Friday, October 26, 2007

'The View' on the Ex-gay Donnie McCLurkin situation!!!

The ladies on the View tackled the issue about ex-gay Donnie McClurkin and it's particpation in the gospel tour for Democratic White house hopeful Sen. Barack Obama!

As usual Whoopi is pro-gay, and Sherri always shows her true conservative colors.

However I need to take a closer look at this. The lovely ladies are just misinform about Donnie. They should have done more research, hell google him!

I agree with Jeremy at Goodas and how he puts it:

For it's not that he merely that he identifies as an "ex-gay" or that he says it's a "choice" that is causing controversy. It's instead that for the past few years, he has identified as quite the anti-gay. So shame on the gabby gals for not learning more facts before delving into this arena.

But beyond lack of research as to what McClurkin has actually done, there are two matters for discussion that we see in the vid:

(1) Is Whoopi saying she agrees that being gay is a "choice," or merely that she agrees people should be free to their privacy in terms of their personal life.

(2) Is Sherri seriously using words like "struggle" to talk about homosexuality, and likening that particular characteristic to things like promiscuity?
Now, we're going to give Whoopster the benefit of the doubt because (a) she's always been good on gay rights, and (b) there is room to assume that she was agreeing about one's right to keep their private life private, and not that being gay is a "choice." If her mind is that made up about the ability for one to pick and choose their orientation, then we do take issue with that. But from just this one comment, we can't be sure.

As for Sherri Shepherd, however -- what the hell?!?! We don't "struggle," Sherri. And our "manifestations" are not to be likened to things like promiscuity, which is a concept that exists in both orientations. We are human beings, not a set of trauma-induced traits! So how about instead of just accepting whatever anyone tells you in terms of nature vs. nurture, you look at some research, the evidence around you, and proceed to form your own "view" about the gay men and women who populate your world! Casual acceptance of the idea that "ex-gay" and "gay" claims hold equal merit is what that movement relies on.

You, Sherri, would surely view a claim that you are choosing not to "struggle" with heterosexuality with a (rightfully) skeptical eye. You owe it to your gay brothers and sisters to extend the same courtesy.

Justice MH: I agree with the above statements! Whoopi and sherri should study up stuff before talking about an issue, especially a gay isse. Damn, Oprah almost always gets it! Lastly, I'm have to keep a eye on Ms.Sherri, those conservative leanings do not make her look good.

Take a look at the video, and share thoughts~Justice MH


Anonymous said...

Looks like Donnie had the last word at the concert and put you gay critics on watch!

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Boy Stop! Donnie's gay and so is you! I always have the last word!