Friday, April 20, 2007

How Can Lies Be Truth?

This is an examination of how can lies be truth by Truth wins out. The religious right continues to try to turn truth to lies to promote a hateful and intolerate environment. Truth win out shows how the day of silence is being counter by a so-called "day of truth" which promotes anti-gay beliefs about homosexuality. However as i have already blog about, these so-called beliefs have no solid backup!

The video above showns how there is a hidden agenda that leads ex-gay conversion material, and they talk about us with hidden agendas!

They also spread the false claim that if you accept Christ then you are "free from homosexuality". Just for the record no one is trap, this is what they want people to believe, and unfortunately some do! The truth is sexual orientation does not change, no matter how long you pray, or how you try to believe to change it doesn't work that way. Some of these people claim that, but just really good actors! So how can lies be truth, well if you keep telling lies it starts to become truth, and sound like truth. Truth wins out show how lies can be "truth", but the real truth always wins out! How can lies be truth? Find out in the video above. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

INJUSTICE MH: Some parts of this video I agree with and some parts are not totally true.

However, I further amend that we are speaking about two different dimensions of truth that is often twisted and confused as the same.

Justice MH said...

O NO U Didn't just come here and called me injustice mh. It's Justice MH for your confusing and ignorant mind. I should delete you, but i feel like being nice for NOW!

Captain this video showed how lies were turn to sound like truth but was so far off base till it's really sad! The video is fully true, you just hook on ideoloogy and untruths being told!

There is no twisting or confusion here, but you should no more about that any way!

The truth has just won out! People like just love false lies and hope. So what part don't you understand, you're so confusing and twisted it's hard to understand you. So what is it you don't understand? Clear points and logical, no b.s!