Friday, July 27, 2007

BET Poll: Black Church and Homosexuality

BET's Meet the Faith is hosted by the hot Ian Smith. The guests were
Keith Boykin and Sheryl Lee Ralph who really spoke out with passion and reason about the black church and homosexuality.

Meet the Faith ran a poll to ask viewers to express their personal opinions on the subject. The results are as follow:

The Poll

We asked you, "Should the Black church stop condemning and start accepting Black gays and lesbians?" And here's how you voted:

About 64 percent of you said, "No. Most Christians believe it's wrong, and if you see people going down the wrong path, you should try to save them."

About 29 percent of you said, "Yes. Religion should be about love and tolerance."

About 7 percent of you said, "I don't know."

We also asked you, "Is homosexuality a choice or natural preference?"

About 61 percent of you said, "It's a choice."

About 24 percent of you said, "It's a natural preference. You're born that way."

Justice MH: Should I be surprise that 61% believe homosexuality is choice? No. There is still alot of work to be done on this important issue. The ones in the 64% group say that we need saving. From what? From being who we are, and living in truth! It's amazing how some people will tell others that their path, who they are, and who they love is wrong. You can't get much hypocritical than that. I wonder how the poll would have turn out if heterosexuality was being question? I bet there would be some sort of difference. Over 20% said religion should be about peace and tolerance. The black church continues to do the opposite. Some zealot black preacher take couple of bible verses out context, and hammer their gay church members into low-self esteem, and closet case mode. We have cross the river on race, but there is still one more river to cross on sexual orientation!


Anonymous said...

No evidence can support orientation is innate. If so, provide it to me. I am certain it doesn't exist.

WhozHe said...

The poll findings are really sad. It's because of this refusal to make the love of Christ the church priority that the black community will stay far behind and lose many more lives in the fight against AIDS. The black churches condemnation of homosexuality makes them less willing to be sympathetic in the war against the disease.

stan said...

If orientation is not innate then when (captain) did you choose to be straight?