Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Clinton: "A Win is a Win"!!!!!

Polls will be closing less than two hours in Pennsylvania, and turn out is not so high in Philly.

If turnout's not high in Philly than that might not be good for Obama.

If Hillary Clinton win by 8-10 percent than it may be a boost for her in momentum, and could take back the popular vote.

If Clinton win by 12%-15% percent than that would be a mini-landslide. IF it's 15% or maybe more than Obama has fail to win a key swing state to prove he's can carry a diverse state with blue collar Democrats.

The Reality is Obama needs to win more than Hillary does. Obama won't win Pennsylvania, but how big the loss? I say between 12%-15% percent. If it's over 15%, even better for Hillary, and superdelegates will take notice.

I'll be up with Primart coverage as the votes come in!

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Anonymous said...

I see you really like Clinton here.