Monday, July 2, 2007

Bush just keeps going down and down!!!

As Americans prepare to celebrate our nation birthday, and all the fireworks. Our not so popular President Bush approval rating is the worst in history. CBS News' latest poll shows the public thinks the troops should come home, and the war is going badly. It's high time for the Democratic Congress to act, as soon as the report come back about Bush's troops increase. As of right now, many see it isn't wroking, and it's time for a new plan.

Democrats should have known that the people would more than likely turn on them for not creating change in the course in Iraq. With Republicans creating road blocks when a bill calls for troop withdrawal, there is a problem on capital hill.

I predict that Bush's approval rating will continue to go down, unless he bring troops home!

[More updates to come-Justice MH]


Anonymous said...

Do you think Bush care about his approval ratings? He has served his time and I feel that he did a great job as President and I support him. I feel his decision on the Libby case was far-reaching, but within his power and perfectly balanced.

You, along with Keith Boykin, and others demanding a resignation sound foolish. Bush gets what he wants and a strong leader; exactly the type of leader we need in America today. Democrats are too soft and if they get the top seat as President, we can kiss America as we know it Goodbye! I guess I am switching over to support the Republican side next year.

Justice MH said...

@Captain: You're such a uncle TOM!

Yes, people like me and Keith are demanding the President resign or be impeach. We're the smart ones, and you're the foolish one.

Captain, do what you want and continue to kiss the ass of the Republicans because they don't give a damn about you!

So my first vote will mostly like lean Democratic 2008!

Anonymous said...

I rather be an Uncle Tom than a black sneeze tissue on the bottom of the barrel with the rest of the blacks.