Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Love Charles Barkley

Finally a black man that can show Mr. Hardaway how to be a real man. Charles recently set the record straight about Hardaway's hate speech so to speak. Charles said " I played with gay guys. I got gay friends. Only God can judge other people. I don't care if a person is gau or not. Any jock who thinks he's never played with a gay guy is sadly mistaken. Any team you've been on at some point in your life you have played with a gay guy.

Now I've always notice when a straight guy doesn't kow you're gay then their cool and comfortable but when they know all the insecurities come out. You have to wonder if you didn't know, nothing unusual happen, then what's the problem? I don't get some people, but i guess their reality has been turn upside down to something their not use to.

On Marriage Equality Charles reportly by Rod 2.o, he supports it. Charles says" God bless them.
Charles also is suppose to be running for political office in Alabama. If i lived there he would have my vote. However, I wish him the best, and hopefully a future politican.
This is just another reason to love Charles Barkley.

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