Friday, August 3, 2007

WBC Says: God Hates the USA!

Is it any surprise how the Westboro Baptist Church acknowledge the Minnesota bridge disaster? Well take a look at this Press Release:

The Phelps Family really think they know God. The sad thing about their perception about God is it comes from the Old Testament. The Hebrew Bible perception of God is up for a new perception, which there are many perceptions of God. So, how can the Phelps interpret the Minnesota Bridge disaster as God hating America? For Cafeteria Christian they love to use derogatory names to describe gays, that sure isn't Christ-like! They honestly believe they are giving people God's Word. I find that laughable! It's no secret that Man has always use God and hide behind God to express their evil thinking/feelings. Jesus said you would know them by their fruit. The Phelps Family happens to produce rotten fruit. God doesn't hate. The Phelps Family hates the USA, Canada, Sweden, and the World! Man hates, NOT God!

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