Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Response to Tim Hardaway.

I wish i could say im shock, or surprise. But sad to say im not. This is real sad to hear, and see.
Tim should know better than that, but insecurties of oneself, and confidence is too obvious.
Tim also sounded uneducated, mean-spirited, and downright hateful. Tim needs some help
in pronouncing his words better too lol. Tim's words were uncalled for.

He should know gay men in nba is no surprise, but John Amaechi had the courage to admit to the world, and that to me is a good thing. Tim is no role model for children, but some are praising him. And im like this is the real world here. I was happy reading the comments, but people justifing hate is ancient. I'm not surprise to see people using their bibles, and i will later discuss about the bible. But this leads to words, threats, and then violence on a minorty.

Back to tim, He says he would feel uncomfortable in the lockroom with a gay man. But he should realize they were in there while he was still playing on the heat. Come on Flordia lol. Some like mr. tim get nervous when they know someone is different, and not like them. Tim if you're straight, you will still be straight. Unless all those men undressing around you get you nervous, and squimish.

Another thing, no gay man would probably want tim anyway. So tim think his love for women will slip away like sand in the presence of gay man, if it's there lol, but that's what it sound like it to me. Unless in the presence of a gay man, those wierd feeling are coming to surface. All i know is tim sounds not so sure about tim.

Tim has free speech, but your words can start violence. Tim you can't say what's been put by God to go away. Everyone has their God-given right on this planet even the hateful ones.
Tim you have issues to work out, and they get work out soon for your sake.

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