self destructive as well.

When they get converted they leave thier tragic lifestyle but dont change their sexual orientation.....because it isn't the sexual orientation that is the problem.....its the lifestyle. Silly people.

Son of a Bishop said...

Society and "religion" has done such a number on us until it is really hard for a SGL person to embrace their spiritual man. Homosexuality and hetorosexuality is not just sex; it can be very spiritual if you embrace that part of your life.

Anonymous said...

SOB: Sexuality is very spiritual, I agree. However, with the unity of man and woman, created to be as one body and spirit, how is that the same as two men or two women coming together? Love is ascending, but any other type of "love" that has the union of man to man or woman to woman, is a disgrace and descending to perversion, abaddon, absalom, ammon, ashtoreth, belial, lust, debauchery, confusion, rebellion, immorality, leviathan, incest, rape, lewdness, incubus, succubus, molech, just a few spiritual connections homosexuality fall into that many are not aware of.

Anthony Venn-Brown said...

only two gay men and two lesbians who adore and love each other would ever know how beautiful, intimate and sacred physical love can be between each other. If you are heterosexual....you would only understand it within your context.

Justice MH said...

@SOB: I agree religion along with it's dogma has really done a number on gays. It's really sad, but we're survivors.

@Captain: You still with that same old ignorance. It's self-hating gays like you that give the rest of us a bad name. Oh, how's that road heterosexuality going?

@Anthony: Welcome to my blog! I agree and have notice that many ex-gays have tragic lives. Most ex-gays are christians, some jews. Of course the sexual orientation doesn't change, but their trying to convince themselves that. I agree the lifestyle has to change to live a good life. sexual orientation and lifestyle are two different things.

Umm, Captain heterosexual??? LMAO! I think the jury is still out on that one!

Anthony Venn-Brown said...

thanks for the welcome Justice MH. I spent 22 years doing everything possible to change my sexual orientation. After ex-gay programs, exorcisms, psychiatric sessions and 16 years of marriage....I realised all I had was a degree of heterosexual functionality......the orientation hadn't changed. I call it 'situational heterosexuality'....its like hetereosexual men in prison who have sex with other men when they are inside.......when they come out of jail.....they go back to being completely heterosexual. that is called situational homosexuality.

as this topic is of interest....you may like to read this entry on my blog. http://alifeofunlearning.blogspot.com/2007/08/five-of-australias-ex-gay-leaders.html