Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Review of Today's "Passions"

Before we get in the review, i want to talk about the future cancel of passions later this year. Why in the hell they take passions off air but leave days of lives. Somebody tell me, tell me. I was just shock, and piss off. But let's enjoy it while we can, let's offically start the review:

Now today we see Thersa choose Jared over Ethan, and this is because of blackmailer's text message about little ethan's true paternity.If Thersa tells ethan then she loses control of the Crane Empire. Now at first i thought the blackmailer was jared, but it's someone else. Everyone was shock to see Thersa choose Jared over Ethan,but i'm not. These damn passion writers always don't want to see Thersa and Ethan live happy together, damn them. Now Jared is hot, but i think Ethan has him beat. Thersa know who has her heart, but someone or something always gets in the way. This looks like history is repeating itself. Ethan is finding himself in his father Sam's shoes with Ivy. Well we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Now on to Luis and fancy. If Luis or Fancy haven't figure out Sheriden has something to do with all this, then the writers have them playing dumb for now. Luis goes to Ethan for updates, and help for his case. Ethan will not lie to him, because all the evidence of the rape to Fancy,and murder to raye point to Luis. Fancy is back in a confontation with Sheriden. I thought i would never say this about Sheriden, but she has become one jealous bitch. While her baby daddy chris is at home all alone, she all in Fancy face about Luis, and now she becoming a sneaky blond Crane. She gives Fancy a bear hug from behind, tells her to leave Luis alone, leave harmony, and go to europe. Fancy finally figures out Sheriden is not only a jealous sneaky bitch, but the one behind what's going one with the rape, and murder. I hope she knows for sure.

Here's a juicy storyline, chad is on the downlow. I was kindy shock to see this storyline, but happy at the same time. Now Chad is getting back dress as usual, and tell his mystery lover that this is about sex, it's over,and he loves whitney. Now what he says next piss me off, but them damn writers wrote the script, and he said it. Chad goes on to tell him two men and two women can't love like a man and woman. Well to think about it not exactly the same, but they can love. Love does not play gender favorites, it runs freely, and chooses whomever. Now back to the review. He begins to leave, says no more threats, or sending champagne to him in front of whitney. After he leaves our mystery man was recording downlow chad when he said his final words, and leaving out the door. This is going to get very interesting, i hope it will.

On to Raye being in her casket with Simone crying her eyes out. Simone says she can't live or go on with out her. Then we see Raye, but it's really her spirit to tell her she must go, and live happy. Raye gives her farewell. When whitney was there Chad tell her two women can't love like a man and women. I hope the readers can see why he was pissing me off.

Lastly the whole fox, kay,and miguel saga. I can't recall seeing much of them. But i think it's the same ole stuff. Miguel loves kay, but kay think he ran over fox. Fox is one lying bastard, but a good-looking one. He is doing everything he can to keep kay to himself and away from miguel. The bad Julian has been back, working with fox to keep kay from miguel, and the bad Crane men are back.

Final Thoughts: The show was good. I still made at Chad's comments, but I'm over it almost. Now has Fancy figure out about how Jealous bitchy Sheriden has been? Can Thersa save her brothers at the expense of her happiness? Will Ethan forgive when the truth comes out? How will Chad react to Mystery man home video? What will the Cranes have in store for their enemies? We will find out throughout the week, and weeks to come. Another review is tomorrow.


Manchild1 said...

Yah need to watch Young and Restless...

Justice MH said...

Im not really young and restless fan, but that's good for you.