Monday, July 15, 2013

Gender role attitudes and college students’ work and family expectations.

            This article focuses on gender roles and attitudes among college students in the south.

With time, our beliefs, values, and traditional thinking changes with new discoveries. When it

comes to gender, traditional culture norms are deeply ingrained in society. As society has

progress, attitudes towards women working outside the home has increase support. This support

is higher among women than men. College women expect to balance work and children, even

though some see it as an obstacle. There is also a more negative reaction toward working mothers

than father.  The majority of college student as does society that men are the main worker outside

the home. Traditional gender attitudes still lingers in today young adults, and probably for many

years to come.

            The implications of this article is gender attitudes affects one’s decision in what job to

take, hours work, and whether to start a family early or later is best. Another implication is how

gender attitudes affect one’s view on spending more time at work or children. Again, this is

determine whether you’re more traditional thinking or liberal thinking. If you’re more liberal,

than the work is divided among work and family time. If you’re more traditional, then men work

more and women stay home more. The gender values we were taught in our culture among

almost every aspect of our lives, family and work are the top two most affected.

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