Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pew Research :: Support for Gay Marriage Growing!

Here's a look at the status of support for marriage equality in America. There is a slight majority, but soon the minority will become the majority!

Pew Research :: 37% Support Gay Marriage

Thursday Jul 26, 2007

Fewer than four-in-ten Americans (37%) support gay marriage, while 55% are opposed; support had dipped to 29% in an August 2004 poll, after peaking at 38% in July 2003.

Since 2004, support has fluctuated between 33% and 39%.

Gay marriage is opposed by most groups in the population; exceptions include young people ages 18-29 (56% support), liberal Democrats (72%), and secular individuals (60%).

Democrats continue to be divided on the question (49% support, 43% oppose); Republicans overwhelmingly oppose gay marriage (75% vs. 20% support), with 51%
strongly opposed.

Republicans are playing politics as usual for votes, but the gay cards is wearing out for them, and they know it! The Democrats are still struggling with this issue. As you saw above young people, my generation is more supportive of marriage equality. The reasons for that is because they either have gay family members or gay friends. So the next adult Americans coming up will be more supportive! It will be a new day in American!

[This was just a little starter for today, but more updates will follow today-Justice MH]


Anonymous said...

These poll findings are subjective, but let's say for the sake of correct statistic if they are true. The results shares some common findings, such as:

1. The younger generation are corrupt with the falsified knowledge that homosexuality is OK and gay marriage is OK. Many of them do not have families or marital responsibilities, thus unable to provide any accountability or foresee any risk they could put society in by promoting the homosexual agenda.

2. Republicans recognize homosexuality and the promotion of gay marriage as a problem and social ill in America that we cannot afford to take on.

3. Churches are becoming to soft and tolerate to sin with weak-minded pastors.

4. Liberals are playing the sympathy card with America saying that gays are held without "rights", which is UNTRUE. Any gay person can go and get a marriage license anywhere in the U.S. if they wish. It is the poor choice of the mate that is not acceptable to society. But the right to marry is already afforded.

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Grow up!

Stan said...

Dear Captain,
If sexuality is not innate, when did you choose to be straight?