Friday, April 27, 2007

Politics of Hate make Strange Bedfellows Part 1!!!

I'm sure everyone knows that Congress is considering to add sexual orientation and gender identity to our federal hate crime law. Now you know this was going to bring out the hate machine in full force! Speaking of full force, Ex-gay Alan Chambers had recruited some confuse black pastors to denounce this bill There's no reason to oppose this act of inclusion by our government. Here's some reasons they give:

Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr., Pastor Marvin Winans, Bishop Larry Brandon and Bishop Liston Paige, Jr. were joined at a Washington news conference on Tuesday to denounce adding gays to the hate crime bill.
The Black pastors said sexuality cannot be equated to race and civil rights.

"We stand today with many in the African-American community who also recognize that one's sexuality can be changed, but one's skin color cannot," said Alan Chambers, the President of Exodus International, the largest of the so-called ex-gay groups.

"We call upon Congress to promote legislation that affirms authentic equality and protects our religious freedoms." he said, adding that the legislation "says that we, as former homosexuals, are of less value and worth less legal protection now then when we were living as homosexuals."

Now i have never met anyone who 100% changes their sexual orientation, and that's a fact! Reclosted gay man Alan Chambers knows this! He's on record for taking a 9-month long time to consumate his marriage! Sorry alan that's not 100% hetersexual male behavior!

He goes on to say that one's skin can't change. LOL, someone better hide Michael Jackson. And some people are on record of changing their skin color, or in some form.
So once again a poor agrument! Once again, sexual orientation can not be change!

The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act is named for Matthew Shepard the gay college student who was killed in a homophobic attack in Wyoming in 1998.

Let's examine another strange Bedfellow Blogger Captain with his views:

Captain says:Personally, I do not support this bill that sits in congress.

Justice MH says: Well captian we didn't ask for your meanless support, and you wouldn't support it if we ask! Has anyone notice anyhthing that tries to help gay american in their right regardless of how a gay american is treated, captain will not support it.

Captian says:This bill would say to society that the gay community will have special rights in criminal law to prosecute any other member of society that commits a crime just because they belong in a special community. Homosexuals and the entire gay community think about themselves. As much as the gay community wish to assimiliate into the fabric of the America culture in depth, they still want special rights and offset excection handling. How can this be equal?

Justice MH says: Captian nowhere in the bill does it use a word like special, and it doesn't say word for word what you say! The Gay Community is far from special when it comes to rights. And how is being protected from physcial violence special. Captain gays are in every part of american society, gays do alot good things for this country, and go unnotice. Captian, we want equal rights, to be protected, and for gays' murder cases to have fair investigations. It is a fact that most are not! Adding sexual orientation and gender identity will make it equal, but you continue to make it like we're so "special", and you know we're not! It's people like you that advocate with senseless reasons, but turn a blind eye when someone gay is murder. Gay men like Michael Sandy, and etc. This bill will help make it equal!

Captian says:If someone commits a crime against you, and you claim that you are gay, automatically that person is charged with a hate crime. That is silly!

Justice MH says: So you say claim you're gay? Are you trying say someone would fake like their gay to call it a hate crime? Captian, criminals like Michael's murders who already admit to crusing on a gay website planning to kill someone gay. Captian if you were to say that in a court room with all that evidence then the judge, and jury would laugh you out the room! You would look real silly!

Captian says:I don't think this supports "human rights!"

Justice MH says: It's not a human right to be protected from physical violence? You are really a sick person inside!

CAptian says:I find this legislation sick! Why would anyone in their right mind support a legislation that would favor a group of people more over the rest of society? If someone becomes a victim of a senseless crime, God forbid, and they catch the suspect, I want that person charged according to law, not charged on the victim’s sexual orientation. However, if the victim is a homosexual, the criminal charges are elevated just because the victim is gay. I think that is stupid! That is biased! This legislation will grant higher privileges to gays over the rest of society. How is that fair?

Justice MH: So a bill that protects someone from violence makes you sick! So you condone violence against a human being! People who support a group of people who are being jump by the majority. Everyone deserves protection! Yes that person will be charge according to law, if they do it because of the person's sexual orientation, then thats the charge, now get over it! Yes because the victim is gay, with your heartless ass! Ok it's stupid because the person was killed their gay, then you just than justified murder! How is it biased? Poor choice of words, and it's the other way around! So they need to kill someone gay for a different reason? You really are showing just how cold inside you are? Oh, and it's fair period.


ponoono said...

The Captain is to be shunned. Engaging him in dialogue merely validates him in his own mind. He still hasn't gotten over not being selected as prom queen, and for being voted "most likely to suck a dick" by his graduating class.

Justice MH said...

I agree with you! Captain needs to be shunned.

He probably was voted for that, LOL!