Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A day of Harassment

Today was a not so a good to me. At school there was a load work as usual
We studied new material, and alg.2 is not so fun. My next class i said screw
that, and took a nap. Hell yeah i did lol. Next class, when went to computer labs,
i did other things, and that was it.

Lastly, i was trying to call my friend, this damn admistrator caught with my
phone, and brought it to the office. I was like damn, i don't need this shit.
But i call mom to pick that up, u know i need my phone hell lol. She came to
pick it up, the usual why was taken from u, and im like i'll tell you later.

In my last period, my teacher question me to death about why i was late, and that was my first time. Im like im here, not get the hell out of my face.
The rest of the period was boring, and i was ready to go. Bell rung and was gone.

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