Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton wins Pennsylvania Democratic Primary!!!

Hillary Clinton wins Pennsylvania by 10%

Vote: Clinton: 55%

Obama: 45%

Obama outspent Hillary 3 t0 1, and still couldn't deliver the knock-out punch. Pennsylvania is Hillary country, so he wasn't gonna win, no matter how much he spent. Over 10 million is alot, but you can't buy votes. Pennsylvania is NOT for sale, I think Sen.Obama miss that sign.

Hillary Clinton got her double-digit win in Pennsylvania. Now she's on her way to Indiana, and President Clinton has four stops in North Carolina. Hillary's ahead in Indiana by 11 one poll, some from 6-10 in other polls. In North Carolina, she's down 9 in one poll, and the highest I saw was 15 down for her. She has a battle in NC, but two weeks is long way, and anything can happen.

Obama couldn't close the deal, so much cash on hand, over 7 weeks to argue his case, and loss. Pennsylvania is a swing state, and he failed to show his strengths among lunch bucket-blue collar democrats.

Many are now asking: With some much cash and appeal for Obama, a woman with high negatives and unfavorable rating, and still can't close the deal??? Super delegates may move a little to Hillary Clinton, but are still frozen until May 6's next primaries. Obama needed to win Pennsylvania to give his electability a boost, but it was just down-graded even more. Good night for Hillary Clinton, a disappointing night for Barack Obama!

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