Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bush won't say homosexuality is immoral!!

It's not immoral. No apologies!!!

When president Bush was asked about General Pace's comments about homosexuality.

Here's what he had to say:

Declined to directly comment on the characterization by Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, of homosexuality as immoral. "Don't ask, don't tell is good policy," Bush said, citing the present military policy on gays.

It seems President Bush doesn't share General pace views. I may be a critic of president Bush, but he showed in some kind of form that he isn't against Civil equality as the religious "wrong" likes to potray him. If memory serves me correct he was for civil unions, but with the "wrong-wingers in his ear, he had no choice but to support bigotry! I shouldn't celebrate yet, because James Dobson[focuson the family], Tony perkins[family reserch council], and other wrong-wingers will not be please. They probably will pressure the president to spew their ideology! It's sad, their losing, and they know it!

Like i said, homosexuality is not immoral! No apologies!


Anonymous said...

Homosexuality, albeit what you wish to honor or not, IS immoral. At this time, Bush focus is not on Gen. Pace comments, he is focused on the war and other priority matters of the Nation.

Bush also feels homosexuality is immoral and an eminant threat to the institution of family and posterity of the American culture. Bush posed the amendment to constitutionalize marriage to a man and woman. He is not a President to be persuaded that homosexuality is not moral. Gen. Pace still has his job and if Bush felt Gen. Pace comments were out of term, it would be addressed by now, would you think so too?

The whole tactic for the gay agenda is to have society to buy into this idea that homosexuality is normal and to accept it. I am here to advocate it is NOT and for everyone to RUN far from it as possible. There is NOTHING you can tell me that would prove homosexuality can help and strengthen our society. Homosexuality is a deviate and vile affection, only serving the purpose of the individual in their pride. This is one thing God expressively hates and quickly rejects!

Justice MH said...

Awww, captain is back! I was wondering how long i would hear from you. Anyway, bush said he does not have the right judge a person sexual orientation, and that includes bisexuals, asexuals, and hetersexuals. Bush is right no one has that right, even your meaninless judgment,ok. Pace has his job base on a politial stance. For as marriage our time is coming, i hope you can live with it, or just leave this equal status country, it's that simple!
Gay agenda? Lol, sounds like a school kid! You hate it captain, not God. You hate what is inside you! God doesn't hate, human like you do! We're here, and we're not going anywhere!

Anonymous said...

I see you are full of teaching that God is all love and acceptance. Obviously, you haven't taken a peek at the old testament. I am not saying God hate gays and "BURN FAGS", God loves everyone. It is just the sin we do God hates and homosexuality is sin and it stinks to His nostrils. That is why when we come to God, we come to Him through Jesus Christ. In our own flesh and sinful nature, we cannot possibly stand before Him without remission of sin.

If I am a reflection of God, then I hate what my Father hate.

Justice MH said...

Well captian always ready to prove your dogma! The true God is love, sorry but hatred is a human flaw, unless God contradits, and has flaws too? You feel what is inside you and reflect it to God, what a shame! The old testament is bascially jewish, and instructive. You stuck in how God is perceive in the old. Christ taught to be loving, kind, and mercilful as God is, not hateful, mean, wrathful, and jealous as humans, and put forth by moses and old testament. Sorry but Christ set the record on how that old perception was deeply flawed. Homosexuality is not sin or in the wrong catergory. Our nature is natural regardless. I see you're still stuck up paul's ass! Since i believe that God is perfect, and doesn't have human flaws. Homosexuality has been part of this world. Captain you want to feel justified through a contradicting book, and dogmas. Captain why do you constantly reflect your human imperfections and flaws on a perfect God?

Anonymous said...

I will ask a question that no one has been able to answer, even to psychologist, logicians, or even philosophers.

What evidence can you provide to say definitively that homosexuality is natural?

Justice MH said...

Captain many people have been able to answer your silly question. It's out there for research! You use your version of natural and normal through your human judging eyes. Like i said it's natural and normal. GET OVER IT!!!!