Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bush wants to screw Osama Bin Laden

When I read that on Wash.Blade.com, i always knew there was something about Georgey.
Bush, republicans, and others are obsess with gay sex to me. Do you think we should call this Georgey's manly side? Hmmm to some people no. I wonder if Laura has seen this side of Georgey? Well with the increase of anal sex among hetersexuals, i think she has. The way Bush said it sounds like our leader speaks with experience.

Let's read that again shall we, Bush said " I will screw him in the ass". Wow such strong words coming from the Religious Right's supposely God-sent leader. I don't think so.

Anyway we have heard Georgey curse, and now this to add to his profile.I can say im not surprise, but i wish i was. But I agree with queerty.com,i tink osama would be the one screwing Georgey lol. If this was to come on showtime or hbo,believe me alot americans, and people around the world would tune in. But if they were to put it on pay-per-view, I beleive people would buy, tape it, tv vio it, or whatever to see Bush finally get screw like he has been doing America.


Anonymous said...

We need to support our President and his actions in order to bring our troops home- with honor!

Justice MH said...

Sorry Captain, but ic ould care less George bush anyway. The reason is because he could give a damn about America, but what he wants. He may show concern, but there is a hidden agenda.