Friday, August 3, 2007

Alan Chambers Pt.1: The Opposite of Homosexuality!

According to Alan Chambers the opposite of homosexuality isn't heterosexuality. I know that's what I thought. However, Alan says it's holiness. OK, now I've heard everything. Here's how he tells his audience what to expect of so-called "change":

And I’m going to shatter your world here: heterosexuality shouldn't’t be your number one goal. Whether that’s for yourself or for your kid or for your loved one or your friend or your family member. Heterosexuality shouldn't’t have been my number one goal. The opposite of homosexuality isn’t heterosexuality. It’s holiness.

And I think we in the church often get that wrong. We think, okay, the best thing for this person who’s involved with homosexuality or involve with lesbianism is that they come out of that lifestyle and go into heterosexuality. If that’s all we think is necessary, we’re setting people up for a terrible fall. The opposite of homosexuality isn’t heterosexuality. It’s holiness.

Ok! What i don't get is, isn't that the purpose of some people's so-called unwanted same-sex desires? I mean if isn't heterosexuality, then it's holiness. Justice MH, and other gay bloggers know when he says holiness, he's implying that some-how in his struggling[still gay] brain that homosexuality is wicked. It also reinforces a larger theme of the conference, that homosexuality is incompatible with Christianity. Which it isn't, of course some think and feel that way. So casting homosexuality on the same side of the spectrum as wickedness is a terribly damaging way to characterize the lives of gays and lesbians everywhere. Besides, heterosexuality is not, in and of itself, holy either.

According to Alan, same sex attractions may not necessarily diminish no matter how hard one tries or how many prayers are said. Instead, the “change” that takes place is not a change in sexual orientation; it’s a change in faith. The “conversion” is not sexual orientation conversion, it’s a religious one. Alan, those like him, may feel holy, but it doesn't change sexual orientation. I'm just using Alan's words and logic. If the opposite of homosexuality is NOT heterosexuality. Then how can you say you're a heterosexual? Alan says he identify as "straight". Alan is so contradicting and inconsistent with himself and his audience. So according Alan, do we have a new minority coming up called the holies?

This reminds me of what Ex-gay Charlene Cothran said when interviewed with blogger Clay Cane:Are you physically attracted to men?
Charlene: [pauses] I am physically attracted to the spirit of Christ right now. You're trying to take me down a road that I won't go down right now.

Ok, some of these reclosted gays make me laugh at the nonsense they talk. Whoever said Charlene's story was inspiring is a backwards thinking Cafeteria wannabe christian fool! How you doing Pat Robinson and The Captain? Both Alan and Charlene make it seem like a new minority is coming. One thinks their holy now, and the other thinks their attractive to spirits and ghosts! The Opposite of homosexuality for both Alan and Charlene is confusing according to their tale of a testimony!

It's like I said sexual orientation does NOT change, but your religion can! You certainly can't pray the gay away!

[This is a mini-series on Ex-gays. Part 2 later today! More updates coming-Justice MH!]


The Captain said...

You are so clueless!

Justice MH said...

@Captain: How am I clueless? You're the one who believes this bullshit! The blin and ignorant never learn!