Monday, August 6, 2007

The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Mega Church Pastor Edition

[ Once again Jasymne Cannick gives great commentary on these mega-church money grabbing pastors. These type of pastors are back in the news with their extravagant lifestyle. Enjoy the post!-Justice MH]

by: Jasmyne Cannick-

One of our favorite mega-church pastors is in the news…again.

The Dr. Reverend Fred K.C. Price has announced a lawsuit against ABC, Walt Disney Co., and others for a “20/20” report that made him look like he lives an extravagant lifestyle. Yes, this is for real.

You may remember previous postings on Price that included his decision in 2005 to host a gathering of one hundred Black pastors at his Crenshaw Christian Center with the conservative Traditional Values Coalition’s Lou Sheldon. During that meeting, Price who for the most of his career has steered clear of politics, urged the pastors to have their congregations lobby African-American legislators to vote against marriage rights for same-gender loving couples.

Then there was the time we all went down to City Hall in Los Angeles to speak against making taxpayers, which include lesbians and gays, pay for a street sign dedicated in his honor. While we won that battle, the sign went up anyway, it just wasn’t paid for out of our pockets.

Price’s lawsuit is the product of “20/20” broadcast headlined “Enough,” where the supposedly extravagant lifestyles of wealthy ministers — based upon them secretly spending their congregation’s donations on themselves, a topic we love here at

And for the record, Price does live in the ritzy neighborhood Palos Verdes, miles away from his church which is situated on the heart of South Los Angeles. Add to that his two Bentley’s. The lawsuit reads that Price’s salary, which church officials declined to disclose, is “commensurate with his duties.” Yeah, you can believe that if you want too. While your parishioners are scrapping together their coins for blessings from you, you’re living at the top of hill bringing home anywhere from six to seven figures. Go figure?

I think that the same rule that applies to politicians should be extended to pastors, live where your church is. My folks from Los Angeles know that Palos Verdes is no where near his church and that the number of Blacks living in PV are far and few between, primarily because homes there start in the millions and quite frankly most of ain’t rolling like that.

In question is an excerpt that aired in the “20/20” broadcast that featured a sermon where talks about living in a “25-room mansion, I have my own $6 million yacht, I have my own private jet and I have my own helicopter and I have seven luxury automobiles.” Price is supposedly using all those things as an example and not speaking on his own life.

The “20/20” piece aired on ABC back in May and since then Price has been working overtime to do damage control, even putting a video on questioning the ABC piece. ABC has issued two retractions but that isn’t good enough for Price, he wants money, or should I say more of it.

Price isn’t alone. He’s one of many Black pastors that do what I call “pimp the pulpit.”

It is my assumption that ABC’s piece drastically affected Price’s weekly intake at his church thus throwing him into a tizzy causing him too sue for the money he’s losing. And for that, well, we’ll just have to wait and see what the outcome of the lawsuit is.

There will be no sympathy from me for Price or any other pastor that lives like royalty while their parishioners are barely making ends meet.

Justice MH: Amen Jasmyne! Mega-Church pastors are really making that cash. I'm really NO fan of this Rev. Price! He looks greedy, and a wolf in sheep clothing. It's NOT right to use hard-earn money to buy yourself big expensive cars, and rich looking house! All I can say is they use their bully-pit as i like to call it as their instrument for money, fame, and condemnation! As Jasmyne said it's nothing but a job to " pimp the pulpit"!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You know what, you faggots always got something negative to conjure up when it comes to men and women of the cloth who are offering priceless services to those who wants a relationship with God.

Yes, every pastor that live, walk, talk and breathe the bible, that has a heart for the people and helping people is worthy of money too! Who is to say that a pastor is making "too much money?"

Do you turn around and ask the athletes who hardly play all season if their millions are too much? You faggots are quick to run to the next Janet Jackson concert or NeYo or some other artist making them rich, having millions of dollars, mansions, diamonds, and exotic cars but DON'T SAY JACK about them. You got these thug wannabe Bow Wow and Lil Wayne stacking millions to just make a record taking nothing but garbage, yet you give your money to them and make them rich over night.

At least I can get to a pastor for help, counseling, prayer, a word from God. If Jay-Z needs a jet to go to the Bahamas to freak some female, so does a pastor need a jet to minister the word of God across the nations. Who are you to tell a pastor he should live where his church is? Why don't you say that same garbage to Jay-Z, P- Diddy, or your other artists and actors? Why don't they leave their mansions and live next to you?

You God-hating faggots kill me with this garbage just because a pastor is doing good for the community and society, they have to be set up for for verbal assassinations by mindless, confused, rejected homosexuals who hate God because their vile lifestyle is judged.

I hope Dr. Price wins his case! He has been FAITHFUL to Crenshaw Christian Centre for YEARS and built the church with the sweat of his brow and the help of God. There is no lack or poverty in God's kingdom, so why should the pastor's live in poverty? That doesn't reflect the blessings of God!

So, you need to take that garbage somewhere else. Better yet, tell Keith Boykin to disclose his money and give it all to the HIV/AIDS foundation. All your gay activists, making money on their books and worthless speaches at colleges and universities, make them donate all their money to "worthy" causes and tell them they can't live in high-class neighborhoods and that they have to live in a middle class area. I bet you they won't do it, so why should the pastor's be subject to poverty?

Tell all these rich-over-night rappers to return their mansions, money and diamonds. All the garbage they produce is making the black community look bad anyhow. They all talk about freakin, booty, money, sex, murder, smokin, weed, getting high, and all other garbage. Yet, no one say JACK to them, ONLY when one of them starts talking about you faggot homosexuals...then you want to get all defensive and political.

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Oh I see Dr. Price's little Bitch came running to defend her man! You love the word faggot so much because you're a faggot yourself!

Yes, you can go for help to other pastors, but you're probably helping them out like a typical church fag! Don't get upset because these pasotors are being called out. They probably make you their bitch anyway! Get over it. Truth is truth!

Anonymous said...

Don't show favortism, go tell all the ATL rappers, Ludacris, T.I., and the others the very same thing, that they need to give up their mansions and millions and live like the average black person. Why don't you go after them? The garbage they put out is more filthy and degrading. At least our pastors is doing the work of God in our communities. No one is twisting anyone's arm to give money to the church, people give from the heart. I'm not saying every pastor is doing right, God will take care of them. The truth is, these pastors DESERVE the pay like anyone else.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the problem is with pastors being persecuted about money and living well. Aren't we all trying to come up in life, and do better for ourselves?
Actors and musicians, doctors, lawyers, etc. They all become prosper from their contribution to humankind. Yet we don't have a problem with their prosperity. But let a man or woman of God receive the blessings of God then everybody start tripping. May god bless your ignorant soul. It's best that you and everyone like you,keep your mouths off the people of God. You are only cursing yourselve.