Wednesday, August 8, 2007

B. Scott On "Reformed Homosexuals"

B.Scott is a regular on youtube with his great commentary! My fellow blogger Darian at posted this, and i just had post/pass this video blog of B.Soctt around.

B.Scott once again keeps it real with so-called "reformed homosexuals". One thing B.Scott and Justice MH agree is sexual orientation is innate. If you're heterosexual than you can't change that. If you're a homosexual, than you can't change that! It doesn't work how you want it to!

There are groups like Exdous groups that promote pray-away-the-gay materials and methods to cause so-called change!

Many ex-ex-gays have shown how these groups are harmful, and just a waste of time, God-given life, and true sexual orientation. I'm loving this boy videos blogs!

Thanks Darian! Enjoy the video love muffins lol!


Anonymous said...

B. Scott needs a reformation in being a real man instead of acting like a woman.

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Don't come here with that "real man" shit! And women are NOT the only ones who has feminine in them. Men do too. B.Scott has the right like many others to express the way they please.

Real men are real and true to themselves.

Fags like you, deny who they are, bitter, and act out in anger towards others because they see themselves.

Captain: Men and women can express themselves as they please. B.Scott's personality is too nice, and a real person!

Get Over it! The Captain needs a reformation in being a real man of true to himsef instead of a weak/fag man that lives in lie/denial!