Monday, July 15, 2013

Using Emotional Intelligence to help college students succeed in the workplace

This article focus on using emotional intelligence to help college student succeed not
just in the workplace, but also in their careers. It is not just our IQ, but the way we deal with
emotion that can make us successful in our careers and jobs. Understanding our emotion helps
us to careful assess and choose the right career. Unlike average or high IQs, emotional
intelligence can be taught, and perfected for one to have success. Emotional intelligence gives
one the skills to understand and deal with an individual’s emotions. This I believe can be used
to have sufficient job relationship with fellow employees and to handle customers. Overall,
the way we manage ourselves, and handle relationship with others can make us or break us.

            The implications of this article is that our understanding and skills in handling emotion 
is connected to our success in our careers and the workplace. If we understand and manage
ourselves well, and then we can also learn to understand and handle the emotions of another
individual. I believe we could solve minor issues and not allow them to become major issues
with individuals, with the understanding of emotional intelligence. It would also help
understand why some of our behaviors result in positive or negative in our daily lives.
Emotion and intelligence go hand and hand in our success in the workplace, is an important
implication the article focuses on.

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