Monday, February 26, 2007

What is a Gay lifestyle???

I hear this all the time about the " gay lifestyle" this and that.
But just what is the gay lifestlye? You hear politicans and religious
leaders talk about it like they know about it inside and out. It makes
me wonder about them. Lifestyle simply means the matter of the way a
person lives. Now what do gays do that straights just don't do?
Could it be clubbing? no. Could it be sex? well everybody likes to do
that. Could it be smoking? no. Could it be drugs? no. Anyone could fall victim to drugs. Ignorance can have people come up with crazy concepts.

Now just what is a gay lifestyle???


Anonymous said...

Go back and read your own post...the answer to your own question is there. Being gay is not the "act" of sleeping with a man. Sure! Having sex with another man, same gender is a sin, but at that point it is an act.

However, the gay lifestyle has developed into a culture...a lifestyle. The way you talk, walk, dress, live, entertain, associations, all encompass a gay notion, which is now deemed as a lifestyle.

Justice MH said...

No Captain the answer is not there.Yes, being gay is something apart of you, not acts you do. I disagree with the whole i think sleeping with the same gender is a sin. Even thought has been misinterpet.

However, to imply every dress, talk, walk, live, entertain, and assoicate the same is being one-sided and small minded.

One again, lifesyle mean the way a person lives. Captain everyone does not live the same. You seriously need to get out your fanasty, and come to reality. Once again people like you choose ignorance, false concepts, perceptions of other people, and senseless thinking. People like you need to choose a educating, God-given common sense[if you have any], and reason.

Anonymous said...

Would you agree to the following statement: whatever you think is what you are?

Would you agree to the following subsequent statement: what you are is a reflection on what you will do?

Would you agree to the following inference: what you do daily, based on what you think and do is your lifestyle?

Justice MH said...

Captain has i have said there is no difference between gays and straights. Gays may have fashion style, and minor differences. But the fact remain gays are no different than straights. You and others try to paint a picture that gays have a different lifestyle. It simply the way a person lives. So captain stop trying make it look like gays are aliens. We are all human. We all want respect, to be equal, and live peacefully.

Corine said...

Good words.