Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2008 New Hampshire Primary:Surprising Come back for Hillary Clinton!!!

I am so surprise by how close the Democratic Primary in New Hampshire was , and it was in the favor of Sen. Hillary Clinton. The polls was saying that it would be a huge margin for Obama, but that was not the case. Sen.Clinton was the comeback girl on the Democratic side of the primary. As for the GOP, congrats to the Sen.John McCain, but on this site it's all about the Democratic side of things in the 2008 election.

N.H. Democratic Primary Candidate Votes %

Hillary Clinton -39% of the votes

Barack Obama -37 % of the votes

John Edwards - 17 % of the votes

Bill Richardson -5% of the votes

Other- 4/516/ 3

Justice MH: To Mrs Clinton: You go girl. Never count a Clinton out. It's almost midnight wednesday.I'll talk more about this later wednesday evening. Stay tune....


Anonymous said...

Thank God it wasn't Obama...he is the devil!

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Grow up! You need help.

Anonymous said...

Obama cannot be president. Let's pray to God to show us who our next leader should be for our country.