Thursday, August 2, 2007

The "View"Video: Elizabeth Hasselbeck on who's really destroying marriage

Now I really don't have a problem with Elizabeth Hasslebeck, but to be honest when she first started, she was kindy boring. After her recent confrontation with former View co-host Rosie, hasselbeck started to get interesting to watch.

Now Hasselbeck is a conservative, but after her response on Marriage Equality, she says who's really destroying marriage was refreshing, and the very thing I have been saying on this blog throughout the year!

I'm sure Rosie would be proud, and other conservatives are losing their so-called moral minds after hearing this. Hasselbeck really hits the mark.

Watch the video on who is most likely destroying marriage! [more updates later-Justice MH]


Anonymous said...

I disagree. Show me where someone cannot get married. Everyone has the right to get married.

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Of course you disagree. Because Truth is too much for the blind and ignorant. No everyone does NOT have that right. Only heterosexuls are enjoying that right. Gays have only one state, and about over 10 states with some rights and benefits, but it's NOT equal! Hasselbeck hits the mark.

Anonymous said...

OK. Go to any office in city hall than handle marriage licenses and ask them for an application, if they deny you an application, then you have a case that we have marriage inequality, until then, marriage is freely given to all legal adults.