Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season. We are just days before the end of the year 2007. Due to my unexpected illness, I was unable to do any posting or updates.

This was very unexpected, since I was baking and doing a little cooking on Christmas Eve till 1 a.m. At that late hour, it really hit me with possibly a virus going around. I'm a little bit better today though.

I should be back to updating and posting tomorrow. There is some interesting things going on, a possible scandal, 2008 plans, and 2008 primaries coming up.

Speaking of 2008 primaries. I plan on announcing a candidate i plan on supporting and voting for this primary and presidential 2008 election. I plan on posting it by Friday, or Monday day before New Year's day. I will say this it will NOT be any candidate from the GOP clown car, as fellow blender Pam says. So it will not be a republican, it's down to the democrats.

It's going to one or the other? That's right, Hillary or Obama. It's tough, but i may have made my decision. I'm high on women's rights, and equal-footing with men when it comes to Hillary. For Obama, he shows me he has a vision for America, and gives his supporters hope. I'll tell you this, he would be so much better than current President Bush. Bush has 12 months left, don't let the door hit you, i hope it does, and give that old a** a good hit.

Back to Obama, he has what it take, despite all the claims he's inexperience. On gay civil rights, both Hillary and Obama are pretty even. So if one gets in office, and we have a Democratic Congress, which we will, expect the hate crimes bill and EDNA to pass and become law. Both hate crimes bill and EDNA are two important pieces of legislation that needs to be pass and end this nonsense of debate. The only ones arguing against are the ones who need so one to beat on in America. Since women, blacks, and Jews are a no-no. Then the gays, and transgenders are fair game.

On Marriage Equality, both Obama and Hillary are supporting civil unions as equal to marriage, but it's not. It's close to the concept of marriage, but it's not enough for me, so I'll deal with this political strategy for the time being. When it comes to Civil rights, our executive, and legislative branches always stall on social issues as this. So it only takes the U.S Supreme court to get involve, but due to Bush appointing conservative Justices, there's not enough votes, probably just 3 0r 4 the most. So this next election is important, with a Democrat in office you can expect a U.S Justice to get the job through a regular process, instead the last two being supported by major religious right leaders as Godly appointments. Pa-leeze, religion is starting to become a addiction, that really needs some help.

So, I'll make those announcements soon. Updates and Posting should be up tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

Separation of church and state will surely bring the United States to the lowest level of our nation's history. We cannot allow seperation of church and state, the two were designed to be interrelated and it cannot work if one is stripped away.

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Oh really??? The state will continue to work as always.

Are you that ignorant? How stupid can you be?

Different religious groups, women, african-americans, and LGBT people as minorties would not be where they are today!

AS far as the church goes? Ha, that's just what we need in America dictaorship, fascism, and more dogma.

America does not need to be run by fallibe holy books used as God's mouthpiece!

Thank God for the U.S Consitution where would the minorites be at without it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should take some history lessons...state may function without church, but state was created by the church. They were made to work together, not apart.

Justice MH said...

@Captain: No, you're the one who need some history lessons my friend. They will never work well together. One advocates democracy, and the other one is stuck in dogma, and uses a book as a mouthpiece for God.

With them sepratated, it has been much purity. With them combine, expect America not to be the country it has been for centuries.

As I said before the church or churches has no place in the federal and state governments!

If you want state and religion combine, then go to another country. You won't be miss!

The wall of separation of state and church will remain solid as it has always from any perverted religious freaks who's hostile to liberty and equality for all diverse groups of America.

Get with it, or get the hell out of the way!

CresceNet said...

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Anonymous said...

Regardless, church and state exist, no law or rule have yet to separate them. I really doubt it will happen anytime soon.

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Unfortunately, there is are rules and laws to back the separation that has existed between church and state here in America.

Fact is, NO church has no say in what the Government does, and vice versa.

The founding fathers never gave any religion a role in the federal and state governments. Get over it already!!!