Sunday, November 18, 2007

PPV Predictions: WWE's 21st Survivor Series!!!

This is a new monthly post I'm starting. This post will focus on WWE's monthly or every 3 week PPV. I have been a fan of wrestling for almost 8 years, and still loving it, even though wwe make stupid decision as in matches and storylines.

Moving on....... It's been ten years since the ever famous Montreal Screw job between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart! Will Tonight's Survivor Series top that Main Event? I doubt it, but it will give us some moments to remember for years to come or a few days depending on how the show goes. By looking at the card, my predictions make be correct by luck, it's like a who's who on the card tonight. The two world title match seem like a toss-up, a clear winner can not been seen for the world or wwe title. I'm loving unpredictable matches tonight. Anyway, let me get right to tonight’s Survivor Series predictions.

10 Divas Tag Team Match –Team Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall, Melina, Layla and Victoria vs.Team Mickie James Torrie Wilson, Maria, Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly

This match is NOT a elimination match like the traditional 10-man match, but it should be good. It has the eye candy, and some of the divas in this match can wrestle. Let me say the women's champion Beth Pheonix has been dominating the women's divison on monday night raw. The Glamzon ain't no joke. Her team has the women who can wrestle like Jillian, melina, and victoria. Sorry, but Layla can not wrestle, she working on it, but she a long way to go. Team Mickie James along with Michelle will carry the team. Regardless, I see The Glamazon's team winning tonight. Her team has wrestling skills, experience, and strength.

Predicted Winners: Team Glamazon

Hornswoggle vs. The Great Khali

The Match of the night??? I don't think so, I know so is the better way to put it. They want to me to pay $40 for this??? Don't think so! I don't know where wwe is going with this. Why put a 7'3 giant against a 4 something little man??? I think wwe want the fans to think it's going to be a squash, so somebody or something will help Hornswoggle get the win. So I'm using logic and reason for this one.

Predicted Winner: Hornswoggle

World Tag Team Championship: Cade & Murdoch[c] vs. Rhodes & Holly

My gut feeling here is a title change, and the belts are to hardcore holly and Cody rodes. After cade and mourdoch lost to Batista and taker on raw this past Monday, and the build up of the tough team of Rhodes and holly, something is going to happen here. I say we're going to have new tag champs here!

Predicted Winners: New Tag Team Champions Rhodes and Holly

Triple Threat Match for the ECW Championship – CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz

Ok, after this past friday night on smackdown, the winner is clear here: CM Punk wins and retains. The reason is Morrison and the Miz won the Smackdown Tag team belts. The wwe will not put second title on either on them. I don't see it happening, but then again it could. I'm sticking with what I said: CM Punk retain the title.

Predicted Winner: CM Punk Retains ECW World title

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match – Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Kane and Rey Mysterio vs. Umaga, Mr. Kennedy….Kennedy, Finlay, MVP, and Bid Daddy V

Ok, this one seems easily to predict, so I see Triple H's team winning. I see Triple H and Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio has the final three left or down to either of them as the last superstar to survive. Umaga's team is strong, but I don't see them winning or wwe could let the heels win this year. Damn, that could happen, but I will play it safe and pick.........

Predicted Winners: Triple's Team

WWE Championship Match- Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels

The ten year anniversary of Vince McMahon screwing Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels was in that main-event match. Some say Vince McMachon is going to do the very same thing to HBK by ringing the bell too soon, and giving Orton the win, but what if it’s Shawn Michaels and Vince that screw Randy Orton for the WWE Title??? I can see that happen, and totally heel turn for HBK and a face turn for Orton. Shawn Michaels has the major build up with the interview in the newspapers and online. But I'm playing it safe, and I'll pick Orton to retain the title.

Predicted Winner: Randy orton Retain WWE Title

World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Undertaker - Hell in a Cell Match

AH yes, the Main Event. It's Hell in Cell, and this match has history in it. I know that this match will close the show as the Main Event, and it deserves it. Batista and Undertaker's feud is the feud of the year. Edge is suppose to return tonight, so we could see a interference from him. I want Undertaker to win, but it doesn't look like it, not at this time. Edge is the wild card, but Batista could pull off like he did at Cyber Sunday last month. However, this is Hell in Cell and this is Undetaker's match. Again, My mind is on Edge, he may be a piece to the puzzle on who will win this match. I'm going with Batista to retain the title with Edge's help or by himself, but a Undertaker win in Hell in a Cell would not surprise me at all!!!

Predicted Winner: Batista retain World Title

Justice MH's Final Thoughts: Ok, this is my first prediction post, and there will be more. I also will start maybe reviewing the weekly show Friday Night Smackdown every week. So I haven't decided if I will order the PPV. Is this card worth $40? Something tell me no, and try the next PPV next month Armageddon! There's a couple of hours left till the show. I might change my mind or just keep myself updated on it, and then I could watch it for free. So the cards looks good, and I expect a great show!

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