Thursday, October 18, 2007


From Video Author: This clip was taken from the HBO documentary, Middle Sexes- Redefining He and She.

Just my two-cents worth, but this study goes along perfectly and supports what most gay men have known for centuries, that, most homophobes are actually closet homosexuals fighting against the religious and societal pressures and prejudices inside themselves they grew up with. This knowledge has not come to us homosexuals through studies or even "gaydar" but from countless sexual experiences with closeted gays and homophobes. Some of us do talk after sex. :0)

Again, I say MOST, not ALL.

The beauty of this documentary is that it gives insight into the hearts and minds of those who express moral outrage at homosexuality, their secret participation in same-gender sex, and their denial of their tendencies.

The point of posting this video is to get homophobes and those outraged by homosexuality to stop and think about what they may be in fact projecting when they go gay bashing, whether it be in word or deed.

Justice MH's Final Thoughts: I truly feel that with religion and majority of society demonizing same-sex attractions/desires makes people hate, fear and possibly leads to other destructive/outrageous behaviors to hide their same-sex tendencies. This leads to denial, rage, hate, fear, and the need to suppress openly gays to keep their same-gender attractions and desires lock up. Take for example Sen.Larry Craig, he engage in bathroom sex cruising, and voted against the hate crimes[matthew Shepard Act]. These type of sexually conflicted people you see are by-products of dogma from religion, and bias attitudes from society!

This video gives insight of the very things I always say about self-loathing gays/bi-sexuals: For what they do, they love and hate it at the same time!

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Anonymous said...

Let's ask the cardinal question here with structure- why do you think gays, who never been taught homosexuality is wrong or heard religious "dogma" feel homosexuality is wrong and choose to live a DL life?

I know many men, who never been to church in their entire life, always expressed that their same-sex attractions felt out of place and unnatural, but they couldn't reconcile their feeling about it. Innate? Possibly innate to feel that homosexuality is outside of the design of what you're created for. What do you say to those men who never been to church and never heard of homosexuality is wrong, feel that they were wrong?

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Are you saying I should direct these men[if they exist] toward heterosexuality?

But I would hate to break it to them that it would be a slim change, just likely to be impossible! Nothing personal, just reality!

Anonymous said...

You're misunderstanding the premise.

Son of a Bishop said...

To answer the The Captain's question: "Why do you think gays, who never been taught homosexuality is wrong or heard religious "dogma" feel homosexuality is wrong and choose to live a DL life?"

Answer: Our society (the USA) is a very homophobic society. Homophobia is engrained in everybodys psyche starting from as early as kindergarten. Here is the proof; How early in life did you hear someone being called a sissy, punk or a faggot? So when you become aware of a taboo subject matter that you may be "guilty of" quite naturally you will retreat.