Monday, August 20, 2007

The Trouble with Harry!!!

[This is a couple days old, but this really sums up my thoughts about homo-bigots like Bishop Harry Jackson! Enjoy-Justice MH]

By:Dr. Sylvia Rhue

Barak Obama appeared on LOGO and HRC’s presidential debate Thursday August 9. All of the candidates were asked about marriage equality for LGBT people. Although he is for full civil union rights, Obama feels he cannot open the door of equality all the way with full marriage rights for LGBT people. But even his moderate stance gets a berating from Bishop Jackson.

When speaking to a group of black ministers at a forum in Tennessee, Barak stated:

“I specifically pointed out that if there’s any pastor here who can point out a marriage that has been broken up as a consequence of seeing two men or two women holding hands, then we—you should tell me, because I haven’t seen any evidence of it…And there are some folks who, coming out of the church, have, you know, elevated one line in Romans above the Sermon on the Mount.”

Jackson’s response: “He’s dead wrong concerning what the scriptures say, and more importantly, he’s dead wrong in terms of the Scriptures, and in terms of reading culture. The culture has gone in a different direction, and the devaluation of marriage is a major problem, and I believe that he’s a very dangerous man because he sounds reasonable, he sounds engaging, but he’s misinformed.” Jackson goes on to call Obama a “junior or infant Christian.”

He states that “I think what most African- Americans buy is that there should be justice for all, in terms of the outworking of civil law. What they do not buy is that we should not rename sin as something righteous and holy.”

Bishop Jackson is dead wrong. It is Jackson who has an infantile understanding of human sexuality and a wrong headed theology regarding Christ’s message of inclusion. Jackson does not understand, or refuses to understand the concept of sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is morally neutral.

One of the definitions of the word “sin” is “to miss the mark”. Jackson misses the mark of the Love ethic for his gay and lesbian neighbors, which is central to Christian theology. When Bishop Jackson came to NBJC’s Black Church Summit this past Spring, he had the opportunity to look LGBT people in the eye and hear their stories of love, commitment, devotion, honor and duty. He nodded his head acting as if he understood. He acted as if he had learned something. Unfortunately, from his behavior and statements since that day, it was all just an act.

We should defer to an authentic Biblical scholar, Rev. Peter Gomes the Plummer Professor of Christian Morals at Harvard University, who writes: “No credible case against homosexuality or homosexuals can be made from the Bible unless one chooses to read scripture in a way that simply sustains the existing prejudice against homosexuality and homosexuals. The combination of ignorance and prejudice under the guise of morality makes the religious community, and its abuse of scripture in this regard, itself morally culpable.”

If Bishop Jackson ever thought he might be a drum major for justice, he has missed he mark.

Dr. Sylvia Rhue is Director of NBJC Religious Affairs. She can be reached directly at


Anonymous said...

Christ never said ANYTHING about "inclusion."

Justice MH said...

@Captain: He didn't have to mention the word incluison, but his ministry/message is up for that interpretation.

Christ also never mention anything about changing person's sexual orientation. So it seems your praying the gay away and begging is a waste of time!

Anyway, you are off the post's subject as usual!

Anonymous said...

That is inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Peter Gomes is far from a bible scholar.

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Whatever! You're inaccurate in everyway. Peter Gomes is a bible Scholar, he's study the bible in everyway. Unlike your so-called FRAUD apostle friend. Just because you deny your sexuality is your business. Don't come here with your crap. He has the degrees to back up his scholarship. Get over your denial and self-hating.

Will you take it to the grave? I think you will! Sad excuse for human being! You need help!