Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Next President and Iowa Predictions!!!

We are a little over a hour away to the first contest for the race to the White House, and the Iowa Caucuses are almost here.

I have made a decision of who I'm supporting in the Presidential Primaries this month, and that candidate is Sen. Barack Obama. Yes, it was tough, and I was going back and forth between Hillary and Obama. If Obama doesn't get the Democratic Nomination, then it's without doubt Hillary Clintion will have my support in the general election.

In my view, Sen.Obama will bring change in Washingtion for America, and we need it. Obama has alot of support: Oprah, independents who want big change like me, young democrats, and african-american support which is increasing.

Sen.Obama's record on gay rights is passable, and it will do, even though fellow blogger and Guest blogger Jerry Manker argues that LGBT people should support Democratic white house hopefuls like Congressman Dennis Kucinich who supports full marriage equality. While I understand and agree with his argument, I still favor Obama. If Dennis doesn't make the 15% mark, he has told his supporter to support Obama, and that may help Obama tonight.

Quick Iowa Predictions

Democratic Iowa Winners: Republican Iowa Winners:

1st: Barack Obama 1st: Mike Huckabee

2nd: Hillary Clintion 2nd: Mitt Romney

3rd: John Edwards 3rd: Ron Paul or Fred Thompson

Justice MH: Well, that's the way I see it. It's going to be interesting in a hour, and through out the night. It's like a who's who, and no knows what going to happen. I hope my predictions are right or close, we'll see!


Anonymous said...

Obama CANNOT be president! God forbid.

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Grow up!!!