Friday, December 7, 2007

B. Scott Talks About The Gays In The Church (

B.Scott in his latest video talks about gays in the church. This subject is so interesting, and certainly not old.

Gays are everywhere, even in the church. From the preacher to the deacon, to the choir director to the usher, and the church memeber.

Homosexuality just as heterosexuality is present in the church, families, choirs, and many communities. In fact, it's been here as long as humans been here.

The whole Donnie McClurkin situation is old, but still a big issue. I agree with B.Scott, he was gay before his abuse, and that's our view.

Another thing, people always say God can do anything. Yes, I know God can do anything. But God will undo what God has done in the first place. Fact is, sexual orientation has not been proven to be changable, and that's a fact. The whole Ex-gay industry is base on base-less science, and dogmatic religious views.

So like B.Scott said: One a gay, always a gay!!!

The video with B.Scott is everything I would say. Enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

1. Just because it is present, doesn't mean it is correct.

2. Proof exist that people have left this vile lifestyle and found new joy and hope in becoming what they naturally should have been- heterosexual.

3. "Once a gay, always a gay" only apply to those who accept the deception and lie the devil gave them. I know differently, that homosexually always felt wrong to me. That is why I now know the truth, far beyond what gay activist could ever say or do.

4. How in the hell can a fag tell us how the church should be?

Justice MH said...


1.Just because it is present and has always been here is correct. Just a religious conservative try to narrowly interpret a bible verse doesn't make it wrong. So get over it.

2. No such thing is proof of change in sexual orientation. Lifestyle and sexual orientation are two different things. You change how you live, but the attraction and desires will always be there. Just the same for heterosexuals trying to change theirs.

3. Nothing deception or lie from a devil. Well, if you feel it's wrong for YOU, good for you!

4. How in the hell can a self-hating fag call another gay man a fag???

Anonymous said...

1. OK- so poverty, sickness, and other problems in society exist because God wanted it that way? Just because something exist, you say it's God fault it is here and we have to cope with it? So, you saying God created murder, lying, deceit, sin and everything else, right? That's a typical liberal ignorant point of view.

2. Lifestyle and sexual orientation are convergent. There are many people on record who has removed themselves from the gay life and never looked back. Many more desire to do so, and many more are actually doing something about it.

3. This points speaks to your own ill-guided relgious beliefs to fit your personal causes, but truth remains, contrary to what you believe nonetheless.

4. Not self-hating, but if God can make a donkey ass talk to warn someone danger is ahead, then he can certainly use a fag to do His will!

Justice MH said...


1.Why must people blame God for the ills of the world? I never get it. It's a human thing, which i understand. Something that is good and proper is never God's fault like love meaning straight or gay love. As for evil, don't blame God.

2. Well if their on record then why not make history especially scientific and psychiologcal history in proving sexual orientation is changable. Will step forward and show us God's wonderful working power? Even though i feel God sees nothing wrong with a innate gay orientation.

3. Nothing ill about what i stand for. It doesn't fit any personal causes. The ill-guided dogmatic bias religious beliefs you choose to swallow is on all you. The provable truth will remain firm, and stand up to the lies of the ex-gay industry. I hope you don't get the short-end of the stick like so many do!

4. Ok, i'll try not to say you're self-hating, but you show it. However it's obvious you reject your own God-given orientation. Your attractions and desires for the same-sex. That's fine with me, but if you want people to believe what you and ex-gay groups say, then you have to prove it.

That's the bottom line. NO PROOF, NO ARGUMENT!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have no idea how off base that response is, but I let you go with that. What I say, you couldn't possibly comprehend it. I don't expect you to understand, keep learning my young friend!

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Of course I don't comprehend the brainwashing of the ex-gay industry.

And you ignored some key questions in my response, which is no surprise.

Captain, you are the one on the road of learning. Get it straight, or better yet: be straight! lol.