Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Homosexuals Brainwashing Children??? You be the Judge!!!

Justice MH's Thoughts:It never fails to see ex-gay groups and AFA trying to twist something that really is not what they claim it is. The title of the video is catchy, but the title doesn't go with what's being discussed in the video.
I want to let you know, to ignore the bible verses this man quotes. I already explained clearly how these verses are twisted to justify hateful attitudes. They don't hold a strong postition against a person's sexual orientation [ie. lesbian, or gay], and that's the truth! From what i saw the school is opening a discussion to show students how to be tolerate, and respectful. NO ONE from what i saw was being brainwash! Everyone shared their views, and opinions. This ex-gay man also claims that the world would lead to destruction due to homosexuality. Now that is the most craziest crap i ever heard. We know gay couples can't procreate. Lesbian couples may be able to procreate on their own, but only will be able to have female daughters from what a recent study said! Another thing, gay men and lesbian women can procreate, they don't have to get intimate though. The world will survive regardless of these myths he promotes! These children were able to voice their views, listen and debated on how they felt about the issues at hand. NO Pressure was on how the way they think, and how they express their views! They were more civilize than adults!

Children can handle issues better than adults can, and not cause chaos among anyone! Well Christ did say "If we were children we would understand"!


The Captain said...

No different homosexuals forcing their deviate lifestyle on kids and trying to promote it within our schools.

Justice MH said...

Captain you certainly didn't look at the video closely. You hate yourself too much. GROW UP!

Anonymous said...

Dear blogger,

How old are you? 20 something? Do you have any idea what "minor" means? Have you got any kids?

This is an outrageous intrusion and a crime. Who decided to teach our children this bs anyway? Do you know the answer? I do. Why don't you start researching on that?