Tuesday, July 17, 2007

NBJC Debuts "The Power of Us"

This Sunday July 22, 2007, The National Black Justice Coalition will debut it's new national media campaign called "The Power Of Us"!

The Power of Us is a bold, daring, and savvy nationwide campaign to highlight Black LGBT couples, families, high profile activists, religious and spiritual leaders, organizers, artists, designers and more. The new national campaign the Power of Us designed to display positive and uplifting messages and images that embrace, celebrate, and promote the talent, brilliance, and contributions, that Black SGL/LGBT people are making in America. This is a much-needed national campaign to show positive images of black gay men, especially as couples, that are show in the general media or gay media.

Also being honored is a woman I have so much respect for, and that woman is Jasmyne Cannick. Jasmyne's final duty as a board member will come to an end at the debut of the new media campaign "The Power Of Us"!

The event is planned to take place at a private home on Sunday, July 22 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Anonymous said...

It is so amazing that an organization has to fight so hard to make the "fake apple" (Gay community) appealing to society through these ridiculous campaigns. What point are these organizations trying to drive?

1. Say gays are OK?
2. To promote homosexuality as a "normal" lifestyle.
3. To say that all gay men are not fags.
4. To say all women are not butch dogs.

NO matter how you package the wrapper...people know the real deal, homosexuality is WRONG, DEVIATE and UNACCEPTABLE!

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Why comment on this? You are so ignorant. You have alot issue to need to address personally.

1. Yes Gay is ok! Get use to it!
2. Homosexuality is innate part of human being created by God. Lifestyle means the way a person lives. Everyones lives different, jackass!
3. Yes all gay men are NOT fags. Including you, but you do act very bitchy!
4.Yes all women are NOT butch. And you are a low down dog!

Captain, our struggle to be who we are, and who you deny to be will pay off. Homosexuality is part of people and right for them. You say it's deviate, then that makes God a deviate creator. Love is always acceptable!

I know it's hard pretending, but you choose to be that way.

How long can you keep this up? Till the day you die? God will NOT take your sexual orientation away! Yes, prayer is powerful. However, God says NO sometimes, even Jesus had to learn that lesson.

Your current attitude is UNACCEPTABLE. You can't pray the gay away!

Anonymous said...

Sexual orientation is NOT innate. Where do you guys go to school? Whos is feeding you this simple minded, incorrect BULLSHIT?