Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ex-gay Donnie McClurkin: "God delivered me from homosexuality"???

Now I'm looking at the headline, and see it's the same of old recipe for self-loathing gays! Ex-gay Donnie McClurkin attended Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s gospel concert in South Carolina this weekend, and decided to not only sing, but turn this spiritual gospel tour into a platform for the ex-gay myth and the pray away the gay myth!

CNN Transcript of Donnie McClurkin: “Jesus came for everybody. And God has called us to love everybody. Now don’t believe everybody tries to vilify a folk just to make another man’s campaign look bad. We believe that everybody should have the same rights. But there’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. [to audience] I don’t hear nobody here. We don’t believe in discrimination, we don’t believe in hatred. [to audience] I don’t hear anybody here. And if you do, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s the whole premise of God, that’s the whole premise of Christ–is Love Love Love. But there is a side of Christ that deals in judgement. And ALL sin, is against God. Even hypocrisy in the church, especially hypocrisy in the church.

Hallelujah. Everybody sittin’ here with baited breath wondering where I’m goin’ go next. Well, let’s make this plain. Let’s make this plain. Don’t call me a bigot, or anti-gay, when I have been touched with the same feelings. When I have suffered with the same feelings. Don’t call me a homophobe, when I love everybody. And that means I’m afraid, phobia means I’m afraid, I’m not afraid of anybody. Because greater is He that is in me. Don’t tell me that I stand up and say vile words against the gay community, because I don’t. I don’t speak against the homosexual. I tell you that God delivered me from homosexuality.

And no matter what you read on whatever blog you read it on. No matter what imaginary confession is given. Let me tell you the Bible says, that if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. The old things, the old people, the old ways–passed away. And behold. [to audience] Somebody scream real loud.”

Many pro-tolerance advocates and myself have said we do NOT object to Donnie's choice to to identify as ex-gay and to refrain from homosexual behavior. They object because McClurkin:

1.told The 700 Club — a Christian media outlet — that same-sex-attracted persons are child-killers and vowed to wage “war” — not peace nor Christian outreach — against gay people

2.mischaracterizes his ongoing sexual attraction to men as if it were fully overcome and declines to discuss his lack of significant attraction to women

3.asserts that because a handful of individuals with unstable or fluid sexual attraction claim to change, anyone can do it!

Also, Obama tried to help the situation by having a gay pastor open the concert with a prayer, however it was not a black gay pastor or affirming black pastor, but a white gay pastor! According to CNN’s Political Ticker blog, Sidden appeared only briefly at the concert, before much of the audience had even arrived, and refrained from mentioning sexuality.

South Carolina African-American gay activist Alvin McEwen attended a small protest outside the concert and wrote his observations:

"No matter how many times it was emphasized that none of us care about McClurkin’s personal decisions regarding his orientation, folks have continued to claim that we are angry at McClurkin’s belief that he is “ex-gay” rather than his statements against the lgbt community".

Justice MH's Final Thoughts: Many and so have I that we do NOT have anything against Donnie for his choice to identify as ex-gay, and refrain from homosexual behavior! Now these are my deeper views and a closer look into his testimony. Donnie gave the same ole' "God delivered me from homosexuality" speech! Biblical deliverance is from something demonic controlling a person. Is Donnie saying his attractions and desires are from demons[demonic forces]? Now let me say I do NOT believe in demons, nor do they exist! So why in the year 2007 not 207 A.D, we have blind faithful religious people still believing in ancient fears and superstitious? It's amazing because there is NO proof of demons, but the Catholic Church still believes in this nonsense! Most likely to keep catholics in fear and unnecessary superstitious ways.

Back to Donnie, he told the crowd to not believe the blogs, but believe the bible. I kindy laugh a little at that. Don't ask, I laugh at about everything. Anyway, Donnie must be talking about that unknown ex-lover he had back in the mid 2002-2004! He recently came forward on
clay cane's blog! It appears Donnie has enter his closet, in the dark, and can't find the door knob! Do I believe Donnie about God supposedly delivering him? Ummm, most likely no! I think he's now celibate. Think about it: No wife, kids, or even a girlfriend! He's 49, i think. Damn Donnie, at least fool me about your sexuality. Am I upset about him no-longer acting on his same-sex attraction or maybe in private to become attracted to the opposite? No, I am not upset at all! I respect it, and wish the best. God is love, and it doesn't and shouldn't matter who we love. So Donnie shouldn't turn this concert into a platform to make it known he's ex-gay, and doesn't act on the attractions! All I can do is wish the best for him! I still support Sen. Obama, and he most likely has my vote over Sen.Clinton in the Georgia Primary!


BlackTsunami said...

Hey Justice,

I am Alvin McEwen, one of the participants of the vigil. I just wanted to say the fact that McClurkin used the concert as a bully pulpit to repeat his lies about lgbgts only speaks to his lack of character in the situation. He tries to make himself seem the victim but the true victims are lgbts of color (many who were at the concert) who listened to his lies without the courtesy of a rebuttal.

Justice MH said...

@Alvin: Thanks for your representation at the vigil, and your comment. Come back again!

Justice MH said...

@Alvin: Thanks for your representation at the vigil, and your comment. Come back again!

Anonymous said...

It not all about what Donnie says that matters, it's what God says that count.God calls homosexuality a sin and Jesus died for our sins. If we believed this we can be saved, if we don't we will be damned. Just because Donnie or anyoneelse who has been delivered from any type of sin, doesn't mean that he or she is not going to be tempted go back into to sin. This the Devil job to temp us to do wrong, but we are saved by Grace, not of works that any man should boast. We, as Christian, fall down but we get up. Thank God for his saving grace!!!

Anonymous said...

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