Friday, November 2, 2007

'Ex-Gay' Rubber Band Therapy Doesn't Work

The world's largest ex-gay organization, Exodus International tells clients to wear a rubber band on their wrist and snap it when they see someone attractive of the same sex. In this Truth Wins Out PSA, a survivor of rubber band "therapy," Brian Nesbitt, discusses his experience.

Here is what Exodus instructs its clients to do:

"Every time you catch yourself watching someone erotically or engaging in fantasy, snap the band. This will cause a moderate stinging pain, which serves as a shocking reminder of what you are doing. This should help you interrupt the spell."


Justice MH: Is this what really helps change? If so, then this is just silly concepts that have no basis or impact on the person's sexual orientation! Change is clearly a tough road, but is there any success? I don't think so, but at least they trying!

Watch the video! Enjoy!


Son of a Bishop said...

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Rubberband therapy? :)
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Justice MH said...

@Son of a bishop: Thank you for visiting. Take a look around and come back!