Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ex-Gay Randy Thomas oppose Non-Discrimination Act!!!

Professsional Ex-gay Randy Thomas is [no surprise] opposing potential laws like ENDA to help stop bias in the work place. Also many conservative used Professional ex-gays like Randy thomas to prove gays can change their sexual orientation, but there is no proof for that, and randy is NO walking miracle.

Randy of course contradicts himself, he says we[gays] deserve dignity, and respect, but no right to keep our job just for being gay. I and many other have challenge many conservatives and right-wing groups/people to give three good reason why it shouldn't be law. There is already a exception for religion, so what are their three good reasons? I haven't seen any yet. All i've seen were silly statments falling out their mouth. Again, they can't even come up with good reasons.

Now how could I forget homobigot Bishop Harry Jackson. As you seen above, he's hosting the conference. Now the thing that strikes me odd about him being there is he said the National Black Justice Coaltion's Church Summit that he want to protect marraige. Like Larry King said: " how can you protect marriage from people who want to get married"?

Anyway, the reason I brought this up is he's now opposing EDNA and hate crime legislation. He gives incorrect reasons like his white conservative counterparts do. Like I said I'm surprise to see him. Bishop Jackson's hate crusade is now clearly seen by many black LGBTs and just LGBTs period.

The Religious right knows very well that the more pro-gay laws pass will not be good for their war on gays, and it will eventually no one else to pick on, and hate on. They know this. So they lie, and bear false witness. This all the more reason why EDNA and the recently pass hate crimes measure from Congress must become law. They already feel like we're so powerful, and their the victims? Yeah, right! So this all the more reason why sooner than later EDNA and the Matthew Shepard Act will become law! Bush will not be there to save them always! They know this. These new laws are coming, you ready?

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