Saturday, April 21, 2007

God Hates The World" Music Video: Out-of-tune Gay Bashing by Westboro Baptist Church

LOL,LAMO! Once again everybody this hateful family and cult continue it's ignorant path, now with a music video. They have perverted the "We are the World" song! These people are now trying to spread their false message to the internets. Damn, no one wants to hear your crazy-ass message! They think everyone is going to their so-called hell, except them that is. I agree with some people this needs to be ban from the internet! To think about their not that bad in the video, but the message is false, and a damn shame to spread. Just for the record God doesn't hate the world. Why create something that you end up hating? That doesn't make sense on God's part. Some humans are crazy to think that, like this family. Evil is a part of the world until God says otherwise! OK enough with religion, check out the music video!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on this one. I do not feel should be serving the public in any capacity. I guess they didn't remember reading John 3:16.

Justice MH said...

Finally captian something we can both can agree on, but i don't see this lasting too long!