Friday, April 27, 2007

Politics of Hate make Strange Bedfellows Part 2!!!

We continue with strange bedfellow captian's opposing views:

Captian says:
I don’t advocate violence and no one should be hurt. Everyone deserves the common respect to live in a safe environment. However, that does not mean that we have to welcome your gay agenda in our school system, families and churches. The only way homosexuality is strengthened is through the recruitment of children and innocent people who fall prey to this spiritual matrix of confusion, rejection, incest, insecurity, Ahab, and strife, justing naming a few root causes

Justice MH: Here you go contradicting yourself. You just sad this bill makes you sick! Now that to me is advocating violence, when the bill help law inforcements with physcial crimes against gays! For one there are gay students in the school system. Two there are gay relatives in just about every family. Three, there gay church members, gay ministers, gay ushers, gay choir members, gay preachers ,and gay bishops! I have never heard of a gay person recruiting children, stop with the myths! Here we go with your spirtiual bull shit!No one's confuse, if we know what going on with us then there's no confusion. People are rejected for being honest with themselves! Well captian heteros have incest too now, but i guess we're your target. There are alot people insecure. You with your wild ideas! Again we stand honest, while you, donnie, alan, and other fall to self-hate, self-denial, and internalize homophobia. We can see it in you!

Captian says:Dr. Paula Price defines homosexuality as “an observance of ancient pagan fertility rights where persons of the same sex copulate in worship of old spirits that require offerings. Without a female organ, the sex act is performed rectally, it is the mode of this action that Creator God condemns because it mixes the male seed, which is to bring life with fecal waste therefore death prevails.” You have to understand how unclean that is. “Historically homosexuality flourishes when pagan spirits are revived and worshipped. “The first to promote lesbianism is a woman by the name of Saffo, she confessed the name of the ancient female whose writings and cultic practices sponsored and promo gated lesbianism, which is also called Saffism. She was credited in her day for writing several homosexually erotic pieces celebrating woman to woman sex acts. She confessed her inspiration for such writings and her promotion of lesbianism among the young women, who sought her for mentorship, came from her visits to and from the goddess Aphrodite. One of the remaining fragments, her poems and recounts is her romantic rendezvous with the goddess who she revered as her lover and patron deity”.

Justice MH: Well captian she better define hetersexuality too, because hetersexual sex was the dominant type of sex they perform. Historically sex was perform to worship all types of Gods! Now your opinion is welcome on what you feel the creator condemns, but its invalid to know God's mind. You HUMAN, GOD DIVINE!

Captian says:This is all the more reasons why homosexual SHOULD NOT be promoted within the fabric of this nation. America was built by God and if we reject God by promoting this vile, immoral lifestyle, or any legislation that would perpetuate the advancement of the gay agenda, we will surely be judged and loose our place of greatness.

Justice MH says: Gays have already been on this planet since God created it, God about a thousands of years late. Yes American is a bless nation by God, that why we have a democracy, not a theocracy! Again what lifestyle are talking about? My life is: wakeup, get ready, go to my first class of the day, home, work, tv, and sleep. What a "lifestyle" right? God is not going judge this country base on your reasons! Stop speaking for God, YOU HUMAN, GOD DIVINE!

Captian says:To visit gay blogs is to only sek the origination of the sick mindset breeding in our communities I have to witness inflicting pain and divsion in families and homes across this nation. No wonder people are emotionally, spiritually, sexually and physically messed up!

Justice MH: Captian once again poor excuse from you! People visit gay blogs because their gay, or gay friendly. You claim to be neither, but you know why you come with your "leanings"!I know what you talking about people are so messed up. I mean ain't it funny we can talk about other people, but we're really talking about ourselves!
Captain check yourself before you come checking anyone else, ok!!! I'm praying for you, i didn't know it was that bad for you! Try to get back up!!!

Justice MH's final Thoughts: Now if some people thought i was taking shot at captain, then you're half right! Captain's reasons to oppose hate crimes is sad, but that's him! You see him, and the religious right are shaken up about this! They know has a real good chance to pass. They're not even confident in President Bush! I have a feeling he will not oppose it. So the so-called agenda is working, and it's funny because i never heard anyone discuss the "agenda". But the captian and religious right always talk about it, like they all the secret plan. Well all i can say is i love it when a plan comes together, LOL!!!

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