Monday, July 15, 2013

The Role of Television and Family

The Role of Television and Family plays a significant role in college freshman that bring
intrinsic and extrinsic values. This post examines these two factors from early adolescence to
late adolescence. College freshmen have been socialize in their environment, peer, media, and
family. Working class parents encourage their children to choose a job for extrinsic reasons. 
Coming from a working class household, these type of parents want their children to have job for
security and good pay. Middle class parents want their children to choose a job for intrinsic
reasons. These parents are more concern if their child enjoys and is satisfied with their job. Our
environment and family shapes our values and aspirations for our future. Television is the close
second competitive in socializing adolescence  in their choice of jobs. Television is good in some
form as a educator, but distorts many jobs in the real world. However, television’s role is a major
factor, and shapes the values and aspirations of college freshmen today.

            The main points are the role of television and family and its influence in the intrinsic and
extrinsic values of college freshmen. Another main point is the difference in the class of the
parents and how they influence and mentor their children on careers and job choice. Television is
main point and major factor on children, and leans more a adolescence’s extrinsic values.

            The implications is that television and family will continue to be the two dominant forces
in an adolescence’s life. In terms of job and career choices, both will have already influence and
shape the values and aspirations on what type of job based on intrinsic and extrinsic values. The
journal implied and concur that there is a link between the same work values in parents as being
expressed by the college freshmen.

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