Monday, August 13, 2007

Draft??? Hell NO!!!

One of President Bush Lt. officers says:In order to maintain current troop levels in Iraq, "it makes sense to certainly consider" a military draft, says Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute.

The draft “has always been an option on the table, but ultimately, this is a policy matter between meeting the demands for the nation’s security by one means or another," the general says, noting this is "a national policy decision point that we have not yet reached," Lute added.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards criticized the suggestion. "Instead of ending this war and doing what is right for our troops, their families and the nation," he said. "President Bush is floating the idea of a draft that would send more young Americans to Iraq."

President Bush insists that it's NOT on his agenda. Well, we'll see! I love my country, but this is BUSH's WAR! I will NOT fight it. It's time like this, it feels good to be gay. Yes, because Don't ask Don't tell policy is still kicking, but it's senseless, and needs to be repeal. If they want a straight army, then fine have it that way! However, there are LGBT people fighting this unjust, senseless, abnomniable and godless war! Like Hillary Clinton said: You don't have to be straight to shoot straight!

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Anonymous said...

No...this is OUR war and Bush done the very best for our country. If we have to start the draft, so be it. I am willing to go.