Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Most Hated Family in America Part 1

This is a documentary on a family that spreads hatred throughout this country. Everyone should know them. Yup, it's the Phelps Family! Their church if you want to call it that is called Wesboro Baptist Church. This family believes in what they do, and think God agrees with them. They used the bible[ie.book] to spread that type of hate. It seems the book makes some people lose their damn minds. It's obvious these people have. They teach their kids to hate, especially gay people. You know it, we're at the top of the list! They carry sighs that say "GOD hates Fags", "Thank God For Aids", "God Hates YOU",etc. This family loves to picket dead soliders' funerals. They believe gay people are the blame for 9/11 and the war in Iraq! Now how did they think of that? It's beyond me. Some have said they have a personality disorder. I agree, something is wrong here, BIG TIME! I can see these looney toons in your local looney bin for people who then lost their minds! This family is the most hated family in america. Well hate does breed hate! I will post the other parts later on today! I recommand you watch this. Organized Religion used for hate, no surprises there! Check it Out!


Queer Kid of Color said...

Did you catch them on the tyra banks show? Honey! Tyra ate them up! The clips are avaliable on youtube too.

I love the blog MH. It's so different.

Justice MH said...

Thanks Steven! I know i saw that boy! Tyra had to give it to that crazy ass woman shirley. Oh i know it's on youtube. The people are leaving all kinds of comments about that cult family!

Thanks queer kid! You know i love your blog too!