Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Review #2 of Today's Passions

Here is the latest edition of my review of Nbc daytimes soap "Passions".
Let us begin with the review:

Jessica is by warf, wants to tell her sister the truth, and doesn't want to
blame her for their mother's death. All of sudden here comes wanabee pimp spike, to
stop jessica from telling Kay the truth about fox lies to keep her from miguel.
Spike tries his best to stop jessica from telling Kay the truth. Then all of
sudden wants Jessica to start horing for him again to keep her distracted from kay.
While some man is trying to get some from Jess, she screams for help,a upset
simone comes to the rescue. After she rescues Jessica she realizes it's a waste
of time.

Kay is still trying make faking fox better. Miguel tries to speak to kay, but julian
tells him haven't you done enough. Julian is doing everything he can to make sure
his son get kay, and not miguel. You know Passion writers like thier characters to
play dumb. Anyway, miguel has been trying to speak to Kay all day. Kay still
doesn't believe him, and all the evidence points to miguel.Also fox wasn't too
happy finding out about his extended stay in the hospital. Fox, Karma can be a bitch.
Dr. Russel wants fox to go through special "treatments" to make sure his life is
prolonged to be with kay. Julian tries to escape him to switzerland. Lol, Dr.
Russel didn't let him off the hook, and insisted he go though the treatments.
As i said karma can be a bitch. Let's see how fox and julian get out of this.

On next, two blondies in a confrontation. Fancy insist to Luis that sheriden is
behind the murder, and rape charges to Luis. Cranes are so damn sneaky and good
actors. Sheriden insist that she is happy with chris[yeah right], and her little
boy james. Can you say bullshit? Damn people can't see jealous bitch when they see one.
Luis has to look all slow, defend sheriden, and comfort her. Sheriden knows Luis
catches on to damn late.

To think about it looks like it runs in the family. Thersa is still all shock about
the blackmailer. she get a e-mail to go the a alley. Thersa acting like she need
more clues to figure it out. I wish the blackmailer would have said" go to the
fuckin alley shit, slow ass latina" lol. But she finally gets, and is on way to
find out its jared that's been shot. At first she though it was ethan. She call
911, and waits for help.

Well no chad with mystery lover boy. Tabitha flew solo without endora. No ethan
until tomorrow.

Final Thoughs: This edition was good, made Luis, and thersa look slow.
Let's find out what's going on tomorrow. Another edition of the review tomorrrow.

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